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Greene County Iowa
Old Settlers

Greene County Old Settlers
Transcribed by Shirley Ross

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Among appearing in the "Old Settlers' Book" are:

321. William Patterson b. 15 Oct 1842 Tanersville, Monroe Co PA
Son of Thos. Patterson & Sarah Gettman
To Iowa April 1855, to Greene Co. Oct 1869, address -Rippey

322. David M. Bossert b. 29 April 1848 Gaysport, Blair Co PA
Son of Benj. Bossert & Ellen Jones
To Iowa June 1849, to Greene Co. May 1875, address -Jefferson

323. Charles N. Shircliff b. 5 Oct 1856 Iowa City, Johnson Co IA
Son of Edward Shircliff & Caroline Neswander (?)
To Iowa Oct 1856, to Greene Co. March 1876, address -Jefferson

324. Effie M. Shircliff b. 4 March 1859 Jefferson, Greene Co IA
Dau of George Cochran & Pricilla Anderson
To Iowa & Greene Co. March 1859, address -Jefferson

325. J. J. Russell b. 20 March 1839 Coleman, Franklin Co MA
Son of Charles Russell & Adaline Nash
To Iowa Nov 1866, to Greene Co Nov 1866, address -Jefferson

326. A. H. Hanigen b. 12 Aug 1855 OH
Son of George Hanigen & Abbie Condit
To Iowa 1858, to Greene Co. Feb 1880, address -Paton

327. Edgar Anthony b. 19 March 1844 South Adams, Berkshire Co MA
Son of Humphrey Anthony & Amelia Eddy
To Iowa 1871, to Greene Co. March 1875, address -Jefferson

328. Mary Anthony (No other information given)

329. D. E. Knowles b. 19 Feb 1857 Fort Branch, Gibson Co IN
Son of Albery Knowles & Sarah R. Smith
To Iowa Oct 1869, to Greene Co. Oct 1869, address -Jefferson

330. Jas. C. Hill b. 30 July 1851 McGregor, Clinton Co IA
Son of James Hill & Matilda Hatter
To Iowa July 1851, to Greene Co. May 1872, address -Churdan

331. Mary A. Hill b. 26 Feb 1852 Elkader, Clayton Co IA
Dau of John Williamson & Janette Loveland
To Iowa Feb 1852, to Greene Co May 1872, address -Churdan

332. R. G. Martin b. 25 Aug 1849 Athens, Athens Co OH
Son of T. B. Martin & Susanah Storey
To Iowa Oct 1865, to Greene Co. April 1870, address -Grand Junction

333. A. S. Fouts b. 7 Sept 1840 Independence, Richland Co OH
Son of Jacob Fouts & Isabella Fouts (?)
To Iowa Jan 1850, to Greene Co. March 1870, address -Churdan

334. M. M. Head b. 22 Feb 1871 Jefferson, Greene Co IA
Son of Albert Head & Minerva Jenkins
To Iowa & Greene Co. Feb 1871, address -Jefferson

335. D. Austin b. 4 Feb 1832 Keen, Chesire Co NH
Son of Thomas Austin & Lucy Kendrick
To Iowa Oct 1869, to Greene Co. Sept 1892, address -Jefferson

336. Francis Vanaken b. 23 Jan 1824 Fabien, Schoharrie Co NY
Son of Levi Vanaken & Caroline _____
To Iowa Nov 1869, to Greene Co. Nov 1873, address -Scranton

337. S. E. Jenks b. 5 Sept 1819 Kihoga (Cayuga) Co NY
Son of Clark Jenks & Elizabeth _____
To Iowa Oct 1867, to Greene Co. Oct 1867, address -Scranton

338. D. W. Cook b. 10 Sept 1829 Lanchester, Fairfield Co OH
Son of Benjamin Cook & Esther _____
To Iowa Nov 1854, to Greene Co. March 1881, address -Grand Junction

339. M. L. Poore b. 15 Dec 1844 Cuba, Allegeny Co NY
Son of Oliver Poore & M.? Poore?
To Iowa Nov 1867, to Greene Co. Nov 1867, address -Adaza

340. F. M. Brown b. 4 Sept 1840 Staunton, Augusta Co VA
Son of William Brown & Elisabeth _____
To Iowa Oct 1854, to Greene Co. March 1869, address -Jefferson

341. Geo. Bowley b. 1 Oct 1841 Melbon Mowbray, Leicester, England
Son of Joseph Bowley & Mary Wright
To Iowa July 1869, to Greene Co. July 1869, address -Jefferson

342. A. J. Gray b. 4 April 1828 Cleveland, Cuihoga Co OH
Son of William Gray & Clarrisa Porter
To Iowa June 1856, to Greene Co. July 1856, address -Scranton

343. Joseph Churdan Sr. b. 4 April 1824 Penrith, Cumberland, England
Son of John Churdan & Mamie Morrison
To Iowa Oct 1852, to Greene Co. May 1868, address -Churdan

344. J. F. Shuey b. 3 Sept 1862 Shueyville, Johnson Co IA
Son of Caswell Shuey & Clarinda V. Brown
To Iowa & Greene Co. (not given) , address - (not given)

345. Adella Fox b. 14 Oct 1861 Dane, Dane Co WI
Dau of Augustus King & Mary Holdredge
To Iowa March 1869, to Greene Co. March 1869, address -Jefferson

346. L. J. Steward b. 21 Aug 1842 Finley, Hancock Co OH
Dau of Wm. H. Harrison & Rebecca Hays
To Iowa Oct 18__, to Greene Co. March 1869, address -Grant Junction

347. James Towers b. 3 May 1839 N_____, Scotland
Son of Walter Towers & Jean Watson
To Iowa June 1870, to Greene Co. (not given), address -Churdan

348. J. T. Morse b. 4 June 1846 Alton, Franklin Co OH
Son of J. Morse & M. Newland
To Iowa Oct 1849, to Greene Co. Feb 1878, address -Rippey

349. T. M. Terrill b. 18 May 1850 Wheeling, Ohio Co W. VA
Son of Dan Terrill & Tabitha Hemphill
To Iowa May 1853, to Greene Co. Nov 1871, address -Grand Junction

350. E. S. Young b. 11 Nov 1853 Tipton, Cedar Co IA
Son of Sheldon W. Young & Malinda Greene
To Iowa Nov 1853, to Greene Co. April 1875, address -Jefferson

351. Mark Sitterly b. 3 March 1852 Rochelle, IL
Son of Mark Sitterly & Maria Wolford
To Iowa April 1875, to Greene Co. April 1875, address -Jamaica

352. Lizzie Joy b. 29 July 1856 Glasgow, Lenarcshire, Scotland
Dau of John Dronie (?) & Lizzie Thomson
To Iowa April 1876, to Greene Co. April 1876, address -Jefferson

353. Susanna Rodham b. 30 April 1859 (?) Cascade, Dubuque Co IA
Dau of Edward Mosman & Susan Ernster
To Iowa (not given), to Greene Co. April 1874, address -Jefferson

354. Gertie Naylor b. 28 May 18_5 Oak Grove, Poweshiek Co IA
Dau of William Naylor & Mary Vestal
To Iowa (not given), to Greene Co. April 1892, address -Bagley

355. John Boss b. 31 Aug (or Apr.?)1864 (or 1861?) Muscatine, Muscatine Co IA
Son of Peter Boss & Elisebeth Brassard
To Iowa April 1861, to Greene Co. March 1891, address -Bagley

356. Geo. Bi_____ (not readable- Birnhart??)) b. 19 Jan 187_? Harper, Keokuk Co IA
Son of Dave B_______ & Louise Gueiss?
To Iowa & Greene Co. (not given), address -Harper, IA

357. Belle Naylor b. 24 March 1874 Marshall, IA
Dau of Berry Naylor & Laura Naylor
To Iowa & Greene Co. (not given), address -Bagley

358. F. M. McGlothlen b. 27 Aug 1865 Des Moines, Polk Co IA
Son of John B. McGlothlen & Sophia Adamson
To Iowa (not given-1865), to Greene Co. Jan 1895, address -Jefferson

359. Mary A. Gymer b. 27 March 1874 Jefferson, Greene Co. IA
Dau of Geo. Gymer & Loetta M. Stevens
To Iowa & Greene Co. March 1874, address -Jefferson

360. Walter H. Smith b. 13 July 1870 Ch___ City, Mitchell Co IA
Son of Geo. Smith & Laura Minor
To Iowa Aug 1873, to Greene Co. April 1874, address -Jefferson

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