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Indian Stories by Great Grandma


Possibly The Black Hawk War

According to grandma:

There were many chiefs, but there were two strong chiefs. Chief White Feather talked about peace and wanted to help white people, but asked territorial authorities about keeping white people and other tribes from settling on tribal hunting grounds.

The other great chief was known as Black Bird (other story said Black Bear) and he wanted  white settlers to leave Indian lands and would kill them if they didn't leave.

I don't remember if grandma told me all of that story, but she frequently, and with tears in her eyes, spoke of Indian tribes driven from Illinois to Iowa, later to Kansas and Oklahoma.

Grandma told of many battles, some I have forgotten, but remember In a general way what happened. One side had the backing of a large tribe, but that support was bought off by the government. Without military support, the Indian leaders had to surrender.   

In the context of time and other collateral events, and from history in high school, I believe the names grandma used were wrong, what grandma was speaking of was probably, "The Black hawk War". It is not too much of a stretch for me to realize that our Chief Black Bird could be the same as War Chief Black Hawk.


GOTO: Blue Men and The First Horse