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Clayton County Genealogical Society

Updated March 6, 2012

Jan. 27, 2016: Watch for an updated publication list in the near future.


Please order the following publications directly from the
Clayton County Genealogical Society.
All of our publications are Clayton County related.

1) The price of a publication does not include shipping & handling.
2) Our prices are subject to change without notice.
3) Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.
4) The publications on this web page must be ordered directly from the Clayton Co. chapter Please do not order them from the Iowa Genealogy Society.

History & Maps

Description Pages List Price
The First 160 Years, Millville History 275+ $20.00
1984 History of Clayton County IA 900+ $50.00
+$7.00 postage
A Scrapbook of Elkport-Garber History -- Indexed Sold Out! 600 $30.00
Clayton County Plat Maps in one volume: 1866, 1886, 1902 & 1914 Sold Out!
New book, with an index coming in the future!
- -


If you have previously purchased a school book and already have the 208 page ‘Overall Education’ section, you will not need to purchase the 'Overall Education' section again.

Let us know that you already have a book with this section from a previous purchase, so, that we can pull it out of your new book, saving you $5.00 off of the list cost of any new book purchased.

Description Pages List Price
Boardman Twp Country, Elkader Jr. College & St Joseph’s School 400 $30.00
Cass Twp Country Schools 260 $25.00
Clayton Twp Schools 600 $40.00
Cox Creek Twp Country Schools 350 $30.00
Elk Twp. Country Schools 300 $20.00
Elkader High School 600 $30.00
Elkport Independent School (Volga Twp) Sold Out! 275 $25.00
Farmersburg Twp Country & Town Schools 220 $25.00
Garnavillo Twp Country, Town & St. Joe’s Schools 570 $40.00
Highland Twp Country Schools 330 25.00
Jefferson Twp Country Schools, St. Mary's Catholic High School 330 $32.00
Lodomillo Twp Country Schools 470 $30.00
Luana Consolidated 343 $35.00
Mallory Twp Country Schools 470 $30.00
Marion Twp Country Schools 560 $30.00
Mendon Twp Country Schools 404 $40.00
Millville Twp Country Schools 495 $40.00
Monona Twp Country Schools 450 $40.00
Monona Twp Country Schools & Luana Consolidated -- as one volume Sold Out! 793 $55.00
Sperry Twp Country Schools 160 $23.00
Sperry Twp Country Schools & Volga City High School -- as one volume Sold Out! 320 $30.00
Strawberry Point Town School 411 $25.00
Volga City High School 160 $20.00
Volga City (surrounding Sperry & Highland Twps) -- Indexed Sold Out! 608 $35.00
Volga Twp Country Schools   $30.00
Wagner Twp Country Schools   $35.00


Shipping and Handling Charges
The price of a publication does not include shipping & handling

Please add $7.00 for each book purchased

All prices are in US Dollars and should be sent via check or money order, to:

Clayton County Genealogical Society
PO Box 846
Elkader, IA 52043-0846

contact: Judy Bender Moyna


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