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Contributed by Suzi Miller
Transcribed by Ralph Leonard III

Source: Hawkeye Heritage, Spring 1980, pgs. 67, 68

    Contributed to the above publication by members of the Greene County Genealogical Society.

Original Source: Carroll Co., IA -- First Book of Deaths


Deaths - 1880-1881

Listed Chronologically

Name of Deceased Sex Date of Death Age at Death

Place of Burial

martha hupp f 15 apr 1880 5yr, 2 m Union twp, carroll co.
john e jones m 26 may 1880 8m carroll, IA
lizzie stokes f 26 jun 1880 6yr carroll
myrtle haynor f 7 jul 1880 4yr, 3m, 23d Union twp, carroll co.
john b smith m 18 jul 1880 78yr, 7m, 25d carrollton cemetery
henry determan m 25 jul 1880 1yr, 6m mt. carmel
johannes p venner m 6 aug 1880 5yr, 10d mt. carmel
maria w venner f 11 aug 1880 2yr, 7m, 19d mt. carmel
martin w schonebaum m 16 aug 1880 2yr, 2m wheatland twp
eli devlin m 20 aug 1880 1yr, 9m, 17d arcadia, IA
clemens bernson m 24 aug 1880 32yr mt. carmel
s n lauck m 3 sep 1880 50yr glidden, iA
(     ) shulter m 3 sep 1880 2yr mt. carmel
viranda cochran f 4 sep 1880 37yr, 4m, 2d jasper twp
joseph weaveal m 7 sep 1880 2yr, 6m mt. carmel
francis gartol m 21 sep 1880 2yr mt. carmel
Willie r house m 30 sep 1880 3yr, 10m, 9d glidden
otto grundmeyer m 5 oct 1880 21yr, 2m crawford co.
thomas fry m 8 oct 1880 48yr carroll city cemetery
walter c house m 13 oct 1880 8yr, 11m, 22d glidden
unnamed child f 23 oct 1880 2.5d glidden twp
mary f briggs f 24 oct 1880 2yr, 14d glidden
effie mcCollum f 1 nov 1880 3yr, 3m, 1d union twp
julius e hopp m 4 nov 1880 11yr arcadia
maria baird f 4 nov 1880 70yr, 1m, 24d carroll
darlis Mohler f 28 nov 1880 2yr, 7m arcadia cemetery
nancy harrison f 2 dec 1880 31yr, 4m, 10d glidden
lydia lansing f 11 dec 1880 4m, 2d carroll, IA
henry howard m 13 dec 1880 62yr mississippi
john van raden m 18 dec 1880 14yr, 11m, 21d carroll cemetery
catharine schuller f 2 jan 1881 52yr, 7m, 14d not given
mary driggs f 5 jan 1881 63yr union twp
stella b smith f 5 jan 1881 not given glidden
angeline lansing f 6 jan 1881 not given carroll
ann spurgeon f 9 jan 1881 72yr, 7m, 24d dickson graveyard
william l schulze m 18 jan 1881 not given glidden
lavna olive shuman f 21 jan 1881 29yr, 5m, 10d eden twp cemetery
john spurgeon m 22 jan 1880 78yr, 5m, 20d dickson graveyard
rachel h briggs f 22 jan 1881 not given glidden
almina tank f 23 jan 1881 not given hays twp, crawford co.
margaret e cox f 26 jan 1881 not given dixon cemetery
francis myers f 3 feb 1881 not given roselle twp
(     ) heater - 4 feb 1881 3d union twp
eliza harris f 5 feb 1881 26yr, 2m, 2d union twp
frank signoll m 18 feb 1881 2yr, 3m arcadia
henry bruggeman m 24 feb 1881 35yr mt. carmel
herbert litzer m 25 feb 1881 Not Given dixon cemetery
bertie oliver hamilton m 3 mar 1881 Not Given glidden cemetery
louis boyson m 8 mar 1881 9m, 8d arcadia
charles jennewein m 9 mar 1881 4m, 15d mt. carmel
sheridan franklin beartone m 23 mar 1881 2m, 3d eden twp cemetery
lizzie ronbaum f 24 mar 1881 3yr, 5m mt. carmel
george wilbur jeffries M 26 Mar 1881 15d glidden
emma hoermann f 30 mar 1881 Not Given hays twp, crawford co.
ann waterbury f 2 apr 1881 8m, 3d glidden cemetery
james henry noe m 6 apr 1881 66yr, 25d coon rapids cemetery
davy ethol patton - 7 apr 1881 10m, 14d eden twp cemetery
dorothea e newmann f 11 apr 1881 64yr, 11m arcadia
john burk m 14 Apr 1881 50yr marion, iA
cora may beartone f 15 apr 1881 5yr, 1m, 3d eden twp cemetery
phillip schmidt m 15 apr 1881 67yr, 11m, 7d hillsdale, IA
w o crerry m 15 apr 1881 25yr new hampshire
mary ellen tate f 16 apr 1881 8yr, 4m, 3d eden twp
gidel hoeheisen m 8 may 1881 64yr, 4m, 3d mt. carmel
thomas smith m 14 may 1881 53yr not given
frankie prockenska m 11 may 1881 1yr, 6d carroll
caroline peterson f 19 may 1881 1yr, 9m arcadia
amanda crouse f 2 jun 1881 27yr coon rapids
charlie peterson m 8 jun 1881 7yr, 6m arcadia
benjamin kiffeler m 12 jun 1881 2yr, 23d mt. carmel
george w gengel m 16 jun 1881 11yr carroll
(     ) staak m 19 jun 1881 not given not given
c l buchanan m 19 jun 1881 24yr, 10m carroll
william peterson m 23 jun 1881 8yr, 11m arcadia
willie pape m 28 jun 1881 7yr mt. carmel
william stine m 29 jun 1881 4yr washington twp
emma stine f 30 jun 1881 1yr washington twp
n e gaylord f 1 jul 1881 22yr, 5m, 2d carroll
nancy j dailey f 2 jul 1881 20yr carroll
dena lampey f 2 jul 1881 8yr arcadia
Henry lampey m 5 jul 1881 13yr, 11m arcadia
nellie battles f 18 jul 1881 11yr carroll
peter william chules m 20 jul 1881 3m carroll
josephine lovely f 23 jul 1881 78yr arcadia twp
john falken m 27 jul 1881 3yr, 11m carroll
harvey read m 2 aug 1881 1yr arcadia
minnie orchard f 5 aug 1881 1yr, 6m, 9d glidden
Edward chapman m 7 aug 1881 4yr, 3m, 20d glidden
george j lushman m 9 aug 1881 4m, 19d wheatland twp
mary m holmes f 11 aug 1881 25d glidden
della gillespie f 11 aug 1881 2yr, 11m, 11d carroll co.
edward kivitz m 12 aug 1880 3yr, 13d glidden
etta wilden f 13 aug 1881 4yr westside, crawford co.
daisey barger f 13 aug 1881 5yr, 3m carroll
willie ransler wilson m 28 aug 1880 4m, 8d newton twp
burton Fleshour m 3 sep 1881 1m, 23d glidden twp
horace briggs m 5 sep 1881 10m, 23d glidden twp
berdie crawford m 6 sep 1881 6m carroll
george h wingert m 7 sep 1881 23yr not given
(     ) reynolds f 8 sep 1881 16d union twp
clyde barger m 13 sep 1881 2yr carroll
s a hutton m 22 sep 1881 unknown unknown
catharine sage f 27 sep 1881 11m, 6d hays twp, crawford co.
florence bruner f 10 oct 1881 30yr, 10m, 4d glidden


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