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(From the Breda Centennial Book, 1877-1977, Older Days Renewed, page 67.)

 George (1859-1921) and Peter (1862-1941) Wolterman were born at Staffelmorheide, Germany and came to America with their parents, John Wolterman and Anna Klassen in 1866. They sepnt seven weeks sailing to America. Their grandmother who accompanied them died on the journey and was buried at sea. The family first settled in Carroll County, Illinois, and a few years later came to Carroll County, Iowa.

George Wolterman married Catherine Woerdehoff (1862-1935) in 1883 at Breda. They had thirteen children: Margaret (Mrs Leo Wente), John, Anna (Mrs Henry Knobbe), Gertrude (Mrs H.L. Hammers). Catherine (Mrs J.A. Ocken, George, Peter, Bernadine (Mrs Ray Fitzhenry), Leonila (Stark), Frank, Clara (Mrs Determan), Edmund and Albin.

Peter Wolterman married Margaret Woerdehoff (1859-1899) at Petersburg, Iowa in 1887. They had two children, Margaret and Alphonse John.

In 1900 Peter Wolterman married Elizabeth Woerdehoff (daughter of Louis and Philomena Woerdehoff) and they were the parents of seven children: Louis, Alphonse, Vincent, Mary (Mrs William Neppl), Lawrence, Clara (Mrs Vince Seuntjens) and Philomena (Mrs Bill Kurth).

Transcription (Oct 2002) by .. Anita Henning .. Lemon Grove,


John Wernimont was born February 6, 1833. He came to America from Hobcheid, Luxembourg, as a young man. Family tradition relates that he reached Chicago, ran out of money, and was unable to find a job because he had no trade. So he outfitted himself with a trowel and mortar, splashed white pants, and became a mason. He made his way to Dubuque and lived there for some time.

On May 28, 1872 he took out a contract with Iowa Railroad Land Company for 160 acres of land now owned by Albert Wernimont. The land was purchased on May 1, 1875. He was married to Anna Peters and their children were: Nicholas, Mary, William G., Wendelin, Theodore, Anna, and John Anthony.

William G. Wernimont married Catherine Waltz. They were the parents of fourteen children: John, George, Anton, Helen, Ben, Christine, Rose, Joe, Teresa, Albert, Josephine, Mary, Barbara, and Ray. William Wernimont served as a county supervisor from 1925 to 1928.

From the Breda Centennial Book, 1877-1977, Older Days Renewed, pages 127 and 129.
Transcription (June 2001) by  .. Anita Henning .. Lemon Grove, CA


(From Page 127 of the Breda Centennial book)

John Thelen was born in Germany in 1837. He was married to Anna Koll who was born in Germany in 1842. They purchased an acreage northeast of Breda in 1892, and continued to add small tracts of land to their farm until 1890.*

They were the parents of Joseph, Anton, Mike, Peter, Nick, and one daughter who died in infancy. The sons all lived and farmed on places adjacent to the Thelen farm and later sold those farms to others. The John Thelens also lived in the house in Breda which is now occupied by Rev. J.P. Hausman.

Nick Thelen, (1875-1954) and Katherine Julich Thelen (1873-1942) lived on the family farm. They were the parents of twelve children: John, Julia (Mrs Ed Neppl), Martha (Mrs Leo Heinrichs), Math, Appolonia (Mrs Engelbert Neppl) Paul, Fred, Hilaria (Mrs Al Bernholtz), Marie, Helen (Mrs Roy Kelly), Engelbert, and Leon (Mrs Don McCaffery).

They retired from the farm in 1939, and moved to the property in Breda.

Fred Thelen and Mathilda Boes were married in 1935 and live on the family farm, which they purchased in 1955. The buildings on this farm are the original set of buildings.

*I think this must be typographical error, but this is what is printed in the book. (Comment by Anita Henning)

Transcription and Photo Scan (June 2001) by  .. Anita Henning .. Lemon Grove, CA  


(From page 107 of  The Breda Centennial Book, Older Days Renewed 1877-1977)

(Transcription by Anita Henning <> in May 2001)

Matthew Snyder was born in Baagden*, Holland (on) March 19, 1834 and grew to manhood in his native country. In 1863 he emigrated to this country, crossing the ocean on a sailship and landed in America after 42 days on the sea. He settled in Grand* County, Wisc., where he farmed six years. On January 19, 1869, he was united in marriage to Mathilda Tegels at Menomanee, Wisconsin* and they came to Carroll County and settled on a farm east of Breda. The Matthew Snyders retired in Breda about 1900. Other members of the Snyder family have farmed northeast of Breda many years.
There were eleven children: Henry, Joe, Theodore, Matt, Leo, John, Mrs. Frank Brinker, Frank, Mrs. J.J. Berger, Lena and one who died in infancy. Mr Snyder died Aug 15, 1921.

*The spelling of Matthew’s birthplace is Beegden, he settled in Grant County, Wisconsin, and he was married in Menomanee, Illinois.


  (On page 81 and 83 of The Breda Centennial Book, Older Days Renewed 1877-1977)

Bruno Schwarzkopf was born May 27, 1844 in Edelbach, Bavaria, Germany. He had one brother Anton. They left Germany together on December 26, 1865, and settled near Oxford in eastern Iowa. Therese Markert was born October 17, 1844, also in Edelbach, Germany. Bruno Schwarzkopf and Therese Markert were married at Oxford, Iowa and came to Sac County in February, 1877. Anton had come to Sac County in 1875. Bruno passed away in 1910 on the farm, and Therese also passed away on the farm in 1924.

Their children were: Mary (Mrs Franz Rutten), born March 20, 1878, and Philip, born June 22, 1880. Three other children passed away at an early age and were buried at Oxford, Iowa.

Philip Schwarzkopf and Anna Wenzel were married August 28, 1911 and celebrated their Golden Wedding in 1961. Their children are: Bernard, Joseph, Leonilla, (Passed away in 1930), Rita, Ambrose, Eugene, Philip, Lucy (Heisterkamp Brooks), and Edwin.

Philip Schwarzkopf passed away April 10, 1962 and Anna Schwarzkopf passed away February 9, 1970.

Transcription (March 2002) by .. Anita Henning ..Lemon Grove, CA


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