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Located just West of the center of Section 30 in Flint River Township, Des Moines County, Iowa, you will find Old Middletown, or otherwise known as, Leuins Point Cemetery. You will find many graves from the early 1840's to the late 1950's. Many gravestones have been badly deteriorated and have broken off. Many are piled on top each other with many unmarked graves. This cemetery is surrounded with a fence.

Directions: From the intersection of Mt. Pleasant and Roosevelt Avenue, Burlington, Iowa, proceed West for approximately 5 1/2 miles. You will need to turn right (North) and proceed for about 1/2 mile. Turn left (West) for 3/10's of a mile and then North for 3/10's of a mile. (This will take you to the South side - and then the West side of Raceways 34 Park) This last stretch is a dirt road. The cemetery is straight ahead.     

History of Middletown -and- Leuins Point: Leuins Point was located on a knoll that was just West of the cemetery. The town of Leuins Point was founded in about 1833 by a Mr. Leuins. Early settlers include Josah Smith, Asa Robinson and John Sharp. Approximately six years later, Leuins Point began moving to Middletown. (John Sharp was from West Middletown, Pennsylvania) With Middletown located about halfway between Burlington and Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, they named it Middletown. John Sharp became the leader of this new Middletown. Mr. McMakin and Thomas Sargent were also early settlers of this area. Thomas Sargent built a Post Office and a store and two churches were built in 1851 which was followed by Robert Robinson building a hotel a few years later. The hotel dug a well which was still there in late 1970. Jacob Sanders built a halfway house which was utilized as a stage coach stop. The Burlington and Missouri Railroad came through a few years later which ended the stage coaches. A plank road was built from Burlington to Mount Pleasant in the early 1850's and a toll gate was placed every four to six miles. Rates were 3 cents per mile for a carriage, wagon or sleigh being drawn by 2 horses. Using additional animals would then cost another 1 cent per mile. Vehicles drawn by one animal would be 2 cents per mile. Stock being led along this road would cost 1 cent per mile, while sheep or goats being led would be 1/2 cent per mile. Hauling merchandise would cost 2 cents per mile and no charge was made for immigrants that were moving through with furniture, etc. Mrs. Spaulding began a millinery ship within part of the Post Office building. The bank was built in 1907. Following this, in 1908, Mr. Crawford opened an implement and hardware store. This was followed with a grain elevator, a blacksmith shop and a shoe shop. The General Store was owned by August Streed and was in operation for 50 + years. There was a large hall over the store that the community used for dances, roller skating and carnivals. The first Mayor of Middletown was installed in 1929 - Mr. Coad, Mayor, was given a salary of $2 a month. Many of the homes in Middletown were built by the construction company of John and Tom Sutton.

It is said that Chief Blackhawk found the people of the community to be so friendly that he tied a knot in an oak tree, saying that as long as this tree stands, so will our friendship. This tree was still standing in the late 1970's on the Alex Bailey property which was located approximately 1/4 of a mile West).

NAME                             INSCRIPTION


DENNY, JAMES                 6 Feb. 1822 - 3 May 1887
DENNY, SARAH                 25 Sept 1820 - 16 Jan 1907
SMITH, ELIZABETH A. DENNY (maiden name)23 Nov 1848 - 17 Aug 1873
DENNY, WILLIAM                 29 Oct 1856 - 18 Nov 1901
DENNY, INFANT                 Son 16 Jan 1851 - 1 Feb 1851
DENNY, INFANT                 Son 26 Feb 1852 - 27 Feb 1852
DENNY, MARY C.                 15 Feb 1855 - 16 June 1860
DENNY, SARAH M.                 24 Sept 1858 - 17 June 1860
DENNY, JAMES                  14 Mar 1864 - 14 Apr 1865
DENNY, ANNA M.                 8 Sept 1862 - 5 Jan 1867
DENNY, JOSEPH C.                 18 June 1869 - 19 Jan 1873
SMITH, LIZZIE                 Wife of T.L. d. 17 Aug 1873 age 24y 8m 25d
DENNY, JOSEPH C.                 Son of J & S, d. 19 Jan 1871 age 3y 7m 1d
DENNY, ANNA M.                 Daughter of J & S d. 5 Jan 1867 age 4y 4m
DENNY, INFANT                 Son of J & S d. 26 Feb 1852 age 1d
DENNY, INFANT                 Son of J & S d. 16 Jan 1851 age 16d                              (leaning against stone.
DENNY, SARAH M.                 Daughter of J & S d. 17 June 1860 age 1y 8m                          (broken)
STEELE, ARMILDA J.            Wife of Robert 3 Apr 1833 - 5 Nov 1860
STEELE, ROBERT                 10 Oct 1817 - 31 Dec 1864
STEELE, ELLA                 14 Mar 1855 - age 1y 7m
BEARD, MARIA                 Daughter of J & C d.8 Sept 1852 age25y 7m 6d                          (broken)
BEARD, JOSEPH                 Son of J & C d. 10 June 1850 age 11y 10m
DAVIS, DAVID W.                 Eldest Son of GH & B d. 8 Aug 1851 age 5y                          10m 7d
ROBINSON, MATILDA ANN             Wife of J.M. d. 27 Aug 1853 age 22y 3m 18d
BEARD, WM                     Son of JW & MJ d. 26 Apr 1854 age 3m 19d                          (broken)
HODGEN, ISAAC                 d. 22 Feb 1864 age 50y 9m 27d
CRAWFORD, LEONARD J.            Son of JM & LE 5 Aug 1846 - 21 Sept 1846
CRAWFORD, ABSALOM J.            Son of J & J d. 17 Oct 1849 age 21y 8m 23d                          (broken)
MCGOHAN, DANIEL W.            Son of JN & MA d. 8 Aug 1850 age 1y 20d
CRAWFORD, CARLISLE            d. 7 Nov 1863 age 19y 6m 27d
ANDERSON, INT                 No date
CRAWFORD, JANEE                 Wife of J d. 14 Jan 1876 age 78y
CRAWFORD, JOHN                 Native of Ayrshire Scotland d. 20 Sept 1854                          age 60y 4m 25d
CRAWFORD, JESSE B.            d. 23 Apr 1854 age 18y 8d
CRAWFORD, ABSALOM J.            d. 17 Oct 1849 age 21y 8m 23d
MORGAN, SARAH A.                 Wife of Wm d. 10 Sept 1861 age 75y 2m 20d                          (broken & deteriorated)
MYRES, WILLIAM                 d. 28 Oct 1830 or 1850 age 30y 11m 14d                              (broken)


SHARP, JOHN                     1812 - 1882
SHARP, SARAH                 1811 - 1913
SHARP, JAMES O                 1840 - 1923
SHARP, JOHN P                 1850 - 1899
SHARP, MARY                     1849 - 1931
SHARP, SARAH                 1846 - 1933
SHARP, ??                     d. 4 Oct 1878 age 4m 27d
REESE, JOHN G.                 Son of DB & E d. 11 May 1863 age 27                              Native of Wales CO G 25 REGT IOWA VOL
BEARD, GEORGE W.                 Son of J & C d. 5 July 1853 age 28y                              (broken)
SHARP, WILLIE L.                 Son of OJ & SA d. 15 Jan 1860 age 5m 27d                          (broken)
MCMAKEN, JOHN L.                 d. 24 Aug 1898 age 82y 11m 23d
MCMAKEN, ELIZA N.                 Wife d. 3 Oct 1870 age 52y 3m 15d Wife of                          L MCMAKEN
MCMAKEN, EMMA                 Wife of J.P.IRWIN d.3 Jan 1876 age 26y 3m11d
MCMAKEN, MARY A.                 d. 20 Sept 1860 age 13y 1m 14d
MCMAKEN, ROBERT W.              d. 26 Aug 1843 age 2y 1m 11d
MCMAKEN, ELISABETH J            d. 30 Apr 1847 age 1y 8m 25d
MCMAKEN, INFANT                  Daughter d. 29 Mar 1849
IRWIN, EMMA                     d. 3 Jan 1876 age 26y 3m 11d Wife of J P
MCMAKEN, JOHN                 1791 - 1882
MCMAKEN, SARAH                 1795 - 1864
MCMAKEN, JOSEPH H.            21 Apr 1789 - 21 Sept 1857 age 68y
MARTIN, MARY ANN                 Wife of Wm d. 2 Oct 1854 age 35y 1m 9d
SHARP, ALEX H.                 d. 7 May 1866 age 39y (broken)
SHARP, JOHN SR.                 d. 27 Oct 1845 age 56y 4m 14d
SHARP, INFANT                 Son of A H & E B d. 1Nov 1859 age 3d
SHARP, HARRY M                 Son of A H & E B d. 29 Apr 1861 age 10m
SHARP, JOHN A.                 Son of J G & R P d. 12 Sept 1848 age 9m 17d                          (broken)
SHARP, J.G.                     Son of J.F. & M.J. d. 12 Sept 1818 age 11y
SHARP, INFANT                 Son 3 Nov 1855
SHARP, EVA                     Daughter of J.G. & M.J. d. 23 Jan 1859 age                          2y 3m 2d
CRAWFORD, LYDIA E                 Wife of JAS. M d. 30 Aug 1858 age 31y 8m 8d                          b 22 Dec 1826
ABNEY, FRANKLIN M.            Son of L & G d. 30 July 1858 age 18y 4m
ABNEY, GINGY V.                 Daughter L & G d. 12 Mar 1857 age 10y 6m 18d
CRAWFORD, CARLISLE            7 Nov 1863 age 19y 6m 27d CO G 25 REGT                          IOWA VOL
ABNEY, ELIZABETH                 Daughter of L & G d. 11 Dec 1856 age 19y                          5m 14d
ABNEY, MARY M                 Daughter of L & G 9 Dec 1834 - 9 Nov 185_                          (broken)
ABNEY, L. FRANCIS                 Daughter of L & G 27 Oct 1830- 29 Dec 1842
HAMMER, JOHN                 Infant Son of J & C A b 21 Oct 1848 age 3m
HAMMER, JACOB                 23 Apr 1823 - 24 Mar 1848
HAMMER, CELATHA A.            Wife of Jacob 13 Nov 1828 - 18 Dec 1852                              (broken)
CRAWFORD, JULIA A.             Daughter of Wm D & M B d. 15 Oct 1860
                        age 6m 1d (broken)
ABNEY, GINCY                 Wife of L d. 3 June 1860 age 54y 1m 26d                          (in pieces)


CARDEN, WILLIAM FRANCIS             3 Jan 1856 - 24 July 1860
SCHULTZ, JOHN                 CO E 25 IA INF
SCHULTZ, SUSANNAH                 Wife of John d. 12 June 1855 age 22 or 27y
MCCLELLAN, ANN                 Wife of JAS.S. d. 20 Jan 1853 age 53y 3m 13d
RAMSEY, WILLIAM                 d. 19 Jan 1871 age 68y 7m 14d
SERGENT, CATHARINE            Wife of T.L. d. 16 July 1847 age 22y 4m 18d
MCMAKEN, ELIZABETH J.             Daughter J L & E d. 30 Apr 1847 age 8m 25d
CUMMINS, JAMES                 d. 15 July 1850 age ?? 11d (broken)
MOORE, SAMUEL SEN                 d. 27 Oct 1879 age 67y 8m
MOORE, MAHALA                  d. 10 June 1842 age 8m
MOORE, HULDA                 d. 20 May 1850 age 3y 11m
MOORE, BARBARA JANE            d. 10 May 1850 age 7y 1m 26d
MOORE, FRANCIS MARION            d. 19 Dec 1865 age 16y 4m 18d
MOORE, MARY M.                 Wife of Samuel, d. 15 Feb 1868 age 61y 18d
MOORE, LAVINA LOY                 Daughter of S & M d. 17 Dec 1846 age 18y 9m
MOORE, WILLIAM                 Died in Cascade Mts. 15 Sept 1852                              age 22y 11m
MOORE, LEMMON G.                 d. 28 Aug 1873 age 21y
HOLMES, OFFICER J.            Son of J A & C d. 22 Oct 1858 age 1m 9d                          (leaning against Sharp stone)
SHARP, JOS. G.                 d. 18 Jan 1883 age 66y 6m 28d
SHARP, MARY JANEED            14 May 1861 age 38y 7m 2d, Wife
SHARP, FANNIE                 d. 24 Dec 1876 age 16y 2m 29d (Children of                         Jos. G & M.J.)
SHARP, ANNIE                 d. 11 Feb 1883 age 22y 4m 17d (Children of                          Jos. G & M.J.)
SHARP, ELLA M.                 d. 20 July 1870 age 20y 6m 10d (Children of                          Jos. G & M J)
SHARP, CARRIE N.                 d. 7 Jan 1874 age 15y 6m 19d (Children of                          Jos G & M J)
SHARP, WILL S.                 d. 17 Mar 1875 age 23y 12d (Children of                          Jos. G & M J)
GREEN, CAROLINE                 10 Feb 1834 - 27 June 1853 Mother
GREEN, MILTON R.                 Son of L B & S A d. 27 Feb 1849 age 3y 11m                          10d


MCCHESNEY, JOHN                 d. 21 Aug 1866 age 80y
MCCHESNEY, ELEANOR SWAN (maiden name)d. 19 May 1880 age 72y
MCCHESNEY, JOHN P.            d. 8 Nov 1867 age 60y
MCCHESNEY, MARTHA ANNE             Wife 12 Jan 1845 - 24 June 1914
MCCHESNEY, SARAH J             Daughter d. 6 Oct. 1878 age 8y 9d
ALLEN, EPHRAIM A.                 1 Aug 1838 - 25 Jan 1888
ALLEN, MARGARET M.            Wife 26 July 1848 - 11 Dec 1909
ALLEN, JOHN N.                 d. 8 Nov 1867 age 60y
ALLEN, MATILDA                 Wife d. 12 Mar 1881 age 77y
ALLEN, MATILDA E                 25 Feb 1876 - 17 Jan 1879
ALLEN, EPHRAIM                 30 Oct 1887 - 11 Mar 1888
ALLEN, JOHN L.                 Son of E A & M M d. 25 July 1892 age 18y
WOODWARD, ADA                 Daughter of C L & M d. 31 Oct 1866 age 2y                          9m 5d
ROBESON, ELIHU                 Native Butler Co Ohio c. 19 Apr 1864 age                          55y 7m 25d
WERTZ, NANCY                 Wife of A d. 18 Dec 1884 age 76y 10m 10d
WERTZ, AMOS                     20 Jan 1810 - 10 June 1893
WERTZ, ALMIRA M.                 Daughter A & N d. 22 Dec 1860 age 12y 9m 3d
ROCK, CATHARINE                 Wife of G W d. 29 July 1859 age 31y
BOYSE, S.M.                     d. 1 Dec 1872 age 55y 5m 26d
BOYSE, ANNA MARY                 Wife of S.M. 27 Nov 1821 - 28 Jan 1861
MITCHELL, WILLIAM                 23 Mar 1785 - 11 Oct 1856
MITCHELL, REBECCA              Wife of Wm d. 29 Mar 1865 age 63y 4m 18d
MITCHELL, JOHN                 d. 24 Mar 1915 age 88y 1m 27d
MITCHELL, ELLEN                 Wife d. 22 Dec 1880 age 42y 7m 5d
WELCH, JOHN D.                 d. 13 Aug 1867 age 51y 4m 18d
BLODGETT, AMY DENNY (maiden name)    Wife of W W d. 17 July 1878 age 23y 8m 16d
DENNY, JAMES R.                 No date (broken)
DESPEN__, DAVID                 d. 6 Jan 18 ?? age 41y 4m (broken)
LONG, ELIZABETH                 3 Jan 1818 - 27 July 1885
LONG, MILTON M.                 Son of H & H d. 15 Sept 1840 age 21y 18d
LONG, DANIEL                  d. 5 July 1839 age 75y 3m 23d
CARDEN, WILLIAM                 7 Sept 1828 - 14 Feb 1866
CARDEN, ISABEL A.              4 Feb 1830 - 25 Sept 1890
MCCOHAN, INFANT                 1850
CANTERBERRY, ISAAC T.            d. 21 --?-1846 age 36y