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James H. Colclo

James H. Colclo settled in what is now Union township in 1856, locating upon a farm, where he resided until 1865, when the family removed to Carroll. He erected the first hotel in Carroll. Colclo House was located in at the corner of Fifth and Main and later became Burke's Hotel. Previous to the advent of the railroads (in 1867) he was for some time engaged in carrying the mail between Panora and Sioux City, and also carrying passengers. In 1870 elected sheriff of Carroll county, and was identified with the interests of the county until his death, which occurred in January, 1884. 

James H. Colclo was a native of Ohio. He wife, who survived him (she died in 1894 , was formerly Miss Hannah J. Cretsinger, a native of Virginia. There are five surviving children: Craton C.; Mrs. Anna Sleigerwalt; Mrs. Alice E. Engleman; Jennie and Flora (the latter two being teachers in the public schools of Carroll. Another daughter, Eliza (died before 1880), married Josephus Boone "Bud" Hampton on July 30, 1865, in Carrollton. Josephus and Eliza farmed in Newton township, and were the parents of five children. These children were raised by their grandparents and other families. Lodemia Hampton, one of the children, was raised by Ora and Angie Carpenter who lived in Newton township, section 35, just south of the Evergreen contry school. James D. Dudley was teacher at the Evergreen school, Newton township, section 25, and married his former student on February 13, 1877, at Dedham, IA. James and Lodemia Hampton Dudley farmed and built the homestead two and a quarter miles south and one mile west of the Evergreen school where Gladys and Lillian, two of their ten children were born. After homesteading in Butte, Nebraska, they returned several years later to farm south of Panora.

(The story of James and Lodemia is told by Janet Wooldridge Christian, as daughter of Gladys, 7/25/1996).




Here is the picture of my great grandfather Lawrence F. Conner in football uniform. I was hoping, if it could be posted, maybe someone would recognize it as looking like some of their old family photos. I have allot of old family photos that my great grandma Horn left. Allot of those have nothing on the back and we have no clue to who these people are. Would be, probably family, maybe family friends. Some have photo studios named on them but, not all. I would like to find a way to identify some of them. Any Ideas?
Tammy Ray

Some earlier comments, might be useful in placing the family and times:

My grandfather was Stewart Franklin Conner born1918.His parents were Lawrence Franklin  and Grace Ellen Stewart Conner. Lawrence was born1878 in Carroll Co. died 1937 in Coon Rapides. his parents were James C. and Mary Loretta Coder Conner. Siblings were May, Maud, Lon, Nora and Bessie.  All born1880's.James is buried at Dedham. This is about all I know. Except, Grace died right after Stewart was born. He was raised and adopted by Claus J. and Hazel P. Stewart Horn. Hazel was Grace's sister. Do you know anything about these Conner's?
Thanks for your time!!
   Tammy Ray


George M. Cretsinger

George M. Cretsinger was born in Putnam county, Ohio, May 18, 1851, the son of Jacob and Delilah (Harris) Cretsinger. He was a lad of five years when he accompanied his parents on their removal to Carroll county.


Jacob Cretsinger

Jacob Cretsinger came to Carroll county in 1856, settling in Union township, where he purchased a farm of one hundred and sixty acres. He turned his attention to the further cultivation and improvement of the property and thereon reared his family. [2]

Jacob Cretsinger was elected to the first Board of Supervisors of Carroll county, serving from January, 1861, until he resigned turning 1864. He served as Chairman of the Board in 1863 and 1864 until his resignation.

Jacob and Delilah (Harris) Cretsinger were the parents of six children, three sons and three daughters: John M., who is deceased (in 1911); Mary Ann, the wife of J. M. Gilbert, of Creighton, Nebraska; Minerva J., who is the wife of John Minnich and resides in Guthrie county, Iowa; George M., of Coon Rapids, Iowa; Isaac M., living in Guthrie county, Iowa; and Sarah E.


Vincent Collison 45th, 1972

Photo From: "1875-1975 St. John's Catholic Church Arcadia"



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