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Louisa County Cemetery Transcription
Years 1990 plus supplements
Cemetery Book Prepared by Louisa County Historical Society
                    with assistance from Louisa County Genealogical Society
Comprehensive Access Database created by Len Bowen
WPA Records correlated by Dana and Vicki Teel
Prepared for the Internet by Norma Jennings

Legend: LCC=Louisa County Cemetery Book, 1990; WPA=Work Project Association


Louisa County, Iowa Comprehesive Cemetery Database


    In 1990, the Louisa County Historical Society compiled a Louisa County Cemetery Book and subsequently  published annual updates to it.  Unfortunately, up until now, there has been  no alphabetized INDEX to the surnames listed there.  Only the names of the cemeteries and the township where they were located were included in the table of contents in this book.   You needed to know where your ancestor was buried to find them.  In addition, the  "T" and part of the "Mc" sections were completely omitted from that publication  As with any publication there were also other errors.

    A number of people have been involved in obtaining and verifying the different sources of cemetery information for you. You may have already used our alphabetical listings of 30 + cemeteries on the Louisa County Genealogical Society website that were compiled by the website coordinator, Norma Jennings, involving  the contributions and efforts of many.   Members of LCGS have rewalked many of the smaller pioneer cemeteries, one by one.  Recently, some of the larger cemeteries have been tackled.  This past fall, Rachelle Curtis with the assistance of her husband and daughter rewalked the Harrison, Indian Creek, and Letts Cemeteries.   Every effort is being employed to obtain corrected information for you to use in your research.

    Len Bowen  scanned and alphabetized the contents of the Louisa County Cemetery Book published by the Louisa County Historical Society with the assistance of the Louisa County Genealogical Society including all its supplements.  Dana and Vicki Teel did a comparison study of the WPA records and located many burial omissions in those records.  Other LCGS members  rechecked records throughout.

    This database will provide a large variety of data when completed.  If you are looking for  veterans buried in Louisa County, Iowa, there is a separate page listing veterans only.  Military Personnel Buried In Louisa County

    We will not be making corrections to the spellings of any names in the central database as the names here are presented as they were found in the various publications or on the tombstones themselves.  We will however add notes of any conflicting data as time permits.

    For those of you fortunate enough to own your own copies of the Cemetery Books, they are now indexed.


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Table 1:  A-J

Surnames Surnames Surnames
Aamora-Adolphson Cleaver-Cocklin Gerdes-Gibson
Adye-Allen Cocklin-Cole Gibson-Gipple
Allen-Allison Cole-Collins Gipple-Goble
Allison-Anderson Collins-Congrove Goble-Graber
Anderson-Angel Congrove-Coon Grace-Graham
Angel-Aringdale Coon-Cornick Grain-Green
Aringdale-Arthur Cornick-Courtney Green-Greene
Arthur-Atcheson Courtney-Craddock Greene-Griebbel
Atcheson-Azewan Craft-Cresswell Griebel-Griffith
B-Baars-Baird Cresswell-Cross Griffith-Grim
Baird-Baldridge Cross-Crow Grimm-Guffey
Baldridge-Barkoff Crow-Cummings Guffey- Hackett
Barkoff-Bartenhagen Cunningham-Curtis Hackett-Haight
Bartenhagen-Baxter Curtis-Cutkomp Hall-Hamil
Baxter-Beard Cutkomp-Czerniakowski Hamil-Hamilton
Beard-Beeding Daeschner-Darner Hamilton-Hammon
Beeding-Bell Darnel-Davis Hammond-Hanft
Bell-Belzer Davis-Davis Hanft-Hannan
Belzer-Benson Davis-Davison Hannan-Harmon
Benson-Best Davison-Deford Harmon-Hartman
Best-Billing Deford-Delzell Hartman-Haskins
Billing-Blair Delzell-Deppey Hass-Hawkins
Blair-Blake Deppey-Devore Hawkins-Hays
Blake-Bliven Devore-Dill Hays-Hein
Bliven-Bonar Dill-Dix Heins-Henderson
Bonar-Bott Dix-Doppler Henderson-Herr
Bottonfield-Bowers Doppler-Dougherty Herr-Hesler
Bowers-Boysen Douglas-Drake Hesse-Hicklin
Bozarth-Brauns Drake-Duncan Hicklin-Hildebrand
Brauns-Briggs Duncan, E.L.-Duncan, L. Hildebrand-Hills
Briggs-Bromley Duncan, L.-Duncan, W. Hills-Hobbs
Bromley-Brown Duncan, W.-Duryea Hoben-Holland
Brown Eads-Eliason Holland-Hook
Brown-Brownson Eliason-Erwin Hook-Hotter
Brownson-Buffington Erwin Hottle-Howell
Buffington-Burge Fahlberg-Fellenger Howell-Hudson
Burge-Bussard Fellenger-Finley Hudson-Hughes

Bussard-Bylsma Finley-Fitzgerald Humphrey-Hunt
C-Campbell Fitzgerald-Foor Hunt-Hurley
Campbell-Carey Foor-Foster Hurley-Ingersoll
Carey-Carleson Foster-Fowler Ingersoll-Ivins
Carlson-Carr Fowler-Freeland Ivins- Jackson
Carr-Cary Freeland-Fry Jackson-James
Cary-Cawiczell Frye-Furnas James-Jamison
Cecil-Charbonneau Furnas- Gage Jamison-Jarvis
Charbonneau-Chown Gage-Garland Jarvis-Jenkins
Chrisinger-Cisco Garland-Garrett Jenkins-Jensen
Claflin-Cleaver Garringer-Gauss Jerauld-Johnson

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Table 2:  Jo-S

Surnames Surnames Surnames
Johnson-Johnson  Ross-Ruble Wykert-Wyss
Johnston Ruble-Russell Yakle-Zwolannek
Johnston 2 Russell-Rynott
Jones Sabey-Sandy
Jones2 Sandy-Schafer
Jones 3- Kallenberger Schafer-Schlichting
Kallenberger-Keel Schlichting-Schneider
Keel-Kellstadt Schneider-Schrier
Kelly-Kemp Schrier-Scott
Kemp-Kennedy Scott-Seitz
Kennedy-Kerr Seitz-Semple
Kerr-Kilpatrick Senn-Shaw
Kilpatrick-Kirts Shaw-Shellabarger
Kiser-Knarr Shellabarger-Shepard
Knarr-Knowlton Shepard-Shipman
Knox-Krahl Shipman-Sillick
Krahl-Kremer Sillick-Sipe
Kress-Kyle Sipe-Skipton
Kyle Lambert Skipton-Smice
Lambert-Larson Smice-Smith
Larson-Lawrence Smith-Smith
Lawrence-Lee Smith-Smoke
Lee-Letts Smoke-Snyder
Letts-Lewis Sparrow-Sprague
Lewis-Lieberknecht Sprague-Staats
Lieberknecht-Lindsey Staats-Stapp
Lindsey-Lobb Starrett-Stephens
Lobdell-Longstaff Stephens-Stevenson
Longstreth-Lowe Stewart-Stineman
Lowe-Lupton Stineman-Stites
Lupton- Maiken Stock-Stone
Mailman-Mallory Stone-Strawhacker
Mallory-Marlatte Strawhacker-Stuart
Marlette-Marshall Stuart-Swafford
Marshall-Marshall Swafford-Sywassink
Marshall-Martin Tackenberg-Tedford
Matthews-Maysenholder(sic) Tedford-Thirtyacre
Maysenholder-McChesney Thirtyacre-Thomas
McChesney-McClure Thomas-Thompson
McClure-McCulley Thompson-Thompson
McCully-McDaniel Thompson-Thornton
McDermont-McElhenny Thornton-Tindall
McElhenny-McGill Tindall-Titus
McGill-McGrew Titus-Tompkins
McGrew-McKean Tompkins-Triesbe
McKean-McKinney Trimble-Turkington
McKinney-McChesney Turkington-Tyron
McNeil-Mellecker Ulm-Utterback
Mellinger-Messer Vahle-VanDyke
Messer-Meyerholz VanDyke-Vargason
Meyerholz-Miller Vargason-Vibber
Miller Vibber-Votroubek
Miller-Milstead Waack-Wagg
Mincer-Mohlie Wagg-Wagner
Mohlie-Moore Wagner, C-H
Moore-Morgan Wagner, I-M
Morgan-Morrison Wagner, M-Wainright
Morrison-Moyers Waite-Walker
Moyers-Murphy Walker, D-M
Murphy-Murry Walker, M-S
Murry-Myrsky Walker-Wallace
Nailor-Nelson Wallace-Walter
Nelson-Nicholls Walter-Warner
Nicholls Warner-Washington
Nicholson-Nyenhuis Wasik-Waterhouse
O'Brien-Ocheltree Waterhouse-Watson
Ochiltree-Ohlenselen Watson-Weaver
Ohlsen-Orr Weber-Weeks
Orr-Orris Weese-Weinrich
Orris-Overholt Wells-Werner
Overholt-Owens Werner-West
Owens-Oyster Westbrook-Westfall
Pace-Paral Westfall-Wettendorf
Parangao-Parson Wettnetts-Wheeler
Parsons-Partington Whitaker-White
Parts-Patton White-Wiederrecht
Patton-Pease Wiely-Wiley
Pease-Penelarick Wiley-Willard
Pennell-Peters Willard-Williams, A
Peters-Peterson Williams, A-E 
Peterson-Pierce Williams - E-I
Pierce-Pleasant Williams, J-M
Pleasant-Pontzius Williams, M-W
Pontzius-Powers Williams, W-Z - Willoughby
Powers-Prior Willoughby-Wilmering
Quast-Quinn Wilsey-Wilson, A-E
Rabe-Randall Wilson, E-I
Randall-Reaney Wilson, I-L
Reaney-Reece Wilson, L-N
Reece-Rees Wilson, N-W
Rees-Reid Wilson, W - Winder
Reid-Rexroth Winder-Winter
Rexroth-Rich Winter-Wischmier
Richards-Riggs Wise-Wolverton
Riggs-Roberts Wolverton-Woodruff
Roberts-Robertson Woodruff, D-R
Robertson-Roddan Woodruff, R - Worman
Roddan-Rosa Wrede-Wright
Rosauer-Ross Wright-Wykert