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Louisa County Genealogical Society
Prepared by Norma F. Jennings
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Ref: Condensed data acquired from the History of Louisa County by Arthur Springer published in 1912 and now out of print; with appropriate page numbers listed where the complete biography can be found.   

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Adamson, John W. (p. 440)

Born in Henry County, Iowa May 12, 1870, son of W. S. and Rebecca A. Adamson, both natives of Ohio. His father died 19 February 1908. His siblings: Annie (married L.E. Bush of Packwood, Ia); Grant H. of Ottumwa; and John W. Purchased 138 acres in Columbus City Twp. Louisa County in 1902.

He married Rosa Rahmiller 5 September, 1895, daughter of Fred and Louisa (Irving) Rahmiller. They had six children: Edith b. 28 July 1896; Vern b. 3 October 1897; Walter b. 18 December 1898, d. 23 December 1909; Flossie, b. 17 September 1990; Pearl b. 5 September 1902; Lela b. 22 December 1905..


Alburn, Fred (p. 533)

Fred Alburn was b. 9 March 1875, the son of Henry N. and Elizabeth (Waugh) Alburn, the former born in York, Pennsylvania and the latter in Ohio. Father came to Iowa in 1854 and lived at Columbus City, a stonemason by trade. He died 12 November 1906 Siblings of Fred Alburn were: Edward, Charles and Monta.


Aronhalt, G.W. (p.223)

Born in Ohio on the 17th of July, 1844, the son of John and Margaret (McKi) Aronhalt, natives of Ohio and Scotland respectively. Came to Marshall Twp., Louisa County in 1854. One sister Mary J. married John Higgins of Louisa County. G.W. married Louisa Bevens, 28 May 1851, the daughter of Asher and Ann (Stafford) Bevens.  Her parents, natives of Ohio and Delaware respectively, were married in Peoria County, Illinois and came to Iowa in 1856.

G.W. and Louisa Aronholt had two children: Charles b. 21 August 1875, d. 31 July 1878 and Arthur b. 3 January 1880.

Arthur was married 25 February 1904 to Amy Deal, b. in Henry County, Iowa , the daughter of William and Jennie (Snyder) Deal.  They had one daughter Vivian Marie b. 7 September 1906.


Arthur, E.H. (p. 176)

Evan H. Arthur was born 9 August 1875, the son of Hugh and Elizabeth J. (Jones) Arthur. He had a brothers John William L. Arthur. On 27 January 1909 he married Ruth Peters in Louisa County.   They had one daughter Eveline, b. 30 November 1909. Ruth was the daughter of Richard and Gwendolyn Peters. She was one of nine children, her siblings: Jennie, married Arthur Williams and lived in Wayne, Nebraska; Lewis, Louisa Co.; Annie m. John Arthur of Louisa County; Richard, Louisa Co.; Lizzie, Belle, Daniel, and Mary.

Arthur, Hugh (p.554)

Hugh Arthur, agriculturist, born in Wales.  Married Elizabeth J. Jones, born in Ohio. Hugh died 25 January 1896. Eight children, six living until maturity, namely, Sarah Jane; William L.; Evan H.; Richard; John; and Catherine.

Arthur, John (p. 554)

John Arthur was born 31 May 1877, in Louisa County, the son of Hugh and Elizabeth J. (Jones) Arthur. John married 28 December 1901 to Anna Peters, a native of Wales and a daughter of Richard and Winifred Peters who were also born in Wales.  They emigrated to the U.S. when Anna was a child and settled in Louisa Co.  The subject and his wife had two children: Hugh S. and Grace.

Arthur, Richard (p. 317)

Richard Arthur, born 17 September 1879, son of Hugh and Elizabeth (Jones) Arthur. married 2 April 1910 to Esther E. Williams, a native of Washington Co., Iowa and a daughter of Elias and Maggie Williams. They had five children.

Arthur, W.L. (p. 540)

Born 23 January 1869, son of Hugh and Elizabeth (Jones) Arthur.  W.L. Arthur was married on 5 March 1891 to Nellie B Davis, daughter of J.R. and Jane Florence (Word) Davis.  William and Nellie had eleven children, two of whom died in infancy: Hugh, Clifford, Milo, Florence, Edith, Luther, Tudor, Elizabeth Ann and Richard John.