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From the Press:

Arcadia Township

Transcribed by Joe Conroy.


The Carroll Sentinel
Carroll, Iowa
3 Sep 1900
Page 1

A Thrifty, Prosperous Community in One of the Garden Spots of Iowa -- Farmers are Rich and Business Men Enterprising

Written by W. A. Hollingsworth

This portion of the country was first settled by a mixed population, but the Germans have come to be by far the most predominating element. Aside from a few Irish, there are but few citizens except the Germans.

John Rollans was among the first settlers. Fishing and hunting was not among the attractions and for this reason the region was not settled until some later than other portions of the county. In 1863 it was practically uninhabited. In 1866 the railroad was graded and from that time on farmers and home builders were attracted to the surrounding country of the little railroad station then known as Tip-top. It acquired this name from the fact that it is located on the top of the highest land in the county. The locomotives have a long hard pull going either way to get up to the depot and have a down hill pull in getting out of town. Arcadia is the only town or post office in the township. It is a substantial trading point, furnishes every trade and traffic required by a prosperous community that is exclusively agricultural. Their schools are above the average in many points. The teachers are paid good salaries and the citizens vie with each other in keeping up the record of the schools. There are also parochial schools where the children are taught both German and English.

The town can also boast of a creamery that is a source of wealth to the community. It makes a demand for the milk in a community where each farmer milks a good number of cows and brings money and trade to the town. It is operated on the co-operative plan. The stock is held by the farmers and the operations are controlled by a board of directors. The corporation is known as the Golden Star Creamery company. The officers are J. B. Bolke, president; Claus C. Wiebers, secretary and manager; H. H. Sievers, Jos. Schweers, Frank Noothe, Wm. Bohling, Wm. Brockman, directors; Joseph Noethe, treasurer; Steve James, butter maker.

The town is neat, clean and healthful. The business men are genial and accommodating and deserve the excellent patronage which they receive.

The Catholic church has a handsome building. Its present pastor is Rev. J. A. Schulte. The Presbyterian church is an Oestfriesland congregation whose pastor is Rev. Huendling. His pulpit is usually supplied by Rev. Jungblut. The German Lutheran church has a neat frame building and manse. Their pastor is Rev. August Berner.

The fact that Brushy creek is the only stream in the township will bear us out in the statement that there is no natural woods within its boundaries. There are many immense cultivated groves, largely maple and ash. In early days rattlesnakes abounded among the hills in the wild grass but now they are seldom seen. The small fruits are readily cultivated and crabs and apples are raised sufficient for local demand but no fruit is raised for market.

Anton Redig is a German-American, born in Joe Davis county, Illinois. He lived successively in Galena and Savannah, Illinois, then came to Carroll county in 1879. He has ever since lived in the county, with the exception of a short time in South Dakota, where he was married in 1886 to Miss Mary Schroer. He worked at the shoemaker's trade with his father until he was 15 years old. His father is now an old man but still keeps shop in Arcadia. They have a young family and own a quarter section of land well improved.

Joe Happe was born in Brazil, South America, where his parents, who were Germans, lived for twenty years. They came to the United States 1865 and first settled in Pennsylvania. In 1871 they moved to Carroll county and settled on the farm now occupied by Anton. His father lives with him. He married Miss E. Diehl in 1876. She is a native of Carroll county.

Patrick Killeen and his wife are natives of Ireland. He came to America in 1848 and first settled in Dubuque county, Iowa, where the children were all born. They are all grown now, four of whom are married. Mr. Killeen owns a half section of land. He is 70 years old and his wife is 65 years old.

Christian H. Dohse was born in Schleswig, Germany, in 1853. He came to Clinton county, Iowa, in 1869. Here he married Miss Lamp of Dubuque county, Iowa, in 1873. They came to Carroll county in 1880 and settled on the present farm. They own 240 acres of fine land and have it well improved.

Edward Killeen is a young farmer of Irish descent. He was born in Dubuque county, Iowa, in 1858 and came to Carroll county with his father's family twenty-one years ago. He married Miss Mary Heider, daughter of Joseph Heider, in 1897. She was born in Nebraska near Plattsmouth. They have two children and own 80 acres near West Side.

Chas. Jones is one of the prosperous farmers who owns 255 acres in Carroll county and other farms. He was born in New York in 1833 and came to Clinton county where he married Miss C. A. Galick in 1861. They moved to Carroll county in 1873.

E. O. Wagner was born in Clinton county in 1869. His parents are natives of the Empire state. They came to Carroll county in 1872. Mr. Wagner was raised on the farm which he is now operating. He was married in 1894 to Miss Neta Kail of Carroll. They have two small children.

Henry Sieve is a native of Oldenberg, Germany, born in 1867. He came with his father's family to America in 1884. He was married in 1890 to Miss Katie Niehaus. She was born in Dubuque county, Iowa. They both use English and German. They have four children and own a nice farm of 120 acres.

Wm. Henkenius is a German, born in 1867. He came to America when 4 years old. His wife was born in Dubuque county, Iowa. They were married in Carroll county, Iowa, in 1892. They came to Carroll county in the early '80's. They use both English and German and own 160 acres of land.

F. Mess is a native of Holstein, Germany, born in 1851, came to America in 1867, and married in 1879 in Crawford county. His wife's maiden name was Mary Waswo, of Holstein. She is a descendent of a Russian soldier who settled in Germany. They own 300 acres.

Adolph Stieper was born in Holstein, Germany, in 1872. He came to Chicago in 1881 where he lived for three years and then moved to Carroll county in 1884. He married Miss Rosa Henning in 1897. She was born in Cook county, Illinois. They have one child and own 100 acres of good land with good improvements.

Barney Nichaus was born in Dubuque county, Iowa, in 1869, came to Carroll county in 1882 and married Miss Katie Thieman in 1894. She was born in Carroll county in 1874 on the Dick Hoefer farm. They have three children, two boys and one girl, and own 200 acres.

Clem Pille was born in Germany in 1847 and came to America when he was 19 years old. He lived in New York, Chicago, Dubuque, and finally came to Carroll in 1877. His wife's name was Christina Leing. They have four children; one daughter is married to John Stangle. They own 160 acres which is extra well improved.

Henry Schrad is a German. He has a young family and owns 200 acres of good land. They are among Arcadia's best citizens.

Fred Kracht and his wife are both natives of Carroll county; they live on his father-in-law's farm and keep it in nice shape. They have a young family.

Fred Rickers lives on his father's farm in section 30. He is a German-American, born in Cook county, Illinois, at Blue Island. His wife was also born in America and they both are schooled in German and English. They have a young family of four children.

John Sheldorf was born in Germany. He and his wife are young people. She was born in America and they are both proficient in German and English.

Fred Brockman's father brought his family to America when Fred was a baby. He married Miss Bertha Holtz, a native of Holstein, Germany, and have four children. They have acquired a large farm.

Henry Schoessler is a German-American. He is a young man and is doing for himself but lives with his parents.
Wm. and Conrad Eiffert are two young Germans who own and operate a half section jointly. They have their large farm in good shape.

H. O. Kruse and his wife are both natives of Germany but have lived in America for many years. They have raised a family and now own a farm.

Julius Dreesen is of German descent. He married Miss Rickers of Nebraska. After living there for awhile they returned to Iowa and now live on her father's farm. They have a young family.

B. A. Leiting was born in Germany and came to this country when young. He has raised a family and is now living with his second wife. He has been in Carroll county for twenty years and owns a large farm.

C. H. Lehmberg was born in Germany in 1842, his wife was born in 1840. They were married in Germany and came to America in 1885. The children were all born in Germany. Part of them run the farm, located in the southeast part of Arcadia township, section 25. One daughter is married to E. H. Polzein, who was educated at Springfield, Illinois, for the German Lutheran ministry. They have a small family.

Joseph Schweers owns a nice farm a short distance north of Arcadia. They are a German family and have raised one adopted child.

Henry Hennings was born in Holstein in 1850, came to America in 1872 and was married in Cook county, Illinois, in 1876. They came to Carroll county in 1882. Part of the family are grown. They have four children living and they own a good quarter section.

John Grimsman and his wife were born in Holstein, Germany. He was born in 1845 and came to Cook county in 1866, where he lived for seven years. They were married here in 1870 and came to Carroll county in 1875. They now have a farm of two hundred acres and a family of seven children.

Henry Frank and Miss Julia Anderson were married in Grand Mound, Iowa. They were both born in Holstein, Germany. He served in the army in the old country; they have six children and own a large farm.

Henry Rust was born in Hanover, Germany, in 1835 and came to America at the age of 12. In 1861 he married Miss Catharine Julius, who was born in Reinland, Germany. They were married in Clinton county, Iowa, and after living in that county twenty-five years, came to Carroll county in 1878. They have raised six children, and have raised Miss Florence Seamaurs as an adopted child. They own over a thousand acres of land. The boys who are married live on the land and each have premises of their own.

W. P. Anderson was born at Holstein, Germany, in 1847. He came to America in 1864 and settled in Clinton county, Iowa; married there in 1876 and came to Carroll county in 1880. He married Miss Hubert, who was born in Germany in 1846. Mr. Anderson is a plasterer and stone mason. They have three children and one is married. They own 120 acres of slightly rolling, well drained land.

Claus J. Peters was born in 1844 in Holstein, Germany. He came to America in an early day and settled in Chicago. He has lived in Carroll county about twenty years. He married in Chicago in the early '70's. His wife as born in Chicago. They have six children and own 180 acres.

B. Bloemer was born in 1842 in Hanover, Germany; came to Chicago in 1867 and married Miss Anna Butenfield of Holstein, Germany, in 1872. They moved to Carroll county in 1880. They oldest child is married, but they have two children at home who help ran the quarter section that they own.

Clemens Bergman was born in Oldenberg, Germany, in 1866 and came to America and settled with his father's family in Dubuque county in 1876. He married Miss Josephine Niehaus, a Dubuque county girl, in 1882 and moved the same year to Carroll county. She is of German parentage. They have a young family of three children and own 160 acres of nice farm land. Mr. Bergman was a cigar maker for several years before beginning to farm.

John Rickers has been married twice, first time in Blue Island, Illinois, in 1867, and the second time in 1882. He and his wife are both from Holstein, Germany. Her maiden name was Miss Wiebke Mohrer. Two of the children are still at home.

A. H. Bruggeman was born in Heraford, Prussia, in 1832. He served in the Prussian war as drummer boy; came to America in 1858 and first settled in St. Louis and afterwards began farming in Illinois. He was married in Quincey, Illinois, in 1863 and ten years later moved to Carroll county. After farming here two years his wife died leaving four children. Three of them are married. He now owns a fine farm.

H. F. Bruggeman was born on the farm he is now operating in 1874. He was married in 1895 to Miss Casperson, who was born in Chicago, a German-American. They have two children and live on 180 acres of his father's farm.

Peter Halfman was born in 1863 in Prussia and came to America in 1881. He first worked in a planing mill in Lyons, Iowa. He began farming in Crawford county in 1885 and moved to Carroll county in 1890. The same year he married Miss Frances Rust, a German-American, born in Clinton county, Iowa. They have five children.

Herman Olberding was born in Oldenberg, Germany, in 1860. He settled near Mt. Carmel in 1875 and ten years later married Miss Caroline Osterhous, who was born in 1863 in Oldenberg and came to America in 1867. Her mother lives with them at the age of 80 years.

John Rehker was born in Oldenberg, Germany, in 1859, and came to Dubuque, Iowa, at the age of 17 years and moved to Carroll county in 1877. He married Miss Josephine Olberding who is from Oldenberg. They are a young family and own 160 acres.

Anton Holscher was born in Oldenberg, Germany, in 1854, and came to America in 1882. He married Miss Lizzie Kohorst in Carroll county in 1875. They have six children.

Nicholas Neu was born in Germany in 1845. He came to La Salle county, Illinois, in 1851, where he married Miss Mary R. Funfsinn. They came to Carroll county in 1881. He is an extensive stock raiser and feeder.

Wm. Cooney is a Hoosier of Irish descent. He was born in 1861 and came to Carroll county in 1881. He married Miss Hannah Murphy in 188(?). They are a young family but own 100 acres of good land.

Richard Booth was born in Illinois, where he lived until he was 29 years old. He married Miss Cooney in 1877 in Illinois. He owns a good sized farm and is now serving his second term as member of the board of county supervisors. His family is almost grown and the boys run the farm.

Jas. Murphy is a native of New York and his wife is a native of Ireland. They are both Irish. The children were all born in Indiana; part of the family are doing for themselves.

Jno. Lamberty was born in Germany in 1840 and married in Carroll county in 1876. He married Miss Anna Breitenbach. Her father was the first settler in Wheatland township. They have seven children and own 220 acres of land.

Matt Barr was born in Scotland in 1843. He emigrated to Canada and in 1871 came to Carroll county. He married Miss Hunter in 1873 of Canadian birth and Scottish origin. Their family is grown.

H. R. Musselman is a native of Pennsylvania. He lived in Illinois, Atlantic and Harlan, Iowa, before coming to Carroll county. He married Miss Cole in 1882.

James Lovely was born in Canada in 1849. He married Miss Anna Banville, a Canadian lady. They are both Irish. They have a family, part of whom are grown. He was a raftsman when young.

Pete Lovely was born in Canada. He worked in the forests of Michigan and Wisconsin for years and finally became interested in land in Carroll and after many more years he became interested in a Carroll county lady and has since been a farmer in Arcadia township. Miss Maria Killeen is the lucky woman. They own a large farm in sections 34 and 35.

John Dentlinger was born in Westenberg, Germany, in 1850. He came to Illinois in 1871 and to Carroll county in 1877. He married Miss Rachel Radke, a native of Illinois.

Henry Miller was born in KurHessen, Germany, in 1845. He lived in Ohio and Illinois before coming to Carroll county in 1887. He was married in Germany in 1866, the year they came to America. They own a large farm. Their family is grown.

Joseph Schroer was born in Prussia in 1840. His father with his family landed at New Orleans in 1843. They lived at St. Louis and at Nauvoo during the days of the Mormons. He was educated at Quincy, Illinois. He married Miss Nieman in 1842 who died in 1899. They came to Carroll county in 1876. Five children are all grown. They own a half section.

Hans H. Sievers was born in Tama county, Iowa, in 1872. He was brought to Carroll county in 1875 and married Miss Carolina Steinhauer in 1897. They are young folks and have one child.

Fred J. Hoogestraat was born in Hanover, Germany, in 1845. He came to America as a carpenter in 1867. He lived in Illinois before coming to Iowa. He settled in Carroll county in 1872 and the following year took possession of his present farm. His wife was Miss Anna Kruse, born in Germany and came to America in 1867. She died July 30, 1900. They were the first German settlers in Arcadia and John the oldest child was the first German child born in the township. John and Maggie are teachers. They own several good farms.

Joe Hulser is a young man living on a farm with his wife and no children of their own but with two adopted children. They are both Germans.

C. A. Danel owns a large farm in section 18. He is an extensive stockman and lives at Carroll most of the time.

Mike Maloney was born in Ireland. His wife is of German descent. They have raised a family. One daughter teaches. They are among Arcadia's oldest settlers.

Frank Vetter was born in Germany and married in Chicago. He came to Carroll county a half century ago. They have four children at home and four married. They own a large farm.

Mr. Hagge was born in Holstein, Germany, in 1853. He came to America in 1870. He married Miss Whulf and they have a nice family.

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