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Iowa Army Ammunition Plant

This facility occupies 19,300 acres in southeast Iowa near Middletown.

I has produced conventional ammunition and rockets for the military since 1940.

When the defense department first looked over the site as a weapons production facility, there were a number of cemeteries there, among which included Elliott cemetery sec 7, Old Mormon cemetery sec 17, Old County Home sec 4, Shiloh /Avery sec 21, Spring Creek sec 3 and Old Swede sec 15. 

When the facility was built, cemeteries on the site of future buildings were moved. One can still visit the existing cemeteries with written permission of the management of the facility. Where the cemeteries were moved to is currently unknown, but volunteers will continue to try to discover those locations.

The photograph below show the lay of the land where these old cemeteries are located.

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