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This photo is for the web site. It was sent to me from California. Maybe a connection to the Klocke, Skalla, Mattes families.

Anyone know who it is?

Contact me at patklocke16@msn.com. Thanks Pat



  This unknown photo is one of two provided by Kay Derner Brown

I have some hints. First of all, all those I sent you were taken at Rohner Studios in Carroll City, Iowa.  That is embossed or printed on all of them.  All of them were taken out of an old Derner family album and the only one I have been able to identify was taken about 1911 at the same studio and they are the first 3 children of Henry Derner who is the brother of my grandfather Anton Derner, both of whom are sons of Frank and Kathryn (Weber) Derner.  They resided in Breda, IA.  One of the pictures had my Frank Derner written on the back of it but it is now a picture of him so it was probably sent to him.  I have an old family album from my mother's side and each sibling received portraits of weddings, First Communion, etc.  I suspect the same was true in this case.  There are also a couple of pictures from Dubuque and Sac City in the group.  Frank had the two sons and 3 daughters, Theresa married Edward Droessler, Josephine married Joseph Knecht and Frances married to Earl McGovern. Frank also had brothers in the area.  I know nothing about his wife Kathryn (Catherine) Weber.  There are too many Weber's.  I have an inquiry to Frank's granddaughter who lives in Calif. re: her grandmother and hope I will get some solid info there.  She did not know anyone in the pictures but I am hoping she will remember something about her grandmother.  Distant cousins have some info about the Weber's but it does not match mine. Any questions?  I will be glad to share info with anyone. Kay




Not only are these unknown photos, I do NOT know who sent them or owns the original's.  If these were yours please drop a line and I will attach a note.





Only one priest in #1 is: P. J. O' Connor, (back) upper left.


John Phelan, (back) upper left, and P. J. O' Connor, (back) upper right.

P, J. O'Connor


Since I've contacted you we found that #4 is Fr. Quirk. 

He was identified using a 1950 pamphlet/book entitled 'The Priests of Waucona'.

My family is in possession of a number of priest photos taken in Carroll.  We are trying to identify one of our ancestors who may be included.

Can anyone help identify the unknowns?

Submitted By: Richard C. Casey
1188 Lexington Parkway North
Saint Paul, Minnesota  55103-1032


Hi Suzi!

I have a photograph, found in a box in California, that I would love to return to the family.  It's a wonderful photo of five generations.  I'm guessing the photo dates from the 1910's (but that's a guess).

I have attached a scan and would love to hear from anyone who can identify these five generations of Iowans.

The photo is mounted on a black mat that is embossed with Rohner - Carroll, Iowa.

Feel free to list my contact information as

Great site! keep up the good work.





I found these photographs in my grandmother's box of pictures.  I believe that they may be Schultes from Breda as my grandfather's mother was Caroline Schulte from there. Also the photos were marked with Breda Iowa on them. Maybe you could post them to see if anyone recognizes them.  I also have a picture of Julia Schulte which had her name written on the back.  I suspect these may be her brothers and sisters.  Julia was my Great-grandmother's 1st cousin.

Mary Kay Hoag; email is MKHoag@cfl.rr.com

(NOTE: Please see Photos "S" for the Schultes photos mentioned above) SM




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