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Known Cemeteries
in Decatur County

This list has been comprised from a variety of sources including WPA records, U.S. Geographic Locators, history books, obituaries and other items. We welcome additional information on these locations.

 Items marked with a * have lookups available on our "Lookups" listing!
Items underlined are linked directly to the listing for that cemetery online!

Feature Name         Latitude Longitude   Township/Town       Section
-------------------  ------------------   --------------      ------- 
Baker Cemetery      404239N  0933754W         
*Beaver Cemetery    404233N  0933753W      Goodland             09                    
Bethel                                     Eden                 30      
Bucy or Bucey                              Burtrell             18      
Campbell                                   Eden                 16      
Campbell                                   Hamilton             20      
Cash Cemetery                              Bushell              05      
Catholic Cemetery                          Goodland             19
Chase Cemetery                             Hamilton             06      
Chastain (Walton)   404129N  0934116W      Eden                 11      
Clinton Cemetery                           Long Creek           15      
Cole (Westerville)                         Richland             16      
County Home Burials                        Eden                 14
Cowles Cemetery     403621N  0934200W      Hamilton             18             
*Creveling Cemetery                        New Buda             06      
Dale Cemetery       403716N  0934137W      Hamilton             11      
Davis City I.O.O.F.                        Burrell              34      
Decatur City        404437N  0935021W      Decatur              27  
Doze                                       Garden Grove         17      
Dunkard (Franklin)                         Center               14      
Elh                                        Morgan               24      
Elm Cemetery        403535N  0933424W      Bloomington          03        
Evergreen (Hollen)                         Fayette              18
Franklin (Dunkard)                         Center               14      
Fugate Cemetery                            Morgan               22      
Funktown (Oak Hill)                        Grand River          02
Gammill Cemetery    403625N  0934109W      Hamilton             13        
Garden Grove                               Garden Grove         27      
Gatliff                                    Morgan               24      
Grand River                                Richland             33      
Grady                                      Richland             17      
Green Bay Cemetery  404935N  0933143W        
Gore                                       Burrell              25
Hall                                       Woodland             05      
Hamilton Cemetery   403544N  0934452W      Hamilton             17
Hazen (Old Funk)                           Grand River          02
Hatfield                                   Eden                 15      
High Point                                 High Point           23      
Hollen (Evergreen)                         Fayette              18      
Johnson Cemetery    404928N  0934252W      Franklin             34        
Kline                                      Franklin             04
*Lentz Cemetery     404131N  0933652W      Woodland             16
Leon                                       Center               29
Logan Cemetery      403704N  0933348W      Morgan               12      
Lillie                                     Bloomington          27
McAllister          (see McCullough)       High Point           05      
McCullough          404815N  0933836W      High Point           05
McDowell(Terre Haute)                      Burrell              17      
McKee (Whittecar)                          Long Creek           16      
McLain                                     New Buda             15      
Manchester                                 Eden                 08      
Meak (Meek)Cemetery 404217N  0934222W      Eden                 11
Metier Cemetery     405251N  0933901W      Garden Grove         08
Miller                                     Burrell              09      
Millsap                                    Garden Grove         34
Morman                                     Garden Grove         28
*Mt Tabor                                  Eden                 01
Munyon (Varga)                             Long Creek           31      
*New Salem Church                          Hamilton             02
Oak Hill (Funktown)                        Grand River          02
Old Davis City                             Burrell              35      
Old Funk (Hazen)                           Grand River          02
Palestine                                  Decatur              25      
Pettis (Winters)    405141N  0933912W      Garden Grove         18      
Rose Hill           Lamoni                 Fayette              03
Saint Marys         404034N  0933920W     
Shields Cemetery    403932N  0933556W      Woodland             27      
Shy                                        Decatur              13      
Sweet Home                                 Fayette              22      
Trullinger          404658N  0933759W      High Point           17      
Tennessee (Wheelis)                        Richland             11      
Terre Haute(McDowell)                      Burrell              17      
Union                                      Morgan               17      
Van Wert            Van Wert               Long Creek           13      
Varga (Munyon)                             Long Creek           31      
Waller                                     Decatur              35      
Walton (Chastain)                          Eden                 11      
Warrick                                    Richland             02      
West                                       Long Creek           20      
Westervelt                                 Richland             16      
Westerville (Coles)                        Richland             16      
Wheelis (Tennessee)                        Richland             11      
White Oak           403715N  0933434W      Morgan               12      
Whittecar (Mc Kee)                         Long Creek           16      
Winters (Pettis)    405141N  0933912W      Garden Grove         18      
Woodmansee                                 Decatur              30      
*Young                                     Richland             27

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