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Louisa County, Iowa 1850 Mortality Index

Transcribed by
Janice Hoehle 2001

Name of Deceased  Age Sex Color Free or Slave Married or Widowed Birthplace Month of Death  Occupation Disease or Cause of Death No. of Days Ill Township
__________, Infant 1 mo. F IA Jun unknown 8 days Wapello
BARR, Hellen M. 1 F IA Aug Whooping cough 28 days Wapello
BEDWELL, James 54 M M NC Jan Farmer lung fever 12 days Fredonia
BELL, Francis A. 22  M TN Jan Farmer Conjestive chills 6 days Columbus City
BELL, Robert L. 2 M IA Feb Croup 2 days Columbus City
BENSON, Origen 13 M IA Apr Chronic 9 days Jefferson
BLAKE, Kittura 27 F M IN Jan lung fever 30 days Fredonia
BLAKE, Charles 1 M IA Oct Inflamation of brain 6 days Florence
BLAKE, Infant 1 mo. M IA Jan unknown 3 days Fredonia
BLAKE, Isabella 25 F M OH Sep Consumption 3 yrs. Florence
BLAKE, Sarah 36 F M LA Jan lung fever 20 days Fredonia
BROWN, Mary A. 10 mos. IA Aug Dysentary 21 days Wapello
BUFFINGTON, Mary 43 F M VA Feb Consumption 90 days Columbus City
BUFFINGTON, Paul J. 12 M IL Apr Congestion of brain 1 day Columbus City
CHRISTY, Thomas 1 M IA Oct unknown 7 days Wapello
COULTER, Emily 7 mos. F IA Sep Plurisy 3 days Fredonia
CRESWELL, James M. 35 M M IN Jun Farmer Consumption 1 year Grandview
CRESWELL, John 65 M M PA Mar Farmer Diabetius 4 mos. Grandview
CUDNEY, James 19 M Canada Mar Laborer lung fever 10 days Jefferson
CURRAN, Francis O. 15 M MD Nov Farmer Fever 35 days Florence
DENNIS, Catharine 50 F M VA Apr Congestive chills 4 days Columbus City
DODDER, Jacob 12 M NJ Apr Cholera Sudden Grandview
DOLLARHIDE, Charlotta 52 F M NC Mar lung fever 14 days Wapello
DUNCAN, Andrew  62 M M TN Jun Farmer ? 21 days Columbus City
EVANS, Elizabeth A. 1 mo. F. IA Feb unknown 14 days Columbus City
FLACK, Samuel L. 17 M IN Jul Farmer Drowned Sudden Columbus City
FORBES, Aaron 7 M IA May Croup 1 day Fredonia
FORBES, Ammar 1 F IA Sep Inflamation of brain 14 days Fredonia
GORE, Susannah 10 F MD Jun unknown 28 days Columbus City
GRASHAM, Thomas M. 1 M IA Jul Dysentary 10 days Wapello
GREENWOOD, Richard 56 M England Sep Teacher Chronic Inflam. 14 days Wapello
GREGORY, Grant S. 22  M IN Dec Farmer unknown 49 days Florence
GRIMES, John 1 mo. M OH May unknown 3 mos. Columbus City
HALL, Wilford 3 M IA Apr Scarlet fever 15 days Columbus City
HAMILTON, Jane 44 F VA Feb Consumption 6 years Florence
HAMILTON, Melvina 1 mo. F IA Mar Whooping cough 11 days Florence
HAYS, Valentine 27 M M France May Farmer lung fever 9 days Grandview
HENRY, Henry 1 mo. M IA Jul unknown 7 days Columbus City
HICKLIN, Demas T. 7 mos. M IA Sep Inflammation of brain 30 days Wapello
HOLDMAN, Wm. W. 1 mo. M IA Sep Fits 1 day Columbus City
HOOK, ? ? Jane 57 F M VA May lung fever 10 days Jefferson
JOHNSTON, Margaret A. 1 F IA Sep Dysentary 30 days Columbus City
JOY, Sarah J. 3 F IL Dec brain fever 21 days Florence
KEEVER, Elias P. 8 M IA May brain fever 8 days Jefferson
KIRKPATRICK, Edwin 1 M IA Aug Inflammation of brain 23 days Columbus City
KIRTS, William 31 M M OH May Farmer Liver Comp. 7 days Grandview
KNIGHT, Tryphosa 3 F IA Jan Scarlet fever 7 days Fredonia
LITTLE, David W. D. 24 M M IN May Joiner Erysipo 10 days Columbus City
LITTLE, Infant 1 mo. M IA Apr unknown 9 days Columbus City
LUDLOW, Jebile 23 M IN Aug Farmer Fits 3 days Wapello
MALLORY, Charles R. 3 M IA Apr Inflammation caused by burning 7 days Jefferson
MALLORY, Jane T. 5 mos. F IA Jul Whooping cough 40 days Jefferson
MANLY, William 3 M OH Aug Smallpox 21 days Columbus City
MARTIN, Mary 32 F M MD May Accident 8 days Wapello
McALISTER, Louisa A. 3 F IA Feb Scarlet fever 7 days Columbus City
McCLURKIN, Infant 1 mo. M IA Jan unknown 2 days Florence
McCLURKIN, Matthew 32 M M PA Aug Farmer Mountain fever 1 day Florence
McNEAL, James M IA Apr Scarlet fever 42 days Columbus City
McNEMAR, Margaret 32 F M DE Apr Inflamation of brain 10 days Fredonia
MICKEY, John R. 37 M M PA Oct Farmer Typhoid fever 28 days Florence
MILLIGAN, Nancy 24 F IN Dec Consumption 5 years Wapello
MORGAN, Martha 1 F IA Oct Flux 56 days Grandview
MURRAY, Martha 1 F IA Sep Flu  5 days Grandview
NELSON, Marilla 2 F IA Jan lung fever 12 days Florence
NEWEL, John 1 M IA Aug Inflamation of brain 10 days Fredonia
OLDS, Harriet E. 2 mos. F IA Apr lung fever 10 days Columbus City
PACKHARD, Albert 1 M IA Sep Summer complaint 30 days Wapello
PALMER James W. 1 M IA Jul Measles 9 days Columbus City
PETTIT, Sarah E. F IA Aug Cholera Sudden Grandview
REEDER, Catherine 63 F M VA Jun Infl. Of brain 14 days Grandview
REEDER, Leonidas H. 1 M IA Sep Flux 4 days Grandview
RICTCHEY, Mary J. 1 mo. F IA Mar unknown 7 days Columbus City
SHEPHERD, John 19 M IN Mar Farmer Inflamation of brain 4 days Columbus City
SMITH, Rachel 8 mos. F IA Oct Dropsy  10 days Florence
SNYDER, Frederick 36 M M Germany Apr Weaver Cholera 1 year Grandview
STEPHANS, Infant 1 mo. M IL Oct unknown 1 day Columbus City
STIRTIN, Ruth 11 mos. F IA Sep Flux 5 days Fredonia
STUMP, George 22 M VA Apr Farmer Inflammation caused by bullet wound 10 days Jefferson
THORNTON, Winfield S 4 mos M IA Oct Flux 7 days Grandview
TINSLEY, Mildred 25 F M TN Jul unknown 1 year Grandview
TOOLE, Mary F. 5 mos. F IA Oct Chills & fevere 30 days Jefferson
TRASK, Noble G. 1 M IA Jan Erysyphalis 29 days Jefferson
VANDEVORT, Sophiah 34 F M OH May Liver Comp. 18 mos. Grandview
WEBB, William H. 2 mos. M IA Mar Croup 14 days Grandview
WEBBER, Infant 4 mos F IA Sep Fits 14 days Wapello
WELCH, Edward S. 6 mos. M IA Feb Inflammation of brain 18 days Wapello
WELCH, Richard 16 M IN Sep Farmer Typhoid fever 12 days Wapello
WILSON, Infant 1 mo. M IA Jun unknown 1 day Columbus City

Transcribed by Janice Hoehle
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