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Cemetery Lists

There is a township map, town map, and church location map at Maps for your convenience. The earliest dates of stones are listed below for each cemetery. There are some links to the cemeteries where patrons have contributed tombstone lists from personal archives. Such submissions are most welcome.

State Association for the Preservation of Iowa Cemeteries (SAPIC):

The following individuals have donated information for the following cemeteries: Adrian Aitchison (deceased), Paul Neiers, Carl Neiers, Joy Pealer, Vicki Schlarman (deceased), Tom Schlarman, Jerry Schlarman, J. Biays Bowerman, Cindy Nielsen, Joan Tallman, Stuart Higgs, Bonnie Davidson. Tom Schlarman's Cemetery Lists by Townships can also be viewed at Permission has been granted to use the information on the Dubuque County Genealogy site.


Cascade Township Center Township
Concord Township Dodge Township
Dubuque Township Iowa Township
Jefferson Township Julien Township
Liberty Township Mosalem Township
New Wine Township Peru Township
Prairie Creek Township Table Mound Township
Taylor Township Vernon Township
Washington Township White Water Township

Cascade Township

Cascade Protestant Cemetery Association - Sec 36 - (Cascade City Cemetery)
Cascade Protestant Cemetery Index A - E
Cascade Protestant Cemetery Index F - L
Cascade Protestant Cemetery Index M - Q
Cascade Protestant Cemetery Index R - Z

St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery Association - Sec 36 - (Cascade City Cemetery)
St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery (German) - Index A - G
St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery (German) - Index H - L
St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery (German) - Index M - R
St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery (German) - Index S - Z

Calvary Cemetery Association or St. Martin's Catholic Cemetery - Sec 36 - (Cascade City Cemetery or St. Matthias Catholic Cemetery)
St. Martin's Catholic Cemetery (Irish) Index A - G
St. Martin's Catholic Cemetery (Irish) Index H - Z
St. Martin's Catholic Church - Funerals held at the church, but internment was not in Calvary Cemetery.

John's Creek Cemetery or Rock Creek Methodist Cemetery - Sec. 2 - abandoned - picture included Alfred White Prop. - Sec 17

Zion Reformed Cemetery - Sec 16 - on Clarence Martin farm - abandoned November 23, 2002

Ray Even Property - Sec 16 - No name - no remains found - abandoned

Center Township

George Barth property - Sec 5 - near Five Points - abandoned

Centralia Presbyterian Cemetery - Sec 27 - German Presbyterian Church

French Settlement - Jefferson/St. Joseph Catholic

Lattnerville Catholic Cemetery - (Annunciation Church) - Sec 31 - picture included

Old St. Joseph Calasanctius - Sec 5 - stone no longer found

St. John the Baptist Cemetery or German Catholic Society Cemetery - Sec 34 - Centralia (now Peosta)

St. John's Lutheran Cemetery or Lore Lutheran Cemetery - Sec 11

Concord Township

Concord Christian Cemetery - Sec 25 - near Wilgenbush farm - 19887 Hingtgen Lane, Holy Cross, Iowa 52053

The church is no longer in existence; the cemetery is part of a cultivated field. No records or stones remain of the cemetery. The Concord Christian Church was established in January 1871.

Concord Congregational Church Cemetery - Sec 25 - Rickardsville/ 21755 Route 52 North, Durango, Iowa 52039 Map

The location of this cemetery is often confused with the two nearby cemeteries, the Concord Christian Cemetery and the Cottage Hill Methodist Cemetery. The cemetery was established in April 1858. While the cemetery association does not have a list of interment records, it does have a listing of markers that were recorded by the DAR in 1939.

Cottage Hill Methodist-Episcopal Church Cemetery - Sec 25 & 26 - 22001 Route 52 North, Holy Cross, Iowa 52053

Established in 1856, the church was demolished in the 1940s. There are no known church records, although the DAR did record some markers in 1939 as did the Dubuque County Historical Society (1976) and the Dubuque County-Key City Genealogical Society (1991). A memorial to the veterans of the War of 1812, the Mexican War 1845-1848, and the Civil War is here.

Floyd Private Gravesite, Sec 20, Holy Cross, Iowa 52053

There are no records for this abandoned cemetery, although there are 3 markers.

Holy Cross Catholic Church Cemetery - Sec 19 - 909 Church Street, Holy Cross, Iowa 52053

Adjacent to the church, this active cemetery was established in 1842. (Partial Listing)

Spring Mills Cemetery - Sec 34 - Four miiles north of Bankston, opposite Park - 23811 Park Hollow Road, Holy Cross, Iowa 52053 (Also called Bankston Park Cemetery)

There are no cemetery records for this abandoned cemetery. It is located near the Village of Spring Mills in 1856. It is believed that this was a private family cemetery. There are four people buried in this cemetery.

Further research and documentation is underway since County Road D17 doesn't go through Concord Township. It could be either the cemetery located on the E. Fagan property or the old Tivoli property (Sec 17) in Iowa Township. Either way (as I understand it from Tom Schlarman) all the stones have been moved from those locations to Bethel-McGee in Sec 31 of Iowa Township.

Dodge Township

Dump Ditch Cemetery or Worthington Baptist Cemetery - Sec 30 (Partial Cemetery List)

No longer active, the earliest burial was in 1848 and the last burial was in 1923. It is located northwest of Worthington, Iowa, on the abandoned Rockville Road (dirt).

Fairview Cemetery or Fairview Protestant Cemetery - Sec 13 - picture included Located at 9543 Farley Road, Farley, Iowa, the earliest burial in this cemetery was in 1863. The cemetery, which is still active, was affiliated with the Fairview First Methodist Church which was closed in 1984.

St. Paul's Catholic Cemetery - Sec 31 - picture included

Located in Worthington, Iowa, next to St. Paul's Catholic Church, this active cemetery was established in 1869 by German immigrants.

Dubuque Township

Asbury Methodist or Asbury Methodist Episcopal Cemetery - Sec 20

Center Grove Methodist Cemetery or Center Grove Methodist Episcopalian Cemetery - Sec 27

Cherry Hill Cemetery or Union Place Cemetery - Sec 22 -Does not exist - Now Bunker Hill Golf Course - By Club house

Christ the King Chapel - crypts at Loras College - picture included

Dr. Finley's City Cemetery or City Cemetery or Hospital Cemetery - Does not exist - Under a wing of Finley Hospital

Jackson Park Cemetery - or City Cemetery or City Graveyard or Old Graveyard or Jackson St. Cemetery or Main St. Cemetery - Jackson Park, Dubuque. No Longer Exists - Remains moved to Linwood Cemetery. Commemoration marker in Linwood Cemetery. Individual families may have moved their loved ones elsewhere.

Linwood Cemetery, (Benei Jechurum Cemetery) 2735 Windsor Avenue, Dubuque, Iowa 52001 - picture included Office Hours: 8:30 - 4:30, Monday through Friday ph. 563-582-1289

Mortuary Chapel Crypt Cemetery, St. Raphael's Cathedral

Mt. Calvary Cemetery, 1111 Davis Avenue, Dubuque, Iowa 52001 (Partial Cemetery List)

Resurrection Church or St. Philomena Catholic Cemetery - Sec 17

St. John's Lutheran - Davis St., Dubuque, Iowa 52001

No name ( Simpson St. Cemetery ) - private - 1985 Simpson St., Dubuque, Iowa 52001 - abandoned Map

No name ( Sniffen [Sniffea] Private Gravesite ) - Sec 30 - 13066 Seipple Rd., single grave near Dubuque County Farm

Third St. Catholic Cemetery, Third St., Dubuque, Iowa 52001 ( Bishop's Cemetery or Bluff Cemetery or Catholic Cemetery or Graveyard Cemetery or Kelly's Cemetery or Old Cemetery or St. Mary's Cemetery or St. Raphael's Cemetery ) - abandoned

Thomas Kelly Private Gravesite - 345 Bluff St., Dubuque, IA 52001 - abandoned Map

Iowa Township

Bethel-McGee Cemetery - ( McGee Cemetery or Methodist Cemetery )-Sec 31 - 2 miles north of Farley on County Road Y13 - 12997 Holy Cross Rd., Farley, IA 52046 - abandoned Map

E. Fagen Property - Sec 18 - abandoned

Congregational Cemetery - Sec. 18 - These stones currently reside on the Laverne Wilwert farm. November 10, 2002

Methodist Episcopal Church - Sec 31

St. Clements Catholic Cemetery (Partial Cemetery List) - Sec 16

Tivoli Cemetery - Sec 17 or 31 - No longer exists - Stones moved to Bethel-McGee Cemetery

Jefferson Township

Balltown Methodist Cemetery - Sec 5

Congregational Rock Cemetery or Methodist Cemetery or Old Rock Church Cemetery - Sec 35 - Durango - abandoned

Cook Private Cemetery - 20795 Park Hollow Rd, Rickardsville, IA 52039 Map

Durango Congregational Cemetery - Sec 36 - located 1/2 mile W of Durango to the N of 52 - 15427 Route 52 N, Durango, IA 52039 - abandoned Map

East Rickardsville Methodist - Episcopalian Cemetery - Sec 28 - picture included

Methodist Cemetery - Sec 29

St. Frances of Assissi Catholic Cemetery - Sec 5 - (Partial Cemetery List) Balltown

St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery or French Settlement Cemetery - Sec 30 - 20249 St. Joseph Dr., Rickardsville, IA November 14, 2002

St. Matthews Lutheran Cemetery - Sec 13 - Sherrill, IA - picture included

Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery - IOOF Cemetery - Section 13 - 15723 South Mound Rd, Sherrill, IA 52073 - abandoned Map

St. Paul Lutheran Cemetery - or Balltown Lutheran or St. Paul's of Waupeton -Schmitt Book) - Sec 6 - Corner of Balltown Rd & Welter Ln., Balltown, IA - 1 1/2 mi W of Balltown on Blacktop Map

St. Peter & Paul Catholic Cemetery - Sec 13 - (Partial Cemetery List) - 5131 Sherrill Rd, Sherrill, IA 52073 - picture included

Sherrill Methodist Cemetery or German Methodist Cemetery or Methodist Cemetery - Sec 13 - 5501 South Mound Rd., Sherrill, IA 52073 - picture included Map

Sherrill United Church of Christ Cemetery or Congregational Cemetery - Sec 13 - 4995 Sherrill Rd, Sherrill, IA 52073 - picture included Map

Julien Township

Mt. Calvary, Davis Street. Dubuque, Iowa November 14, 2002

Sisters of Charity BVM, Mt. Carmel, Mt. Carmel, Dubuque, Iowa

Liberty Township

Myer Cemetery on farm of Gary Deutmeyer - Sec 9 - by Luxemburg This cemetery was established in the 1850s on the property of Christopher Myer. There was a cholera epidemic during that decade that claimed many lives, including 15 to 20 children. By 1920, most of the stones were no longer visible. The land had been farmed since the 1950s. None of the interred people have been identified. - abandoned

Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery - Sec 21 - in Luxemburg (Partial Cemetery List) - picture included

This cemetery is behind Holy Trinity Church and the ballfield along Hwy. 136. It is presently being used and is well cared for. It was established in 1861 by German and Luxemburger immigrants. There is a church rectory nearby.

Mosalem Township

Mosalem Cemeteries Map Overview

Echo Hills near St. Catherine (possibly the Green Cemetery?)

Green Private Gravesite - (Echo Hills Cemetery) 3767 St. Catherine Rd, Dubuque, IA 52003, private, approx. 1 1/2 mi. south of St. Catherine's.- picture included Map Established in 1882, the cemetery consists of one stone. It is abandoned; may also be known as Echo Hills Cemetery.

Julien Dubuque Monument - Monument Drive, Dubuque, IA 52003 - Chief Peosta is buried nearby. - abandoned - picture included Map

Preston Private Gravesite - Sec 16 - 7089 Olde Massey Road, Dubuque, Iowa 52001 - abandoned November 10, 2002

This cemetery is abandoned. The earliest burial was in 1846. There are 12 stones remaining, all members of the Preston family. On December 30, 1980, the property was purchased by the State of Iowa as part of the Mines of Spain State Park.

St. Catherine's Catholic Cemetery - Sec. 27 - 5247 St. Catherine Road, Dubuque, Iowa This active cemetery was established in 1850 with stones dating from 1858 to the present. There is a church rectory adjacent to the church.

State of Iowa Owner - Sec 8 - Near Massey

New Wine Township

Mount Hope Protestant Cemetery or Dyersville Cemetery or Methodist Cemetery - Sec 33 - 30980 Olde Hawkeye Road, Dyersville, Iowa 52040

Originally affiliated with the Methodist Church, this active cemetery is now public. The cemetery records are in the care of Kramer Funeral Home. it was established on January 18, 1856 with burials as early as 1851. Many markers today are broken.

St. Boniface Catholic Church Cemetery - Sec 6 - 7419 Columbus Street, New Vienna, Iowa 52065 - picture included

Established in 1846 by German immigrants, this is an active cemetery with the earliest burial date 1848. The cemetery records are located at St. Boniface Rectory, 7401 Columbus Street, New Vienna, Iowa 52065.

St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church Cemetery - Sec 31 - picture included

The cemetery is located 3 blocks from St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church (1st Ave. W & 2nd St. SW, Dyersville, Iowa 52040) in Bremen Twp., Delaware County. It is a large, active cemetery with the earliest burial date of 1863. The cemetery and church were established in 1856 by German immigrants.

Peru Township

Ewing Private Gravesite or VanDeusen Cemetery or Durango Abandoned - Sec 31 - behind 225 Durango Rd., Durango, IA 52039 - Back of post office on Gondolfo Rd. Map

This abandoned cemetery has only one remaining stone, although readings taken in 1939 and 1976 indicated four more. The earliest burial was in 1836.

Indian Mounds - Sec 15 - abandoned

Indian Mounds near Sherrill - Sec 19 - abandoned

Old Rock Church, Durango - a cemetery near here was identified by the DAR in 1939 with 7 stones, but there is no evidence of its location today.

Sherrill Presbyterian Cemetery - Sec 19 -14516 Sherrill Road, Sherrill, Iowa - Map and Row Map

The records have been sent to the Presbyterian Historical Society, United Presbyterian Church in USA, 425 Lombard St., Philadelphis, PA 19147. Burials date from 1864 to 1973. The cemetery and church were established by German immigrants. The former church has been made into a home. The cemetery has been abandoned.

Prairie Creek Township

Bernard Catholic Cemetery - Sec 27 - There is no evidence of a cemetery here.

Sacred Heart Cemetery - Sec. 20 - near Fillmore - picture include

Established in 1890, the early membership came from St. Patrick's Garryowen, Holy Family at the Monastery, St. John's Placid, and St. Mary's and St. Martin's in Cascade. It is located at the intersection of US 151 and County Y21 and is currently in use.

Table Mound Township

Baehler Private Gravesite - 13769 Swiss Valley Rd, Peosta, IA 52068 - Only one stone - Swiss Valley County Park - picture included - Map

Dubuque Memorial Gardens - Sec 21 - 8209 Jecklin Lane, Dubuque, Iowa - includes picture

French Cemetery or Laudeville Cemetery - Sec 36 - abandoned November 10, 2002

Mount Olivet Cemetery or Key West Cemetery - 10378 Military Road, Dubuque, Iowa 52003 (Partial Cemetery List) - picture included

Quade Private Cemetery - Sec 17 - 13413 Swiss Valley Rd, Peosta, IA 52068 - abandoned

Reed's Chapel Methodist Cemetery - Sec. 8 November 10, 2002

Rockdale Methodist Cemetery - Sec. 1 - 1500 Old Mill Rd, Dubuque, IA 52003-8579

Sisters of Charity Catholic Cemetery - Sec 33

Sisters of Presentation Cemetery - Sec. 11

Taylor Township

Ralph Boge Property - Sec 5 - Abandoned - 3 black migrant workers are said to be buried in unmarked graves between 1865-1900

Epworth Rural Cemetery - Sec 23 - abandoned November 10, 2002

Highview Cemetery - Epworth Cemetery Association - Sec. 2 - Epworth, Iowa - picture included

Property Owner Hogan Gravesite - Sec 8 - No longer in existence - farmland since 1940's (Farley Centennial Book)

St. John's Catholic Cemetery - Sec 35 - Placid

St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery - Sec 7 - (Partial Cemetery List)

St. Patrick's Catholic Cemetery or Epworth Catholic Cemetery - Sec 11

Vernon Township

Johnson School Cemetery or Methodist Cemetery - Sec 8 - old red school house nearby - off Olde Highway 20 - abandoned - picture included

Michael Schmitt property - Sec 9 - abandoned

Peosta Union Cemetery Assoc. - Sec 9 - abandoned November 10, 2002

Holy Family Catholic Cemetery (Partial Cemetery List) - Sec 35 - New Melleray Monastery - picture included

New Mellaray Abbey Cemetery or Trappistine Brothers Cemetery - Sec 36 - 6500 Melleray Circle, Peosta, IA 52068

C. Robert Kennedy Property, ( Hodgeville Cemetery or Peosta Protestant Cemetery ) - Sec 4 - located 1/4 mile north of Peosta on Blacktop (extremely damaged!) - abandoned (This cemetery has been recorded and can be found at the Iowa Historical Library, Des Moines, Iowa: Iowa Cemeteries - Dubuque County, 977.741/D854C, Unnamed Cemetery, Vernon Twp., Section 4, Recorded by Mr. & Mrs. Behning.)

No name cemeteries Sec 5, 6, 7, & 8 Historical Society Listings

Washington Township

Associated Presbyterian Congregation of Otter Creek Church Cemetery - Sec 35 - 10240 Arensdorf Road, Zwingle, Iowa 52079 November 10, 2002

The church has also been known as the LaMotte Bethel, Zwingle Presbyterian, Zwingle Bethel, and United Presbyterian. This is an abandoned cemetery with the earliest burial in 1862 and the latest in 1949. The church was originally established in 1850.

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church Cemetery or Sylvia Switch - Sec 33 - 12801 Washington Mills Road, Zwingle, Iowa 52079

The church records are held by the parent church, St. Theresa Catholic Church, Rt. 1, LaMotte, Iowa 52054. Established in 1896, the cemetery is located at the junction of Hwy. 61 and 246, 3 miles west of Zwingle.

Buncombe Presbyterian Cemetery - Sec 11 - 10671 Buncombe Road, Zwingle, Iowa 52079 November 10, 2002

This abandoned cemetery has also been known as the Prairie Presbyterian Cemetery. The earliest burial was in 1852 and the latest in 1904. Prairie Presbyterian Church was established May 19, 1855.

Harmony United Church of Christ Cemetery - Sec 35 - Zwingle, Iowa 52079 This active church cemetery was established in 1851 by immigrants from Pennsylvania and Switzerland. It is located at the NW corner of the intersection of Main St. (Old Hwy. 61) and Washington Mills Road. It has been known as the Reformed Church (1851), the German Reformed Church (1856), the Evangelical and Reformed Church (1877), and in 1957 became the United Church of Christ. Records of interments are kept at the church.

St. Joseph of the Prairie Catholic Cemetery, ( Presley Presbyterian or Prairie Presbyterian ) - Sec 4 - 5880 St. Joseph of Prairie Road, Dubuque, Iowa 52001

Established on March 19, 1846, by the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the records are located at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Peosta, Iowa.

White Water Township
Sec 35 None known to exist, however a lead on a cemetery is being currently investigated.

Dates of Earliest Stones in Each Cemetery

These names do not necessarily correspond with the information above. Exact locations can be obtained through the Dubuque County--Key City Genealogical Society, which also does lookups and paid research.

Asbury - 1852
Assumption - 1901
Christian - 1862
Balltown - 1891
Bethel - 1836
Center Grove
Centralia - 1846
Cottage Hill - 1846
Dubuque Memorials - 1954
Dump Ditch - 1849
Epworth - 1918
Epworth Rural - 1842
Fairview - 1863
Floyd - 1848
French - 1854
Green - 1 stone (bachelor - stone not to be disturbed - died by suicide)
Holy Family - 1850 (mostly Irish)
Ioof - 1883
John's Creek - 1857 - 1923
Johnson School - 1921 Lots of them from 1851! To 1927
Balltown Lutheran 1882 - 1970
Methodist - Jefferson
No Name - Jefferson Sec 36 - 1862-1936
Mt. Hope 1851
No Name - Peru Sec 31 - Durango 1836
No name - Concord - Sec 34 1864
No Name Concord Sec 18
Sniffea - Dubuque Sec 30
Vernon - Sec 4 1858 Possibly one in 1815 (This is not impossible. There were French forts here in 1746.)
Presbyterian - Washington Sec 11 - 1852
Private Dubuque 1844
Quade- 1878
Reed's Chapel - 1873 - 1965
Sacred Heart - Fillmore 1893
St. Boniface - New Vienna 1830 - 1975
St. Catherines - 1852
St. Clement - 1843
St. Francis - Dyersville - 1863
St. John's Catholic 1887 Placid - Pleasant Grove
St. John's Lutheran - Dubuque
St. Joseph's Catholic - Richardsville
St. Joseph's Catholic - Farley 1820
St. Joseph's Washington Sec 4. 1846
St. Matthews Lutheran - Sherrill 1865
Sherrill Methodist
Sherrill Presbyterian 1863-1973
Trivoli - on Ft. Atkinson Trail - Some moved to McGee Cemetery
United Church of Christ - 1871
Zwingle Presbyterian - 18 stones
Zwingle United Church of Christ - 1851 +

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