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Decatur County Iowa Genealogy
Archived Surname Listings

Surnames are now listed with the query submittals.  We've retained our old list of surname researchers here in our "archives" in case you missed them.  Please contact these researchers if you have information on their surnames of interest.

 If you find surnames listed here with bad email addresses, please mail us so that we can mark them accordingly and give the submitter a chance to correct their address. Those items marked with  currently have bad email addresses and will be removed from the list if no correction is received within thirty days.

 If your address is marked as incorrect, you may wish to check CONTACT! to see who was trying to reach you about your family lines.



ANDERSON Jane Pitkin
ATKINSON Susie Martin-Rott
AVERY Allan Childers
BAKER Nancy McDonald
BAKER Nancy Brower
BIDDLE Janet Lighthill-Ridley
BLEACHAM Jack Stewart
BROOKE Bill Redinger
BRUNER Ruby Coleman
BURDSELL William Crabtree
BURNHAM Bonnie DesEnfants 
BURNS Brenda Bennett
BURRELL Debbie Groulik
CAMPBELL Katherine Sterk
CARTER Jack Stewart
CLOYD Dick Smith
COLE Nancy McDonald
DANCER Jane Pitkin
DOTSON Jim Vedvik 
DUNBAR Ruby Coleman
EASTMAN Ruby Coleman
EDWARDS Jack W. Roberts
ELLENWOOD Caryl Simpson 
EVANS Sandi McGinnis
FAIRALL David Fairall
FLEMING Phyllis Miller Fleming 
FULLERTON Verna Lee Fullerton Kuderian
GARBER Tim Garber
GARDNER Pam Shelton-Anderson
GATES Nancy Brower
GOODE Susie Martin-Rott
HALE Bob McKinley
HALL Nel Hatcher
HAMILTON Susie Martin-Rott
HAWK Bob McKinley
HERSHEY Susie Martin-Rott
HICKMAN Bill Johns
HILL Warren
HINES Edna Felps
HOOPER Bill Johns
KELLEY Janet Lighthill-Ridley
HUFF Sue Minter
JOHNSON Claudette Merritt Scott
KETRING Jack W. Roberts
KITCHENS Richard Schaefer
LAMB Susie Martin-Rott
LAMB Darlee Sissel 
LEACHMAN Jack W. Roberts
LEECH Darlee Sissel 
LIGHTHILL Janet Lighthill-Ridley
LIGHTHILL Richard Schaefer
LLOYD Allan Childers
LYONS Susie Martin-Rott
MARTIN Susie Martin-Rott
McDANIEL Elaine Schwensen
McDANIEL R.W. McDaniel
McCAULEY Pat Sproat
McLAIN Jack W. Roberts
MEEK Danny Fluhart
MERCER Cindy Haase
MERRITT Claudette Merritt Scott
METZER Janet Lighthill-Ridley
MOORE J. Brown
NEGLEY Jack Neff
NEWLIN Katherine Sterk
NIGHTWINE Pam Shelton-Anderson
OGLE Rita Butt
OSBORN Jack W. Roberts
PATTERSON Deborah Patterson
PITKIN Jane Pitkin
PRIEST David Fairall
REDINGER Bill Redinger
ROSS William Crabtree
RUMLEY Sue Minter
SCHENCK Perry Gray-Reneberg
SHAW Judy King
SHELTON Pam Shelton-Anderson
SHEPPARD Nel Hatcher
SHIPPY Robert Bremer
SMITH Patricia Buercklin
STECKEL Jane Pitkin
STEPHENS Debbie Groulik
STILL J. Brown
STUBBS Robert Cummings
THOMAS David Fairall
TINCKNELL Sandi McGinnis
WALKER Patricia Buercklin
WALTERS Robert Cummings
WHITEHOUSE Susie Martin-Rott
WHITRIGHT Steven Whitright
WILLIAMS Jack Stewart
WILLIAMS Nancy Brower
WOOD Pat Sproat
WOOD Jack W. Roberts
WOOD Caryl Simpson 
WOOD Deborah Patterson
WOODS Nancy Brower
WOODWARD Susie Martin-Rott
YODER Jack W. Roberts
ZORNES Dick Smith


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