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Pleasant Grove is located on Section 11, of the township bearing the above name. The first settler in the township was William Miller, and the first white child born therein was his daughter Lucetta. The first marriage ceremony was performed for a couple who were passing through in 1836 - Mr. Elters and Miss Colton. The first schoolhouse was erected on Section 9. The first church was that of the Cumberland Presbyterian, built in the town of Pleasant Grove. The first minister was of that faith, and named Bonham. The township was laid out in 1838, surveyed into sections in 1839, and came into market in 1840.

South Flint Post Office is in this township.

Amityville and Huron are post offices in the Township of Huron. This township was settled in 1835, by Joshua and Wesley Swank. S. D. Coonrod came in 1839, and Benjamin Luckinbill in 1840. Nathan Westfall and Catharine McKee were the first couple married in this township.

Washington Township has two post offices - La Vega and Roscoe. Yarmouth is a new town on the line of the Burlington & Northwestern Railroad.