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Main Street Bluff Cemetery was located within the City of Burlington, Iowa. It's location was 900 South Main Street, CONCORDIA TOWNSHIP, Section 5, Des Moines County, Iowa (DAR 1968).

"An old burying ground, consisting of a few stones, is said to have existed at one time on the bluff above South Main Street, back of Bartels Motor Company, in the 900 block." A careful check of the area - on two occasions - has failed to reveal any tombstones, and persons who supposedly knew about them are now deceased. Mr. Clarence Moody, late editor of The Hawk-Eye, made reference to this cemetery at one time but could not confirm its existence.

NEW: The red star below is about three blocks south of the 6th street viaduct, hwy 34, which crosses the bridge east to Illinois.

South of town on Main Street at about the 900 block a cliff slopes down to the railroad tracks which run north and south.

Old Hawkeye newspapers refer to a cemetery there, as does Pruhs Cemetery, so we will keep this file open in case records are found, either actual stones, which could have gone away when the railroad was built, or hard copy written by hand long ago.