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Sons of William Martin


This photograph was passed down from Myrtle Martin Hamilton (m. Elza Hamilton in Leon IA) to her brother Eugene (father of the keeper of these pages) many years ago. She did not mark on the photograph which Martin brother was which. We've determined that on the Left is James Henry Martin who was an RLDS Priest and lived in Lamoni; second from left  we believe to be John Martin. Third from Left is definately Thomas Martin who lived in the Cainsville/Blythedale areas of Harrison County MO before locating in Johnson County Iowa in about 1926. Far right we believe is George Martin. Missing from the photo we are fairly certain is William, who was killed in a railroad accident in Independence Mo in 1911.

 If you have any ties to this family and know for certain who is who, PLEASE send me some e-mail.

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