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Greene County Iowa


Jefferson is the county seat of Greene County, Iowa and is located at the intersection of U.S. Highway 30 (east to west) and State Highway 4 (north and south). The historic Lincoln Highway is Jefferson's main street. Other towns in Greene County include: Churdan, Cooper, Dana, Farlin, Grand Junction, Paton, Rippey and Scranton.

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Greene County has rich farmland and the major crops are corn and soybeans. The school districts are: Jefferson-Scranton, Paton-Churdan, and East Greene (Dana, Grand Junction & Rippey). Greene County is divided into 15 townships: Bristol, Cedar, Dawson, Franklin, Grant, Greenbrier, Hardin, Highland, Jackson, Junction, Kendrick, Paton, Scranton, Washington and Willow.




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