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Greene County Iowa
Old Settlers

Greene County Old Settlers
Transcribed by Shirley Ross

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Those appearing in the "Old Settlers' Book" are:

121. Laura Johnson b. 12 July 1857 Jefferson, Greene Co IA
Dau of Nathan McCune & Hariot Monroe
To Iowa & Greene Co. July 1857, address -Dana

122. Emma J. Johnson b. 25 Dec 1855 Jefferson, Greene Co IA
Dau of Nathan McCune & Hariot Monroe
To Iowa & Greene Co. Dec 1855, address -Dana

123. C. H. Reading b. 20 Feb 1823 Newhope, Bucks Co PA
Son of Wm. Reading & Mary Lacy
To Iowa April 1861, to Greene Co. April 1861, address -Gowrie

124. Eliza A. Reading b. 23 Oct 1824 East Pike, Wyoming Co NY
Dau of Jacob Homing?(or Horning?) & Sallie Wart
To Iowa Oct 1861, to Greene Co Oct 1861, address -Gowrie

125. S. H. Tracy b. 3 May 1822 Rochister, Windsor Co VT
Son of Seth Tracy & Sarah Johnson
To Iowa March 1871, to Greene Co. March 1871, address -Jefferson

126. Gideon Orchard b. 26 Feb 1833 Marys(ville), Union Co OH
Son of Aaron Orchard & M. J. Harper
To Iowa June 1859, to Greene Co. June 1859, address -(not given)

127. H. C. Gleason b. 6 Nov 1814 Otisco, Onondaga Co NY
Son of Solomon P. Gleason & Lois Cowles
To Iowa Oct 1853, to Greene Co. March 1883, address -Scranton

128. Isaac H. Johnson b. 24 June 1836 Rush twp., Champaign Co OH
Son of Isaac Johnson & Sarah Harrington
To Iowa July 1855, to Greene Co. Aug 1865, address -Scranton

129. Andrew Pettit b. 2 July 1813 New Lisbon, Columbia Co OH
Son of Daníl Pettit & Margaret Russell
To Iowa Nov 1854, to Greene Co. Sept 1870, address -Grand Junction

130. Louis Coon b. 1 Feb 1831 Musie (Muncie), Delaware Co IN
Son of Francis Coon & Elizabeth Cline
To Iowa Oct 1855, to Greene Co. May 1868, address -Grand Junction

131. N. M. McNaught b. 16 Oct 1830 Spencer, Owen Co IN
Dau of L. C. Abrell & Sarah Ashley
To Iowa Sept 1854, to Greene Co. Sept 1854, address -Jefferson

132. Julia L. Wright b. 17 March 1838 Lowell, Washington Co OH
Dau of Geo. Fleck & Charlotte Devol
To Iowa March 1860, to Greene Co. March 1860, address -Farlin

133. Viola Lizer b. 15 Dec 1858 Jefferson, Greene Co IA
Dau of Wm. D. Osborn & Ruth Brian
To Iowa & Greene Co. Dec 1858, address -Jefferson

134. Anise Jackson b. 23 Oct 1860 Jefferson, Greene Co IA
Dau of Wm. D. Osborn & Ruth Brian
To Iowa & Greene Co. Oct 1860, address -Jefferson

135. John Rake b. 29 Jan 1837 Mastertown?, Monroe Co OH
Son of Abraham Rake & Nancy Powell
To Iowa Dec 1867, to Greene Co. Oct 1869, address -Jefferson

136. Hillburn Zeitler b. 15 June 1838 Miflensburg, Center Co PA
Son of John Zeitler & Mary Slonnaker
To Iowa April 1855, to Greene Co. March 1868, address -Jefferson

137. Wm. Bomgardner b. 11 May 1835 Stallstown, Somerset Co PA
Son of Christian Bomgardner & Susan Zimmerman
To Iowa June 1844, to Greene Co. May 1867, address -Scranton

138. Alexander Bartley b. 18 March 1828 Arbauna (Urbana), Champaign Co IL
Son of George Bartley & Hannah Argo
To Iowa May 1856, to Greene Co. May 1856, address -Scranton

139. Jessie Johnson b. 10 March 1835 Porter, Delaware Co OH
Son of Adam Johnson & Sarah Hazlett
To Iowa June 1868, to Greene Co. June 1868, address -Scranton

140. John S. S_______ (Straut? Subolz???) B. 8 June 1831 Woster, Wayne Co OH
Son of Solomon ______ & Sarah Struby
To Iowa April 1855, to Greene Co. April 1870, address -Jefferson

141. Phoeby Rake b. 12 Feb 1844 Masterton, Monroe Co OH
Dau of Jas. Crawford & Sarah Adudel
To Iowa Nov 1867, to Greene Co. Nov 1869, address -Jefferson

142. E. M. LaPenotiere b. 19 Feb 1844 Woodstock, Oxford Co West Canada
Son of Wm. H. LaPenotiere & Jane C. Akid
To Iowa May 1869, to Greene Co. Feb 1870, address -Grand Junction

143. Benj. Baker b. 7 Feb 1838 Adamsville, Muskingden (Muskingum) Co OH
Son of Anthony Baker & Eliza H. Halsey
To Iowa Oct 1850, to Greene Co. March 1867, address -Jefferson

144. Abel Carter b. 9 June 1829 Hardwick, Calidonia Co VT
Son of Phillip Carter & Nancy Sawans (Swain)
To Iowa Feb 1868, to Greene Co. Feb 1868, address -Jefferson

145. H. B. Elliott b. 23 Jan 1829 Rumney, Grafton Co NH
Son of Daníl Elliott & Dorcas Baker
To Iowa April 1868, to Greene Co. April 1868, address -Jefferson

146. Wm. Ayers b. 26 Dec 1822 Lexington, Richland Co OH
Son of Zebulon Ayers & Susan Knight
To Iowa April 1854, to Greene Co. April 1869, address -Grand Junction

147. Columbus Rice b. 8 June 1852 Covington, Fountain Co IN
Son of F. T. Rice & Martha J. Kiplinger
To Iowa March 1854, to Greene Co. June 1857, address -Rippey

148. Jno. S. Thompson b. 19 July 1858 Tipton, Cedar Co IA
Son of Jas. Thompson & Mary Palfryman
To Iowa July 1858, to Greene Co. June 1867, address -Grand Junction

149. W. F. Laidley b. 5 June 1839 Carmichael, Greene Co PA
Son of Thos. H. Laidley & Sarah Barclay
To Iowa Aug 1861, to Greene Co. 1887, address -Jefferson

150. W. F. Zoelhoefer b. 22 Sept 1851 Rome, Jefferson Co WI
Son of Geo. Zoelhoefer & Fredricka Tartsch
To Iowa Dec 1869, to Greene Co. Nov 1870, address -Grand Junction

151. J. _? Kirby b. 17 Feb 1828 Wyandot, Wyandot Co OH
Son of Geo. Kirby & Willnot Moore
To Iowa Dec 1855, to Greene Co. Sept 1869, address -Grand Junction

152. W. R. Park b. 28 Sept 1832 Weston, Windsor Co VT
Son of Thos. K. Park & Lucinda _____
To Iowa March 1869, to Greene Co. May 1869, address -Grand Junction

153. W. S. Pound b. 9 March 1857 Genesee, Henry Co IL
Son of Hugh Pound & Elmina Rhoads
To Iowa May 1866, to Greene Co. May 1866, address -Churdan

154. Wm. R. Greene b. 19 Dec 1832 City of Limerik, Ireland
Son of Robít Greene & Mary Tweedie
To Iowa July 1865, to Greene Co. Nov 1868, address -Jefferson

155. Emma LaPenotiere b. 27 Oct 1850 Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co PA
Dau of Wm. McKee & Nancy Gloss
To Iowa 1862, to Greene Co. June 1877, address -Grand Junction

156. G. W. Cochran b. 27 May 1817 Urbanna, Champaign Co OH
Son of Hugh Cochran & Rebecca Cooney
To Iowa Feb 1856, to Greene Co. Feb 1856, address -Jefferson

157. R. Townsend b. 24 March 1832 Belsville, Belmount Co OH
Son of Amos Townsend & Mary Smith
To Iowa March 1856, to Greene Co. Sept 1868, address -Jefferson

158. Scott Barber b. 5 Dec 1837 Middletown, Rutland Co VT
Son of Jervis Barber & Susan Humphrey
To Iowa Oct 1865, to Greene Co. Oct 1865, address -Scranton

159. Mary F. Barber b. 20 July 1837 Lafayette, Tipacanoe Co IN
Dau of James P. Miller & Rachel Lane
To Iowa July 1855, to Greene Co. July 1855, address -Scranton

160. Ruth Osborn b. 25 March 1836 New Bromingham, Guernsey Co OH
Dau of David Brian & Susan McCelvy
To Iowa Nov 1854, to Greene Co. June 1856, address -Jefferson

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