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    The Mitchell County Historical Society (MCHS) is located in Mitchell County, Iowa--in the town of Osage, which is the county seat.

    The Society oversees all of the historical sites in Mitchell County, Iowa, that are owned by either the county or MCHS.

Sites include:

  • The Cedar Valley Seminary Museum.
  • Fort Severson
  • Cedar Valley Memories (CVM)
    (including the museum, depot, and schoolhouse)
  • The Meroa Schoolhouse (Cedar No. 7)
  • The Log Cabin and School at the Fairgrounds
    Click here to see a map of the venues.




The Power Show at Cedar Valley Memories was the 13th and 14th of August.

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    Each site has a committee that oversees the care of that site, with the Seminary Museum and the Cedar Valley Memories sites having the largest committees. Merri Cross is the chairman of the Seminary Museum committee, and Betty Kleckner is the president of the actual museum. We are presently attempting to find a long-term home for the artifacts in the museum.

(fancy words for antiques appraisal)
to be held at Osage's Autumn Artistry event in September.

    Most committees meet informally and our committee is the most organized one -- meeting monthly. MCHS holds an annual meeting in November for all members, but also meets monthly for board members (chairmen of all committees and the four elected officials – about 15 to 20 people).


    The MCHS is finishing up the Riceville history book, just in time for the upcoming sesquicentennial celebration in Riceville -- which is the first weekend in August. The history book will have about 239 pages.

    Membership in the Mitchell County Historical Society available at a very small price.

    The annual meeting, open to all members, is held the second Sunday in November. In 2005 the annual meeting will be held November 13th.

    The mailing address for the Society is:

Mitchell County Historical Society
P.O. Box 51
Osage, IA 50461

Webmaster: Kermit L. Kittleson
Copyright ©2005 MCHS