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Greene County Iowa
Old Settlers

Greene County Old Settlers
Transcribed by Shirley Ross

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Among those appearing in the "Old Settlers' Book" are:

281. C. C. Hinshaw b. 15 May 1830 NC
Son of Jesse Hinshaw & Mille _____
To Iowa April 1856, to Greene Co. March 1880, address -Scranton

282. W. L. Brown b. 19 June 1850 Adel, Dallas Co IA
Son of Wm. Brown & Elizabeth Ellis
To Iowa June 1850, to Greene Co. March 1891, address -Jefferson

283. John Hatcher b. 6 May 1835 Baltimore, Stark Co OH
Son of Jesse Hatcher & Susannah Rodgers
To Iowa April 1865, to Greene Co. April 1865, address -Lamoni, IA

284. O. B. Baker b. 15 May 1865 Typecanoe, Harrison Co OH
Son of W. B. Baker & Hester Ann McDougal
To Iowa March 1868, to Greene Co. March 1868, address -Cooper

285. Wm. Bridgford b. 11 Sept 1827 Albany, NY
Son of Benjamin Bridgeford & Ester Vanderlip
To Iowa Feb 1867, to Greene Co. Feb 1867, address -Grand Junction

286. Sarah J. Heller b. 29 June 1848 South Bend, St. Joe Co IN
Dau of Lewis Fulkerson & Mary Stringer
To Iowa 4 Feb 1829, to Greene Co 11 Aug 1826 (birthdates of parents?),address-Jefferson

287. Laura Osborn b. 10 Jan 1866 Jefferson, Greene Co IA
Dau of Wm. Osborn & Ruth Brian
To Iowa & Greene Co. Jan 1866, address -Jefferson

288. Lewis Ehrhardt b. 14 Oct 1842 Germany
Son of John Ehrhardt & Fredrika Deorgler
To Iowa April 1869, to Greene Co. May 1869, address -Jefferson

289. S. E. Jenks b. 5 Sept 1819 Candagna, NY (Canandaigua, Ontario Co)
Son of Clark Jenks & Elizabeth _____
To Iowa Oct 1869, to Greene Co. Oct 1869, address -Scranton

290. Robít Eason b. 25 Nov 1838 Wooster, Wayne Co OH
Son of A. G. Eason & Mary Elwood
To Iowa May 1854, to Greene Co. Oct 1872, address -Scranton

291. John Clopton b. 27 May 1827 Cass Co IL
Son of David Clopton & Lavina Cogdell
To Iowa Oct 1853, to Greene Co. Oct 1853, address -Jefferson

292. Ella Miller b. 25 Oct 1857 Guthrie Co IA
Dau of John Tam & Cyntha Bishop
To Iowa Oct 1857, to Greene Co (not given), address -Cooper

293. Annie Hughs b. 13 July 1856 Lower Canada
Dau of Patrick Kane & Annie McManus
To Iowa March 1874, to Greene Co. March 1874, address -Jefferson

294. Mary Mooney b. 12 April 1848 OH
Dau of Abram Ward & Elizabeth Brenan
To Iowa 1850, to Greene Co. 1878, address -Cooper

295. William Bomgardner b. 11 May 1834 Somerset Co PA
Son of Christian Bomgardner & Susan Zimmerman
To Iowa June 1844, to Greene Co. June 1867, address -Scranton

296. Freeman How b. 21 March 1823 Edgar Co IL
Son of Nathan How & Matilda Stark
To Iowa April 1842? Or 1847?, to Greene Co. (not given), address -Bagley, IA

297. Lidia J. Turpin b. 2 Jan 1857 Greene Co IA
Dau of James Thornton & Jane Parker
To Iowa & Greene Co. Jan 1857, address -Jefferson

298. Samíl A. Turpin b. 2 March 1853 Benton Co IN
Son of Jas. Turpin & Jenny Carter
To Iowa 1863, to Greene Co. 1863, address -Jefferson

299. J. H. Johnson b. 6 June 1836 Tipton, Cedar Co IA
Son of Wm. Johnson & Martha Morgan
To Iowa June 1836, to Greene Co. April 1882, address -Bagley, IA

300. Jesse Thornton b. 27 Oct 1847 Cass Co MI
Son of James Thornton & Jane Parker
To Iowa June 1856, to Greene Co. June 1856, address -Jefferson

301. Joseph Shaw b. 26 May 1829 St. Davis, Canada
Son of Geo. Shaw & Ann Stants (or Stauts?)
To Iowa Oct 1864, to Greene Co. Oct 1869, address -Jefferson

302. Chas. Lawton b. 20 Oct 1867 Stirling, IL
Son of Phillip Lawton & J. Gault
To Iowa April 1869, to Greene Co. April 1869, address -Jefferson

303. Wm. Lawton b. 6 Jan 1861 Walworth Co WI
Son of Phillip Lawton & J. Gault
To Iowa April 1869, to Greene Co. April 1869, address -Jefferson

304. Hattie Robinson b. 25 April 1857 Walworth Co WI
Dau of Phillip Lawton & J. Gault
To Iowa April 1869, to Greene Co. April 1869, address -Jefferson

305. Rev. J.Z. Zimmerman b. 4 July 1812 Union Co PA
Son of Sam Zimmerman & (unreadable- should be Sophia Trainer)
To Iowa April 1863, to Greene Co. Aug 1863, address -Scranton

306. N. G. Bess b. 15 Dec 1846 Lincoln Co NC
Son of Noah Bess & Sarah Vaugn
To Iowa Oct 1871, to Greene Co. Oct 1873, address -Bagley, IA

307. C. M. Williams b. 18 March 1864 Ft. Edward, Washington Co NY
Son of Merchant Williams & Eliz. McMurry
To Iowa March 1867, to Greene Co. April 1871, address -Jamaica, IA

308. Philo W. Miller b. 26 Sept 1830 Leroy, Geneseo Co NY
Son of Timothy Miller & Lucy Law
To Iowa Dec 1872, to Greene Co. Dec 1872, address -Grand Junction

309. J. J. Derry b. 26 March 1848 Athens Co OH
Son of J. R. Derry & Reb. Krider
To Iowa Nov 1865, to Greene Co. Nov 1865, address -Rippey

310. J. M. Reames b. 22 Jan 1831 Logan Co OH
Son of Sylas Reames & Polly Baum
To Iowa Sept 1852, to Greene Co. Sept 1852, address -Jefferson
(Not on 1856 or 1860 Greene Co. census)

311. S. A. Reames b. 21 April 1841 Howard Co MO
Dau of Isaac Tucker & Susan Athey
To Iowa Nov 1848, to Greene Co. May 1853, address -Jefferson

312. Sam Hockett b. 9 May 1835 Blo_____ (canít read), Randolph Co IN
Son of Joseph Hockett & Martha Smith
To Iowa Oct 1838, to Greene Co. Nov 1892, address -Scranton

313. Luther Ferguson b. 9 March 1842 Kendal Co IL
Son of Elijah Ferguson & Lucia? Sutton
To Iowa 1854, to Greene Co. Nov 1870, address -Dana

314. H. L. Childs b. 11 Dec 1826 Moretown, Washington Co VT
Son of Layman Childs & (not given)
To Iowa & Greene Co (not given), address -(not given)

315. Mrs. Hannah Smith b. 24 July 1828 Lee Co VA
Dau of Isaac Crumley & Rachel Brown
To Iowa May 1850, to Greene Co. May 1850, address -Jefferson

316. D. L. Howard b. 12 Dec 1849 Canal Fulton, Stark Co OH
Son of Lucius Howard & Rose Farwell
To Iowa March 1870, to Greene Co. March 1870, address -Jefferson

317. J. W. Fitz b. 29 Aug 1841 Guernsey Co OH
Son of Henry Fitz & Jane Lindsey
To Iowa May 1853, to Greene Co. May 1868, address -Jefferson

318. Viola E. Matteson b. 10 Jan 1857 Rippey, Greene Co IA
Dau of Joshua Burk & Amanda C. Hall
To Iowa & Greene Co. March 1856 (should be Jan 1857)

319. Aaron M. Head b. 24 May 1855 Highland Co OH
Son of W. M. Head & Margaret Ferneau
To Iowa 1855, to Greene Co (not given), address -Jefferson

320. Edward D. Bower b. 16 Nov 1852 Hackensack, Bergen Co NJ
Son of Ambros Bower & Margaret Gillmartin
To Iowa April 1856, to Greene Co. March 1878, address -Paton

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