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The German Heritage of Carroll County, Iowa

by David Reineke

Table of Contents

& Introduction

Chapter One

Early County History and the First German Settlers

                              —Conrad Geiselhart
                              —Albert Brutsche

                              —Charles F. Buss

                              —L. Sherrie
                              —Henry J. P. Müller
                              —Further Development of the County


Chapter Two
Page One

The Founding of Kniest Township and Mount Carmel

                              —JOHN I. BLAIR AND THE RAILROAD
                              —LAMBERT KNIEST AND HEINRICH BAUMHOVER
                              —THE NEW COLONY
                              —THE CHURCH
                              —LIFE ON THE FRONTIER
                              —KNIEST AND BAUMHOVER

Page Two

Who Were the Other Early Settlers?

                              —PETER AND KATHARINA BERGER
                              —RICHARD AND MARIA RICKE
                              —ANTON AND MARIA MEIS
                              —BERNHARD AND GERTRUDE VONNAHME
                              —SEBASTIAN AND ANNA MARIA BRUCH
                              —CHRISTIAN AND MARGARETHA LOEFFELHOLZ
                              —JOSEPH AND ELISABETH WIEWEL
                              —GOOD TIMES AND BAD THROUGH THE YEARS

                              —THREE CHURCH FIRES
                              —CONTINUED GROWTH
                              —THE SILVER ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION
                              —A NEW CENTURY


Chapter Three

The Germans of Carroll City

Part One

Early Years in Carroll City, 1867-1879

                              —Carroll City’s Early German Businesses
                              —Death of Lambert Kniest
                              —Early Business Life in Carroll City
                              —Early Catholic Church
                              —EARLY GERMAN SOCIAL AND RELIGIOUS LIFE
                              —The Carroll Fire of 1879
                              —The Founding of the Carroll Schützenverein



The German Settlement of Roselle Township

                              —EARLY YEARS AND THE FIRST SETTLERS
                              —FRONTIER HARDSHIPS
                              —CONTINUED GROWTH DURING THE 1870
                              —german traditions and culture in roselle township

                              —CONTINUED GROWTH OF HILLSDALE
                              —GROWTH OF CATHOLIC CHURCH IN HILLSDALE
                              —THE GERMAN SETTLEMENT OF HALBUR



Page One

The German Press in Carroll County 

                              —Der Carroll Demokrat
                              —Der Manning Herold
                              —Die Ostfriesische Nachrichten
                              —Die Germania
                              —Other Area Papers

 Page Two

Carroll County’s German Newspapermen

                              —John G. Burkhardt 
                              —Alois Becker
                              —Joseph M. Dunck
                              —Rev. Lubke Huendling
                              —Berthold Krause
                              —Peter Rix
                              —Clemence A. Bohnenkamp


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