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Surname First Name Misc. Info.
Akers Mr. .
Alverson EE born 10 Aug 1849 in Barry County, Mich. Age 7 came to Marengo with parents. State Univ of Iowa Jun 1876, moved to Spokane with his family
Baker Charles .
Ballard AW grad SUI
Banks Frank B. law office in Marengo, left and went farther west
Barnes . Practiced in Marengo
Bauserman AS civil war vet, received several wounds. Died in Marengo.
Beem Joseph Tanner native of Iowa, born of Hoosier parentzge 22 Oct 1852 (ohio?)_ State Univ of Iowa in Jun 1875, to Marengo.
Black William came to marengo in about 1875 or 1880. Was also a minister, trial lawyer, past middle age when he came, and after a few years moved to Kansas where he died.
Bryson . of North English
butler . of North English
Butler Edmond petit juror 12 Oct 1866
Chase Stephen grand juror 12 Oct 1854
Clarkson . .
Cornell A.B. .
Corrigan . Went West and relocated in Seatltle.
Crocker Amos H. grand juror 12 Oct 1862
Cronin Edward P. class of 1915
Cronin John F of Marengo
Davidson Mr. of Victor
Dildine Daniel came from Tiffin, Oh in 1856 to Marengo. Partnered with H.M. Martin. Married Maggie Liddle, daugh of james A. Liddle and died in 1860 of consumption. His widow, now Mrs. Gibbs, resided later in Des Moines
Dillin Charles R. Dillin born 13 May 1857 grad of State Univ Iowa in 1878. Died of tuberuclar trouble.
Dillin William came from Ohio with parents, Iowa County's first prosecuting attorney. Died young leaving a wife and three childrne. Widow died in California at age 93
Dower JM of Marengo
Driver J.P. arrived in Marengo in early 1860's. Married Miss Chadwick, a teacher in Marengo schools. Driver was early appointed by President Lincoln to office in the Treasury at Washington D.C.
Edwards Owens from Williamsburg, died and buried there.
Eshelman Albert B came in early 60's to Marengo. Quartermaster in the 24th IA Infantry, clerk of courts, and brief absence in CA, spent most of his life in marengo.
Feenan Fred K. son of James H. Feenan, grad of S.U.I. In 1896.
Feenan James H .
Foster William grand juror 12 Oct 1855
Garrettson HF of Victor
Goldthwaite Byron native of Marengo. Grad S.U.I. In 1911.
Groff R.B. of Marengo, came from PA in 1847. Died in Marengo
Hanson S. grand juror 12 Oct 1863
Hanson Thomas grand juror 12 Oct 1849
Havner HM of Marengo
Hedges Christian .
Hench William grand juror 12 Oct 1853
Holbrook Marcellus brother of NB, admitted attorneyd. Left Marengo at early date
Holbrook NB .
Holbrook NB not active practice
Hovey Fred Hovey of Victor
Howard Harry of Victor
Huff Abe practiced in 1852 in Marengo. Trial lawyer, criminal defense.
Hughes John Jr. admitted at middle age. Civil War Vet, elected clerk of court in 1868. Lived in Williamsburg
Hukll Porter grand juror 12 Oct 1858
Hull HH grand juror 12 Oct 1857
Hutchinson RM grand juror 12 Oct 1864
Hutson GO admitted at early date, never open an office except in home in Cono Township. Not highly educated and had few cases. Later went to Mitchell SD
Irwin John B petit juror 12 Oct 1870
Keggy Amos H. .
Kirby JF of Williamsburg
Kirk RH born in Ohio in 1847, came west in 1864 to Delaware Coutny, Iowa State in 1870, practiced at Tipton, marengo in 1876. Married in 1874. Died in Cedar Rapids
Kitchens Charles R. Dillin petit juror 12 Oct 1864
Kitchens George T. of Williamsburg, practiced in 1882. Drowned in Iowa River near Amana in 1890
Kitchens GW grand juror 12 Oct 1861
Lake CS .
Lane . of North English
Ledwick John of Victor
Lekin H petit juror 12 Oct 1867
Loveridge . Practiced in Marengo
Maholm Cyrus came from Belle Plaine to enter banking with John Hutton. Came in 80's and didn't stay long
Martin HM .
Mason R petit juror 12 Oct 1871
McConnell James came from East in 1848 settled in marengo, died early leaving a wife and one child. His widow, Mrs. John R. Serin lived in Desoto, MO and the daughter is Mrs. Mary Fairbanks of St. Louis, MO
McCullough William came from east to Marengo in late 50's. Entered war in 1861 and became quartermaster in the 8th Ia Inf. He later left and went to CA.
Mcguire AJ grad of S.U.I.1898. Buggy struck by a train and killed.
McKray James H grand juror 12 Oct 1850
Meacham Anderson grand juror 12 Oct 1852
Miller Clarke came from Iowa City in early 70's. Brother of Judge Wm. E. Miller, later went to Minnesota
Miller John .
Miller Levi came to Marengo in early 70's. First he was a grocer, justice of peace, elected clerk of cout. Banker with Frank McGivern
Morrison AJ .
Murphy Jerry B. native Iowan. Deputy sheriff under Thomas Boyl, grad of S.U.I. In 1900. Moved to Houston, TX
Murphy JH .
Murphy TP .
Niles L grand juror 12 Oct 1859
Off . of North English
ostron JO (Or Osborn) of Victor
Popham RG of Marengo
Prather nelson grand juror 12 Oct 1856
Pratt EP grand juror 12 Oct 1851
Pugh RW of Williamsburg
Raffensberg J.W. of Victor
Rankin Thomas at Millersburg in the 70's.
Rhodes Ledro from Williamsburg, left Marengo and went to Nebraska
Ricord ER grand juror 12 Oct 1846
Roller . of North English
Rumple JNW .
Sheldon Henry of Victor
Simpson Andrew J. came from Victor in 80's to Marengo.
Simpson John came from Victor in 80's to Marengo.
Sparks Clyde of Williamsburg, moved to Wapello County, IA
Sprague Dunham petit juror 12 Oct 1869
Sprague H petit juror 12 Oct 1868
Stapleton John of Marengo
Stapleton Thomas of Marengo
Starry Henry grand juror 12 Oct 1848
Stuart WA practiced in Williamsburg, in about 1893 and then went west.
Sullivan Eugene J. of Marengo
Swift . of North English
Thomas . After more ofless trouble in iowa Coutny he moved to Sturgis S.D. where he was shot and killed by a woman in a dispute over financial affairs.
Templin JD .
Templin JD .
Vance CE studied with father-in-law James H. Feenan
Wallace WE of Williamsburg
Williams Joseph judge of 2nd Judicial District
Wilson David H. .
Wilson George W. of Victor
Wilson LF grand juror 12 Oct 1860
Witters George former teacher, moved to Oxford, IA then went West
Woods Robert petit juror 12 Oct 1865
Worth . also a pioneer physician, took up law at Marengo with John Miller about 1858.
Wykoff John grand juror 12 Oct 1847
Yoss RW of Williamsburg
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