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Churches in Dubuque County

Dubuque County Catholic Parishes and Date of Organization

Dubuque County Episcopal Churches

Dubuque County Jewish Synagogues

Dubuque County Lutheran Churches

Dubuque County Presbyterian Churches

Dubuque County United Churches of Christ

Dubuque County United Methodist Churches

Dubuque County Baptist Churches

Dubuque County Bible Churches

Other Dubuque County Churches

St. Martin's Parish, Cascade, Iowa

Addresses for the parishes have been taken from the 1998-1999 Dubuque public telephone book. Please be patient in writing for records. They have many requests.

This page is still under constuction. Other churches will be added as time permits. If you have questions about churches in Dubuque County or need personal research done there, write to Webmaster, the Dubuque County GenWeb Page Coordinator.

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