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Louisa County, Iowa 1860 Mortality Index

transcribed by
Janice Hoehle2001

Name of Deceased Name of each person who died during the year ending June 1, 1860. Age Sex Color Free or Slave Married or Widowed Birthplace Month of Death  Occupation Disease or Cause of Death No. of Days Ill Township
Alloway, Nelson 6 mo. M IA Sep Farmer's Child Dysentary 3 days Concord
Anderson, James S. 31 M S OH Apr Farmer Typhoid Fever 10 days Morning Sun
Askew, Cyras 28 M M IN Jun Carpenter Consumption 3 months Concord
Askew, Cyras, H. 4 mo. M IA Jan Carpenter's Child Consumption 6 months Concord
Asp, Mary C. 17 F Sweden Jun Domestic Consumption 2 months Toolesboro, Jefferson
Banta, Caroline 26 F M OH Apr Fever 8 days Oakland
Beard, John U. 9 mo M IA Mar Farmer's Child Lung Fever 4 weeks Concord
Bedwell, Henry B. 11 mo M IA Mar Frmer's Child unkown 14 days Concord
Bell, Harvey 59 M M PA Apr Farmer Wapello City
Bell, Mary 70 F S TN May Palsey 3 days Union
Benton, P. 70 M NY Mar Consumption 60 days Wapello 
Blake, Charles H. 4 M IA Mar Congestive Chillls 2 days Marshall
Blake, William 27 M S IA Jan Farmer Typhoid Fever 10 days Oakland
Blanchard, Altha Ellen 2 F IA Aug Croup 2 days  Wapello 
Blanchard, Nerval 1 M IA Oct Diarrhea 60 days Wapello 
Bobo, Michael 10 M OH Sep Typhoid Fever 8 days Columbus City
Bras, Eleanor Ann 1 F IA Oct. Mechanic's Child Dysentary 10 days Toolesboro, Jefferson
Briggs, Eliza Ann 1 F IA Nov Farmer's Child Dysentary 6 weeks Jefferson 
Britt, Robert 65 M M VA Jan Farmer Old Age & Fever 20 days Columbus City
Butman, Phineas D. 50 M M NH Oct Farmer Typhoid Fever 28 days Columbus City
Carle, Mary 18 F M OH Apr Farmer's Wife Consumpion 6 months Eliot
Charles, Frances 1 F IA Jun Farmer's Child Dysentary 8 days Port Louisa
Clark, Emmadrilla 6 mo. F IA Mar Farmer's Child Dysentary 6 weeks Concord
Cleaver, Ella 3 F IA Sep Cholera Infantine 60 days Wapello 
Cocklin, William D. 2 M IA May Fever 9 days Columbus City
Cole, Alonzo 33 M M PA Oct Farmer Lung fever 6 days Concord
Coleman, William 2 days M IA Feb Farmer's Wife unkknown 1 day Jefferson 
Cozard, Mary 24 F M OH Feb Farmer's Wife Consumption 2 years Concord
Cunningham, William G. 4 M IA Nov Typhoid Fever 21 days Morning Sun
Daniels, Amanda 35 F M IN Nov  Lung Fever 23 days Union
Darnold, Aquilla 1 M IA Feb Farmer's Son Unknown 1 day Eliot
Day, John H.  1 M IA Oct Farmer's Child Inflamation *** 1 month Concord
Demming, Ashe 50 F M Ireland Jan Lung Fever 21 days Marshall
Donner, Clinton H. 18 M OH Mar Farmer's Son Lung 3 days Eliot
Edmunson, Martha A. 42 F M TN Aug typhoid Fever 14 days Union
Elliott, Cecelia 4 mos. F IA Oct. Congestive Chills 7 days Wapello City
Evans, Thomas 8 mos. M IA Mar Croup 1 day Columbus City
Ewing, Susan 1 mo. F IA Dec Farmer's Child unknown 4 weeks Concord
Fisher, William H. M IA Oct Disease of the throat 4 days Wapello City
Fleming, Henry W. 4 M IA Dec Farmer's Child ** 2 years Jefferson 
Foster, Edwin 3 M IA Mar. Diptheria 11 days Wapello 
Foster, Forest E. 1 day M IA Mar Farmer's Son Lung Fever 10 days Concord
Foster, Julia 6 F IA Apr Diptheria 10 days Wapello 
Foster, Nancy 62 F W PA Nov Domestic Sucide by drown sudden Concord
Freod, Calvin J. 1 M IA Oct Cholera Infection 28 days Columbus City
Frieble, Floranse 1 mo. F IA Feb Farmer's Child Dysentary 9 days Eliot
Garvin, Robert I. 2 mo. M IA Sep Diarrhea 2 days Elm Grove
Gibbons,Delilah A. 1 mo. F IA Mar Enysipelis Columbus City
Gipple, John H. 5 mo. M IA Oct Farmer's Child Dysentary 6 days Concord
Gordon, Wilson W. 9 mos. M IA Oct Farmer's Child Dysentary 6 days Port Louisa
Graham, Emma 49 F W NY Feb Domestic Typhoid Fever 6 weeks Eliot
Graham, John M. 2 M IA Aug Croup 2 days Morning Sun
Graves, Ira 2 M IA Nov Sore Throat 3 days Oakland
Grayham, William C. 3 M IA Nov Croup 2 days Elm Grove
Hagerr, Francis S. 38 F M IA Dec Fever 17 days Oakland
Hamilton, Jane 70 F W OH Apr Liver Disease 28 days Morning Sun
Hamilton, Mary E. 17 F S IN Jun Lung Disease 14 days Morning Sun
Hill, Eliza 6 mo. F IA Jul Fever 4 days  Oakland
Hill, Francis 70 M M IA Jan  Farmer Old Age 21 days Oakland
Hill, Marion M IA Jul Sore Throat 7 days Oakland
Honn, Hannah G. 59 F M NJ Jan Farmer's Wife Suicide by drowning sudden Grandview
Huffman, Amelia M. 1 F IA Sep Mechanic's Child Dysentary 2 weeks Toolesboro, Jefferson
Hukill, Robert E. 1 M IA Nov Accidental Columbus City
Hull, Henry B.  2 M IA Jan Farmer's Child Scarlot Fever 4 days Concord
Hunter, Lewis L. 1 M IA Aug Farmer's Child Dysentary 3 days Jefferson 
Iowa, David 2 mo. M IA Nov Inflamation of the Brain 21 days Marshall
Jarvis, William 45 M M NC Nov Farmer Typhoid Fever 6 days Morning Sun
Johnston, Catharine 72 F W TN Oct Paulsey 6 days Union
Jones, Ezekele 38 M M OH Dec Farmer Lung Fever 3 weeks Grandview
Keck, Michael 67 M M Baden Aug Farmer Bilious Fever 4 weeks Grandview
Kent, Andrew M. 20 M OH Feb Shoemaker Lung Fever 5 days Grandview
Kile, Jeremiah W. 50 M M OH Mar Farmer Apoplexy 6 hrs. Eliot
Knight, John 42 M M England Jul Farmer Bilious Colitis 3 days Wapello 
Kuder,. Olivia 39 F M OH Mar Farmer's Wife Consumption 4 weeks Grandview
Latta, Louisa Jane 10 F IA Aug Farmer's Daughter Typhoid Fever 6 days Grandview
Law, William 1 mo. M IA Jun Farmer's Child Dysentary 2 days Jefferson 
Lingg, Antone 53 M Baden Jul Miller Consumption 1 year Grandview
Littleton, Mary 20 F M IA Feb Farmer's Wife Bilious Fever 5 months  Jefferson 
Marshall, Hays 9 mo. M IA Oct Congestion of the Brain 6 days Marshall
Marshall, Joshua 42  M M OH Aug Farmer Lung Fever 5 days Elm Grove
McChesney, Harris 3 mo. M IA Aug Sinking Chills 1 day Oakland
McCoun, Lyda Ann 2 F IA Feb Farmer's Child Scarlet Fever 6 weeks Concord
McMichael, David 2 M IA Dec Croup 2 days Wapello City
McNemar, Elizabeth 27 F OH Jul Farmer's Daughter Consumption 2 years Concord
Merrifield, Elizabeth 78 F W unknown Apr Pauper Old Age Port Louisa
Mitchell, Isabell F. 32 F M ME Feb Mechanic's Wife wunionia? 10 days Grandview
Moore, Alice Evaline 2 F IA Sep Scnffula 28 days Columbus City
Newhall, Ann 65  F W OH Jan Neuralgia 3 days Elm Grove
Nixon, James 86 M W Ireland May Weaver Old Age 7 days Morning Sun
Noble, Fuller 53 M M NY Mar Farmer Dropsey 6 months Concord
Ogier, Juda Eldira 2 F IA Feb Congestive chills 1 day Union
Orr, John C. 1 mo. M IA Apr Ensipetis 7 days Elm Grove
Orr, Margaret A. 36 F M TN Aug Typhoid Fever 14 days Union
Patterson, Margaret 73 F W PA Apr Heart Disease sudden Morning Sun
Paulin, John W. 1 mo. M IA Oct Farmer's Child uinknown 6 days Concord
Pennington, Charles 4 M IL Jan Caused by burn. 14 days Morning Sun
Prentis, Ellice C. 3 F IA Apr Lawyer's Child Croup 3 days Port Louisa
Pullen, Sarah 31 F M IN Mar Farmer's Wife Consumption 1 year Jefferson 
Pullen, William 3 M IA Mar Farmer's Child Congestion, fever, chills 3 days Jefferson 
Randleman, Martha F IA Oct Farmer's Child Dysentary 3 days Grandview
Rawmiller, Frederick 46 M M Germany Sep Farmer Fever 11 days Columbus City
Reiners, Edwin S. 1 M IA Jan Inf. Of Brain 7 days Columbus City
Rhodabuck, Ann 32 F S PA Nov Consumption 30 days Columbus City
Rinely, Mary J. 2 F IA Mar Croup 2 days Union
Rinely, William H.  5 M IA Apr Croup 1 day Union
Robinson, Hiram 58 M M NY Jan Farmer Lung Fever 6 days Concord
Ruiters, Mary Ann 3 F IA Jan Croup 4 days Columbus City
Ryon, John 11 mos. M IA Sep Farmer's Child Unknown 3 days Grandview
Saha, Elizabeth 1 F IA Nov Spasmic Consumption 3 days Wapello 
Sapp, Mary M. 32 F M OH Mar Farmer's Wife Consumption 5 months Jefferson 
Sapp, William 1 mo. M IA Mar Farmer's Child unknown 2 days Jefferson 
Segrefley, John 1 M IA Feb Winter Fever 6 days Morning Sun
Setsey, Anthony 56  M M KY Jul Farmer Inflamation 10 days Elm Grove
Shephard, Elisha 59 M M NJ Nov Farmer Inflamation of the lungs 7 days Union
Sinton, Johnathon 25 M M England Sep Farmer Lightening sudden Oakland
Smith, William H. 8 M IA May Farmer's Son Inflamation of kidneys 3 days Eliot
Stebens, Cornelius 39 M OH Jun Boat Man Accidental drowning sudden Eliot
Steel, Samuel S. 1 M IA Aug Dysentary 6 days Marshall
Stoddard, Nevada 1 F IA Oct Farmer's Child Dysentary 4 weeks Grandview
Stutson, Martha E. 3 F IA Feb Lung Fever 7 days Oakland
Sullivan, Mary A. 6 F IL Feb Croup 2 days Wapello City
Sullivan, Thomas 5 mos. M IA Oct Diarrhea 7 days Wapello City
Tedford, Mary E. 11 F S TN Sep Typhoid Fever 14 days Union
Tedford, Samuel A. 23 M S TN Sep Farmer Typhoid Fever 8 days Columbus City
Thompson, Henry 2 days M IA Jun Farmer's Child unknown sudden Grandview
Thompson, Mariah 5 F IA Jul Farmer's Child Croup 2 days Grandview
Thompson, Mary 2 F IA Dec Farmer's Child unkown 3 months Jefferson 
Tilford, Alvira 1 mo. F IA Mar Farmer's Child Dysentary 2 days Grandview
Tompson, Sarah 39 F M IN Jan Farmer's Wife Dropsey 2 months Jefferson 
Townsand, Adaline 5 mos. F M X IA Oct Farmer's Child unknown 2 months Port Louisa
Vrale, Clara M. 10 mo. IA Oct Dysentary 20 days Wapello City
Wagnor, Elias 11 mo M PA Feb Frmer's Son Scarlot Fever 20 days Concord
Waldron, Chancey 2 M IA Jan Sore Throat 8 days Oakland
Walker, Alvira 1 F IA Sep Farmer's child dysentary 3 weeks Concord
White, William H. 1 mo. M IA Feb Consumption 30 days Oakland
Whitecarver, Edward O. 2 M IA Mar Farmer's Child Consumption 1 year Jefferson 
Willerout, Sarah E. 1 F IA Feb Farmer's Child Croup 1 day Grandview
Willson, Cyntha 38 F M IN Feb Farmer's Wife Typhoid Fever 2 weeks Jefferson 
Willson, Martha 17 F VA Feb Farmer's Daughter Lung Fever 8 weeks Jefferson 
Willtrot, Clarassa 2 F IA Feb Congestive Chills, Croup 2 hours Wapello City
Wilson, William W. 2 mo. M IA Jan Sore Throat 5 days Elm Grove
Winter, Christian 39 M M Germany Apr Farmer Lung Fever 14 days Wapello 
Woodruff, Parkes 60 M W NJ Jan Farmer Chronic Inflamation 21 days Wapello 
Wright, Thomas  26 M S IN Jun Lung Disease 14 days Morning Sun
Zimmerman, Aurilla 19 F M OH May Mechanic Wife Consumption 3 months Grandview

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