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More Carroll County Biographies

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S. D. Henry

Mr. Henry has the honor of being the Pioneer Newspaper editor in Carroll County, still in the business. He was born in Shelby County, Ind., Oct., 10th, 1854.  His parents moved to Kansas in 1858, and after remaining there a few years returned to Iowa and settled in Des Moines in 1874. Mr. Henry was engaged in the milling business a portion of his early life and also studied mechanics. In I883 he came to Coon Rapids. and in company with his brother L. H. Henry, he bought the Coon Rapids Enterprise which had been established the year before, by E. E. Stowell. In 1884 he bought his brother's interest in the paper and since that time has managed the paper alone. He has had an eventful career in the newspaper business, being a man who believes in standing up for his convictions, regardless of whom he may differ with. He has experienced some quiet stormy scenes.  He was a strong believer in prohibition, and when the fight came up in this state during the 80's, Mr. Henry thought living in a community here the sentiment was strongly against him did valiant  service for the cause of temperance.  There were times in those years when the feeling was so bitter against him that threats were made by the more violent of his opponents against his life and properly. But he did not let this deter him from performing what he believed to be his duty and his gentlemanly way of treating his opponents soon won their respect and many of his bitterest enemies during those times are now his warm personal friends. He has always been a stanch Republican in politics and his influence for the party has extended over a wide territory. Probably few country newspapers in this part of the state are more widely known  than the Enterprise. In religious matters Mr. Henry is liberal, and on this question as well as others he uses his pen with strong effect. He is not abusive but argumentative, giving facts and reasons for the grounds he takes upon any question and the strength of his arguments are often the cause of more bitterness on the part of his opponents than would any other mode of attack. He is a gentleman when it is a pleasure to meet and has hosts of personal friends. His paper is always neat, full of news and well written articles. He prints it on a large Nonpareil job press and has the best printed paper in this part of the state. His is type is all good and he is turning out a class of job work that gives him a good work in that line. Last year he was appointed postmaster under McKinley and took possession of the office Oct. 1st, 1897.  He is giving good satisfaction in that capacity.


Hoffman Hotel

Hoffman Hotel. This house has been here for the past twenty-seven years or since 1871.  It has always been run as a $1 a day house and has never been without a very liberal patronage.  As the town grew the house has been improved and enlarged to accommodate the increasing patronage.  The house has rapidly increased in popularity while under the management of Mr. Hoffman.  In 1891 the present structure was built at a cost of $6,500. and it is now the best $1 a day house in the town.  A year ago Mr. Hoffman sold the house to a Mr. Wilson and while under his management it lost much of this trade.  Mr. Hoffman has now bought the house again and taken charge himself and it is rapidly regaining its old popularity.

Mr. P. M. Hoffman was born in Germany near Cologne Sept. 7th, 1833.  He came to America in 1858 and settled in Freeport, Ill., where he lived till 1866, when he went to Waterloo, Ia.  After regaining there for three years he came to Carroll county and farmed for two years and then moved to Carroll.  He has since been engaged in the hotel and real estate business.  He owns a large amount of property in and around Carroll, including 80 acres inside of the corporation.

Mr. Huffman has a family of three daughters and two sons.  One daughter is second sister superior in the convent at Dubuque, Iowa and another is a prominent teacher of music in Omaha.  The other remains at home.  His son George Hoffman, well known in Carroll is a young many of steady habits and very popular and has always assisted his father in his business enterprises.  The other son is a boy of eleven years.  Mr. Hoffman is a shrewd, careful business man and a born landlord.  To the traveling public we do not hesitate to recommend his house.



Dr. W. Humphrey

Dr. W. Humphrey was born near Morrison, White Side county, Illinois, April 22, 1862.  He lived on the farm until he was fourteen years of age.  His parents then moved to Morrison and our subject attended the public school at that place, later spending a year at Dixon College of Dixon Ill.  He then entered the office of D. A. E. Kennedy, of Morrison and studied dentistry.  After remaining one year, he entered the dental department of the college at Iowa City, and March 15, 1889 received the degree of D. D. S.  He then came to Carroll, and opened a dental office, and has lived here ever since.  He has acquired a fine practice and has established a reputation as careful workman, who has been very successful in this chose profession.  He has always taken an active part in church work and has held the position of Supt. of the M. E. Sunday School for the past 7 years.  He took an active part in the organization of the Y. M. C. A. in Carroll and in its maintenance.  He is also member of the school board.



Gus. E. Hoch

Mr. Gus. E. Hoch who took charge of the office of county treasurer of Carroll county, Jan. 1st was born in Cedar county, Iowa Nov. 3rd, 1858.  He was reared on a farm in that county, his parents, Gus. and Sarah Hoch having come to the state in 1840, as pioneers while it was yet a territory.  At the age of twenty-two our subject came to Audubon county and after remaining there two years he came to Carroll county and located in Dedham.  Since that time he has been engaged in the live stock and grain business.

Mr. Hoch has never been in politics before nor ran for any office.  Having received the nomination on the Democratic ticket for treasurer in 1897 he accepted and ran for the place and was elected of the position by a majority of 292.  He has always taken a prominent place in his hometown and has always lent his aid toward any move that was likely to assist in building up his home town.  His sterling worth won him the popularity that gave him the position.  He is rapidly making friends in the position he is now occupying by his careful attention to his duties and his pleasant ways.


J. W. Hatton

James W. Hatton was born in Stark county, Ohio, Feb. 26, 1847.  He entered a drug store at the age of thirteen and remained in the business until the war broke out in 1861.  He enlisted in the 31st Ohio and remained until mustered out in 1865.  In 1869  he started for Montana to serve as a government clerk.  At Carroll his party was delayed and he liked the town so well that he decided to remain.  He entered into the drug business with Mr. Lynch of Carroll and after one year bought out his partner's interest and since that time he has been in the drug business alone.  His is the oldest business establishment in the city still in existence.  For the past twenty years he has done business on the site upon which his present store stands. He has ably served the county both as deputy clerk and deputy treasurer.

Mr. Hatton has always been a prominent lodge man.  He is a leader in the G. A. R. and always attends the encampments.  He is an enthusiastic Mason and that lodge finds in him one of its warmest supporters.  Whether times were good or bad Mr. Hatton's business was always a paying one.


Will L. Hoff

Proprietor of that popular picture resort.  The Hoff Studio is perhaps the best known photographer in eastern Iowa and stands in the front rank of his profession.  Mr. Hoff has just rounded out a quarter of a century in the picture business his work is up-to-date and he is always on the alert for something new to offer his patrons.  The new Palatino finish as made by this Studio is the finest we ever saw.

Arrangements are now being made to handle a complete line of supplies for professional and amateur photographs.  This will surely be a great boon to the army of amateurs as no one understands their needs so well as a professional.  Mr. Hoff will give this department his personal attention.  The largest portion of the portraits in this work we made from photographs taken by Mr. Hoff.  They speak for themselves and show the class of work he does.


Rev. William E. Howe

Rev. Howe, pastor of the M. E. Church was born in Penn. August 30, 1849.  In 1865 his parents came to Muscatine, Iowa.  That city was his home until he reached his maturity.  After finishing the school courses he entered the Biblical Methodist Episcopal Conference and was given a charge.  Since that time he has been constantly engaged in the work.  He at once took a prominent place among the ministers of his church and has always held it.  He has had charge of some of the largest and most important fields in the state.  He came from Osceola after the last conference so is yet a comparatively new man here but he is rapidly becoming acquainted with the work and is making many friends in the city.

He married Miss Anna Boydston of Muscatine.  They have a family of four children.



Valentine Hinrichs

Manager of Joyce system of lumber yards, has been connected with this vast concern since 1876. He was born in Holstein, Germany, in 1853, and came to America in 1869. His educational advantages were an excellent kind and he improved his opportunities. Before coming to America he had considerable experience as a government surveyor in the northern states of the German Confederation. During his residence in Carroll he had done more than manage Joyce’s interests. It was he who gave Carroll its first telephone system, in 1888. And it is to his enterprise Carroll owes its electric plant, which he installed in 1887. He has been a leading spirit in every progressive movement in this city for over fifteen years. The business under his supervision has grown from a single yard to one of the most prosperous systems of lumber yards in the state, now including about a dozen and a half. Mr. Hinrichs is a man of strict integrity and has a high sense of the old fashioned sort of honesty. He has a pleasant home in Carroll and enjoys much deserved prosperity. In fact no man in the city holds a higher place in the esteem of the people than he.


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