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Muscatine County Iowa
World War I Servicemen

This listing was found at the Musser Public Library and transcribed by Eleanor McCleary for use on our website.  It did not specify if these men were draftees or enlisted, whether it included men from Muscatine who signed up in other locations, or if it was strictly a list of those men who were processed in Muscatine County.   There are some duplications of names, but it is not clear if there was more than one person by that name or if this was an error in the list itself.  The listing was transcribed just as it appeared.

If you know of a World War I service man from Muscatine County who is not included here, please email the information.  Entries in red are veterans who did not appear on the Musser Library list but are known to be WWI Vets from Muscatine County.

8Remember these folks when you visit the local cemeteries and if they do not have a flag, contact the cemetery caretakers or the American Legion because they certainly SHOULD have one.
Adame, Machele
Adame, Vncenx
Ady, Albert E.
Aernant, Will.
Age, Guy Jones
Agnew, Frank M.
Ahif, Carl
Albaugh, Leslie
Alexander, John W.
Allen, Abner De Forest
Allen, Warren
Allganer, Albert Joe
Altender, Alfred
Altender, Fred Wm.
Althans, Clarence E.
Althans, Ralph
Anderson, Christian
Anderson, Edward
Anderson, Edwin, M.
Anderson, Harold
Anderson, Harry
Anderson, Vester M.
Anderson, Walter F.
Angerer, Paul
Angle, Will 
Anson, Barry Joseph
Applegate, Dewey
Applegate, Winnie
Archer, Fred
Archer, Harry F.
Archer, William
Argyle, Howard
Armstong, Charles
Arnold, Benjamin
Ashley, Lloyd J.
Asthalter, Delmer G.
Atkins, Charles
Atkins, Roy
Aull, Fred E.
Austin, Clarence P.
Ayres, Robert G. 
Bacon, Clifford C.
Bahr, George E.
Bahr, John
Baines, Elmer 
Baker, Charles W.
Baker, Dewey W.
Baker, Edward
Baker, Joseph L.
Baker, William W.
Balley, Avin
Balley, Frank
Balley, Frederick
Balley, Vern Leroy
Barke, John
Barker, Grover
Barnam, Everett E.
Barnard, Clark M.
Barnard, J. Harold
Barney, Fred F.
Barry, Paul
Barry, Richard
Barry, Robert
Bartemier, Carl
Beaham, Phillip
Becke, George
Beckey, Adam
Beckey, Joseph
Bedker, Wesley
Begey, Arthur C.
Behm, John Henry
Behrens, Heine H.
Beiser, Leonard
Bell, Anton
Bell, Harvey
Belter, Harry W.
Bemis, Don
Benedict, Jess
Bennett, Ernest. C.
Bennett, Harvey
Bennett, Henry
Bennett, William J.
Benson, Earl
Beny, Paul S.
Berg, Edward A.
Berg, Lee
Bermel, Henry
Bermel, Robert P.
Bernhardt, Harry R.
Best, Rudolph H.
Bible, Harvey J.
Bierman, Fred 
Bierman, Fred C.
Biery, Glen
Biles, Harry F.
Bird, Raymond F.
Birhofer, Arthur
Bisesl, Frank
Bishop, Jerome
Bitzer, Frank A.
Black, Arthur
Black, Homer
Blaesing, Edward T.
Blake, Charles C.
Blake, Guy Melvin
Blanton, Floyd
Bloom, Elmer
Bloom, Raymond
Bodeman, Vincent
Boehl, Arthur
Boland, Clarence Jack
Boland, Edward, 
Bollman, Henry
Bomke, Harry
Bond, Clarence
Borgstadt, John 
Bosch, Glen
Boshkoff, James
Boston, Frank
Bouland, Edward M.
Bowen, Clark
Bowers, Frank Moore
Bowman, Clute M.
Boyans, Frank Edward
Boyd, Forrest
Boyd, Samuel Hilbert
Boynton, Eugene
Brade, Waldes Adolph
Brakel, Frank J.
Brandau, Harold
Brandau, William
Brandt, Conrad J.
Brandt, Edward
Brandt, George
Brandt, Henry
Brass, John
Breer, william H.
Bremer, Lester
Bridges, Perry J.
Briggle, Robert Earl
Brisbine, Candell, J.
Briston, Miles E.
Bronkema, Everett E.
Brookhart, Edward
Brookhart, Floyd Allen
Brookhart, James T.
Brooks, Finley
Brooks, Finley
Brooks, Robert J.
Brooks, Robert J.
Brotchie, Willian
Broughton, Percy C.
Brown, Arther
Brown, Charles
Brown, Clarence 
Brown, DeWayne
Brown, Eugene
Brown, Gerald
Brown, Gerald
Brown, Roy C. 
Brown, Walter
Brown, William
Brown, William A.
Brudtkuhl, John
Buchanan, W.K.
Buckman, Clarence R
Buckman, Fred
Buckman, Ray
Budde, Harry
Budelier, Frank
Budelier, Herman
Buiewski, Edwin R.
Bujewski, Ralph
Burke, Thomsas
Burkhart, R. G.
Burns, James
Burroughts, Lemnel L.
Burtner, Robert
Busch, Frank
Buser, John II
Butcher, Lloyd
Butler, Ben F.
Butler, George F.
Butman, Fred E.
Butz, Clarence
Byrrum, R.O.
Calde, Leland S.
Call, Charles Edward
Callahan, William J.
Callis, Peter
Cambino, Giacomo
Campbell, Calir
Campbell, Glenn
Campo, Carlo
Canaar, Lester
Canum, Sylvester J.
Carl, Ernest DeWit
Carlisle, Joseph
Carpenter, Clarence
Carpenter, Plennie
Carr, Ernest
Carroll, John P.
Carroll, Walter
Carson, H.J.
Carter, Albert J.
Carter, Floyd
Carter, Fred
Carter, Harold
Carter, Henry
Carter, Reginald
Carter, Vernie
Cartwright, Lester
Cashman, Edward T.
Cate, Will E.
Cavanaugh, Herman
Chaffee, Kenneth
Chamberlian, Gail
Chamberlian, Paul E.
Chandler, Chester
Chandler, Harvey
Chanf, Harold
Chatfield, Elmer L.
Chatfield, Emory W.
Chayka, Frank
Chesebrough, Robert
Chessa, Harvey
Chihak, Frank
Chimpanes, Stellos
Chimpanes, Steve
Chown, George W.
Christiansen, Arthur L.
Christiansen, Harvey
Christiansen, Henry
Christiansen, Jay P.
Christiansen, Ove
Christopherson, Fred
Christopherson, Wm.
Church, Roy
Clark, Harry H.
Clark, Harry Thomas
Clarke, David S.
Clerkie, Terrance
Coburn, Mathew
Cockshoot, Drew N.
Cockstoot, Lawrence J.
Coder, Grover C.
Cohn, David d.
Coleman, Evert
Collas, George
Collins, Elmer C.
Collins, William J.
Compton, John Irvin
Cone, Emery Edward
Cone, George
Conklin, Elmer E.
Conley, Roy
Connell, Ed
Connelly, Vearl
Connor, Carlos
Cook, Eugene
Cook, Herbert C.
Cooper, Quincy
Cosgro, Lafayette
Cosgrove, Robert J.
Coss, Earl E.
Coss, Emmet
Coster, John
Cowell, Arthur Robert
Cox, Hugh Lee
Coxon, Ben
Cozard, Sam D.
Crabtree, John H.
Cracraft, Clarence
Craton, Jay
Crawford, Erwin
Creamer, George F.
Crees, Clarence
Cress, Clarence
Cress, Emmett
Criger, Francis
Crispin, J. Gall
Criss, Harry Arnold
Cristison, Hugh
Crone, Heary F.
Crow, Glen Hobart
Crow, Howard Wilson
Crowe, Charles T.
Crowe, Henry Franklin
Crozer, James K.
Crozer, Kenneth
Crozer, Robert
Crume, Floyd E.
Cudaback, David Natha
Cullen, James Francis
Cullen, William
Culver, Earl
Cummings, Ura Clay
Cummins, Arthur L.
Curtis, Walter
Dale, Robert
Daniels, Everett Kelley
Danz, Edward E.
Danz, Ernest
Danz, Wm. Fred entered svc Des Moines IA
Dardin, Dave Henry
Darting, Carl P.
Daufeldt, Edward
Daut, W.W.
Davidson, J.T.
Davidson, Memory
Davis, Austin C.
Davis, Carl
Davis, Charles
Davis, George
Davis, Glenn H.
Davis, John W.
Davis, Lee H.
Davis, Warren
Davis, Warren A.
Day, Arthur F.
Day, Glen
Day, Wesley
De Marce, Rex
Dechesne, Joseph
DeLong, William
Denel, John C.
Denham, Roy Egbert
Denison, Ernest E.
Devore, Glen Aaron
Dickerson, Royce
Diercks, Fred John
Diercks, Ralph J.
Dilley, Merle Austin
Doden, Julius
Dodge, Fred M.
Dodge, Warren N.
Dollman, Ernest
Donovan, Robert
Doonham, Ry
Dotson, Francis
Doughty, Nelson F.
Dowell, Ivan N.
Downer, Clifford A.
Downer, Frank
Downer, Ray E.
Downey, Charles
Downey, John W.
Downing, Samuel G.
Drahaus, Stephen P.
Drake, Frank
Droshine, Nicholas
Drumm, Walter
Dumphy, Harry
Dumphy, Walter
Duncan, Everett F.
Duncan, J.L.
Duncan, Jay
Dungan, Eugene A.
Dunker, Nelson
Dunker, Raymond E.
Durfee, George A
Durst Earl 
Dusenberg, Oren R.
Easterday, William G.
Eaton, Earl A.
Eaton, Horace Henry
Edge, Donald E.
Edgington, Archie
Edgington, Stephen Lin
Edmondson, Duane
Edmondson, Orrie
Edwards, Louis
Ehirick, Walter
Ehlers, Carl Albert
Ehlers, E.J. 
Ehlers, John Wm.
Eichenaur, Fred
Einfeldt, Ernest W.
Eisle, Eddie
Elfers, Louis G.
Elliott, Edward
Elliott, James
Elliott, Raymond
Ellyson, Cster
Elsworth, Lloyd L.
Emery, Hessah
Emlet, Chester
Emlet, George
Epier, Maz B.
Eppel, Vincent
Epping, George
Erickran, John
Erickson, Harvey
Erkson, Arthus J.
Eshelman, Henry
Estess, Louis
Evans, John 
Evans, Luther M.
Eversmeyer, J. Arthur
Exo, Arnold
Fabris, William Luther
Fabrisius, William
Fabrizius, Otto
Facks, Edward William
Facks, Fred Henry
Fahy, Whitney
Farrell, Dan
Farrier, John Albert
Farrier, Roy Jacob
Feldham, Emil
Feustel, Harold
Fick, Harld
Figg, Murray
Figgins, Baryl J.
Filter, Edward
Filter, William F.
Finch, Earl L.
Fischer, Albert H.
Fischer, Clarence
Fischer, Ralph
Fish, Charles
Fishburn, Harry
Fisher, Cornelius
Fisher, Robert H.
Fisher, William A.
Fix, Fay
Flannery, Lawrence
Flood, Harvey
Fogarty, Leo
Foor, Clinton B.
Fordham, George H.
Foster, Harold
Foster, Isaac Thomas
Foster, John L.
Fowler, Isaac
Fowler, Roscoe
Fox, Everett
Francis, Lloyd Butler
Franklin, Arthur
Franklin, Elmer
Franklin, Oscar
Frechin, George
Freeman, William
Freers, George Edward
Freese, Carl F.
Freese, Christ
Freese, Hans
Frenzel, Clarence
Froehner, Albert H.
Fruth, Harold E.
Fryberger, Andrew
Fryberger, Harry Lee
Frye, Clarence E.
Frye, Elliott I.
Frymoyer, Neal
Fuestel, John Gilmore
Fuhlman, Alfred
Fuller, Clarence August
Fuller, Lee J.
Fuller, Ralph
Fuller, Raymond
Fullerton, Jesse Earl
Fulliam, E.B.
Fulmer, Clarence E.
Fultz, Ano H.
Gabriel, Carl Conrad
Gaines, Alba
Ganley, Steve
Gapare, La Barbara
Garilamo, Erdante
Gartz, Lewis
Gasaway, Joseph
Gatens, Raymond J.
Gath, William
Gatzka, August Paul
Gebhardt, George Henry
Geertenbach, Kenneth
Geltz, Jake
Geltz, M.F.
George, Daniel
George, Fred
Gerard, Harold D.
Gerardi, Antonio
Gerelamo, Errante P.
Gerels, Sherman
Gerrischer, Walter
Gertenbach, Kenneth
Gibson, Davidson
Gibson, Dewey
Gibson, George H.
Gibson, Vernon
Gideon, Davison A. "Dave"   Pike Twp
Gideon, Ernest
Giesler, Raymond
Gilbert, Gus
Gilbert, Ralph Wm.
Gilbert, Robert Scott
Gill, Howard Cleveland
Gipple, Orville K.
Gladstein, Abe
Gladstein, Harry
Glass, Abraham
Glick, Harry
Goddard, Griffith
Goede, Harry
Goertz, Louis Adoph
Goet, G. Stuart
Goldsberry, Ed.
Goldsberry, Fred
Gordy, Blaine
Gosney, Riley Pearl
Gould, Albert Frank
Graff, Lester Miles
Gray, Jesse M.
Green, Benjamin
Green, Earl H.
Green, Irving True
Green, William Howard
Gremmel, Albert H.
Gremmel, Walter Harry
Grensing, Arthur W.
Griesenbrock, Alex
Griffith, Harry Johnston
Grimm, Raymond
Griner, Ed
Grossklaus, Frank W.
Grossklaus, William J.
Grunder, Kirk George
Gundrum, John
Gundrum, Otto
Guthrie, Andrew
Guthrie, Fred
Guy, Albert
Hagemeyer, George A.
Hagerman, Henry
Hahn, Clarence
Hahn, Edward Alden
Hahn, Harry
Hahn, Leonard
Hahn, Walter R.
Haifleigh, Kelso
Hail, Clarence
Hakes, Clifford
Hall, Ora Dell
Hallock, Arthur
Halloway, A.C.
Hamilton, Arthur
Haney, Ralph Clare
Hank, Frank
Hankins, Harry Fay
Hanson, Clarence
Hanson, Fred
Hanson, Herman
Harder, Eddie
Harding, Ralph
Hare, Ralph M. 
Harris, Clarence
Harris, Julius
Harris, Leo B.
Harris, Lester V.
Harris, Ralph
Hart, David L.
Hart, James W.
Hart, Ralph
Hartley, Philip
Hartman, Fred
Hartman, Harold
Hartman, Millard
Hasbrook, Robert L.
Hatfield, Wm. H.
Hauck, John
Hauschildf, Lyle
Haveman, John
Haveman, Wm.
Havenhill, Jesse
Havercamp, Julian
Haws, Harry
Hawthorne, Kenneth
Hayes, Harry
Hayes, James
Hayes, Joseph
Hazlett, Dale C.
Hazlett, Harold J.
Healey, Claud K.
Healey, Ed W.
Healey, Frank R.
Healey, Joseph Timothy
Heath, John
Heath, Ray
Heckel, Virgil
Heckman, Norman
Heezen, Charles
Heinbochel, John Carsu
Heinderich, George
Heinig, Clarence L.
Heinz, Carl B.
Heinz, Harry F.
Heither, Walter Herbert
Hemp, Charles
Henderson, Harold, E.
Henderson, Lewis
Henderson, Thorne
Henderson, Walter, T.
Hendrix, Harry Ledru
Hendrix, Vernon
Henle, Edward J.
Henley, Jee R.
Herr, Clifford
Herrick, Charles L.
Herrick, Perry
Herwig, Harry
Hesse, Paul
Hessie, Charles
Hester, George N.
Heuer, George Henry
Heuer, Henry William
Heuer, William
Heyden, Gustav
Hickey, Harry Hurl
Hickey, John
Hickey, William Henry
Hickman, Daniel
Hiens, Orland
Hildebrand, Ed
Hill, Cecil
Hillerby, Harley
Hillier, Albert
Hillman, Jonah
Hilton, Earl
Hime, Orien O.
Hinchman, Alda
Hindbough, Ford Harri
Hines, Harry
Hinkley, Charles
Hinkley, William
Hinrichs, Geo. A.
Hinrichs, George A.
Hintermeister, E.C.
Hintermeister, Hubert
Hintermeister, Louis
Hintermeister, R.G.
Hobart, Omar F.
Hocke, Edward
Hoffman, Fred J.
Hohnke, William
Holcomb, Hugh Benton
Holladay, Earl
Hollenbeck, Clarence R.
Holliday, Floyd
Holmes, George G.
Holmes, Lysle
Holmes, William
Honts, David Hiram
Hoopes, Vincent S.
Hopewell, George R.
Hopewell, Patrick
Hormal, Lloyd
Horn, Harry
Horst, Earl
Hotka, Edward
Houck, Charles
Houdek, Matt
House, Wilton J.
Houseman, Arthur
Houseman, Lloyd
Howe, Dr. L.E.
Howe, Walter
Howell, Eddie Otis
Howell, Owen 
Howell, Ralph
Hoyt, Albert Harold
Hubbard, Arnold
Huber, Clarence W.
Huber, Frank J.
Huber, Leo L.
Hudler, Thomas
Hudnall, Walter M.
Hudson, W.J.
Hughes Louis
Hume, Earl
Humphrey, Charles
Hunter, Curtis M.
Hunter, Grant E.
Hunter, James Leo
Hyink, Garret Harold
Hysinger, Charles 
Hysinger, Clarence
Imhoff, Fred J. J. 
Ingram, John W.
Inman, Ollie
Ireland, Arthur
Irey, Geroge W.
Irves, Thomas
Jackson, Arthur
Jackson, Bennie
Jackson, Louis H.
Jacobs, Irvin
Jacobs, J.F.
Jacobs, Nicholas
Jacobs, Robert
Jacobsen, Arnold
James, Aaron
James, Leonard
James, Will H.
Jameson, Ezra
Jameson, John Albert
Jameson, Verner
Jamison, J. Harry
Jarck, Fritz Carl
Jarrard, Birdie R.
Jarrard, Will Ora
Jasperson, Chas. H.
Jean, Roy W.
Jeffries, Raymond
Jensen, Carl
Jesse, Leonard Wm.
Johann, Merritt
John, Raymond W.
Johnson, Arthur M. 
Johnson, Emmett
Johnson, George
Johnson, W.H.
Johnson, Will J.
Jones, Calvin M
Jones, Harry 
Kakavas, Geo. P.
Kallenberger, Howard C.
Katsantones, Pete
Kaundsen, Chas. R.
Kautz, Otto M.
Kautz, Roy
Keck, Maurice
Keckler, Clarence E
Keller, Lester C.
Kelley, Arthur F.
Kelley, John W.
Kemble, Harold
Kemper, Fred Ernest
Kemptner, Clarence
Kemptner, Fred
Kennedy, Frank
Kern, Jno. J.
Ketchum, Virgil
Keuchman, Harold
Kiefer, Dan
Kiesewetter, Henry
Kilgour, Joe
Kincaid, F.H.
Kindler, Arthur E.
Kindler, Herman J.
King, A.A.
King, Archibald
King, Clifford
King, Elliot R.
King, Joseph C.
Kink, Walter Henry
Kistinger, Leslie G.
Klein, Edward Adam
Klein, Ivan John
Kleinhouse, Ivan G.
Knapp, Ray
Knetch, Walter
Knight, Ed. E.
Knight, William Jay
Knott, Walter Lee
Kobes, Henry G.
Koenig, Arthur
Koepping, Carl J.
Koepping, Clarence
Kopf, Arthur
Kopf, George
Kopf, Harold
Kopf, Walter
Kopp, Daniel W.
Korneman, Fred E.
Kothe, Fred
Kregar, August
Kretuchmar, Herman W.
Kruger, Ed. A.
Kruse, Carl F.
Kruse, Harry
Kruser, John Ed.
Kuhn, Charles E.
Kuhn, George L
Kurriger, Albert J.
Kurriger, Ralph
Kutchera, Carl C.
Laboda, John Frank
Lagrassa, Baldassere
Lamb, Lawrence
Lamprecht, Arthur
Lanfier, Archie
Lanfier, Elmer
Lanfier, Harry
Lanfier, Leroy
Lang, Alfred George
Lang, Charles Fred
Lange, Fred
Lange, Henry R.
Lange, Lewis
Larsen, Henry
Latchow, John R.
Latham, Marion
Latham, Ralph
Laucamp, John J.
Lawhoff, Charles
Lawler, James
Lee, Emmett
Lee, Ernest
Lee, Lester Lamont
Lee, Robert
Lee, Robert E.
Lemester, John w.
Leonard, John W.
Leonhard, Vernon L.
Leschner, William
Leslie, Bert
Lewis, Albert
Lewis, Guy Verale
Lewis, Harry T.
Lewis, John F.
Leysen, George Alfred
Leysen, Leyle
Lezotte, Howard
Liattino, Calogero
Liebbe, Carl C.
Liebbe, Ernest T.
Liebbe, Herman E.
Liebbe, William
Lieflander, Abe
Liegett, Chas. W.
Lik, Daniel
Lilly, Chester W.
Lindow, Bernhardt
Lindow, Charles H.
Linn, Wm.
Liopent, Joseph E.
Logan, Charles E.
Lohr, Ralph G.
Loney, George V.
Long, Andrew
Long, Carl Edgar 
Long, Carl Edgar
Lonstreth, Ralph W.
Looney, Gail Elger
Lorber, Edward Frank
Lord, Herman B.
Lord, Richard, Jr.
Lorens, Cedric E.
Loudke, Walter C.
Loupa, Chester F.
Lovwell, Leonard
Lozareno, Sequat
Luchterhand, Carl E.
Luedtke, Roman
Lulow, Roy V.
Lundy, Charles
Lundy, Lee
Lundy, Vinten
Lundy, Zelman N.
Luthe, Earl H.
Luthe, Earl H.
Lynn, William E.
Mackenzie, Clarence
Mackenzie, Morrell
Maddox, Oder E.
Maeglin, Otto R.
Mahraun, Otto
Malone, Fred
Malone, John
Manlon, Peter
Manly, Steve
Mann, Leonhard
Marehese, S.
Mariek, S.
Mark, Milton
Markham, Elvin O.
Marolf, Albert E.
Marolf, Walter J.
Marshail, Vern
Marshal, Floyd
Martens, Harry
Marticke, Albert A.
Marticke, Earl L.
Martin, Francis W.
Martin, Lee J.
Martin, Raymond
Martz, Adolph G.
Martz, August C. 
Mathis, Wayland
Matthews, Samuel
Matthiessen, Peter
Mattle, Leonard E.
Mauer, William J.
Maurath, Leo
Maurer, Elmer F.
Mavis, Merle
Maxson, Chesley
Maxson, Edwin F.
Maxwell, Alden K.
Mayall, Estill E.
McAffrey, George
McBride, Ralph A.
McCann, George
McCann, Hall.
McCann, Paul S.
McCartney, Jay E.
McCleary, Herbert
McCollister, Glen
McCollister, James
McCormick, Edward H.
McCoy, Clarence
McCroskey, Charles
McCullough, Frank
McDougall, Fred W.
McElroy, William E.
McFadden, Joseph
McGaughey, Harry R.
McGill, Hallie L.
McGinnis, Wayne
McGreer, Willard
McGrew, Edward
McKee, Albert S.
McKee, Byron L.
McKee, Harold
McKee, Kelly
McKillip, John
McKillip, Lloyd
McSwiggan, James
McSwiggan, John 
McSwiggan, Joseph
McSwiggan, Richard 
Mead, Lucius
Mead, Otis
Meek, Clarence F.
Meeker, Maurice M. 
Meerdink, Paul S.
Meier, Louis J.
Messer, Albert 
Metzger, Earl
Metzger, Merle
Meyers, Glen
Meyers, Newton
Michaels, Ray
Millard, Reuben E.
Miller, Albert 
Miller, Albert J.
Miller, Clark E.
Miller, Clark Elmer
Miller, Ike
Miller, Lawrence J.
Miller, Ralph 
Miller, Ralph
Miller, Richard M.
Miller, Tracy
Miller, Vern
Miller, Walter
Millett, Douglas
Millett, Lysle K.
Milnor, Paul
Milnor, Raymond
Minear, William R.
Missel, Carl Edward
Mittman, Benjamin W.
Mittman, William J.
Mockmore, Charles J.
Mockmore, Clarence
Mockmore, George W.
Mohnsen, Walter
Molis, Lawrence R.
Molis, Walter William
Montgomery, Harry G.
Montgomery, Ralph
Moore, Homer
Moore, Lysle
Moore, Robert J.
Moore, Vern 
Mores, Samuel
Morris, George
Morris, Roger
Morrow, Edward
Morse, Frank A.
Mortenson, John 
Mosher, Ben
Mosher, Clark
Mosher, Clayton
Mosher, Donald,
Mosher, Leslie
Moxley, Raymond
Moxley, Robert 
Moylan, Glen
Moylan, James E.
Mueller, William E.
Mull, Carleton
Mull, Charles L.
Mull, Otto
Mull, William
Mullink, Arnold J.
Murhy, Jerry A
Murphy, Jerry
Musser, Albert
Myers, Ralph 
Nabor, William
Napes, Fred
Narvis, Stuart
Natsis, George
Nau, Alfred
Negus, Henry
Neitzel, Harold
Nelson, Malcolm H.
Nesper, Fred
Nester, Andrew
Nester, John
Newbeuer, Fennie J. 
Nicherson, Cecil
Nichols, Clay B.
Nichols, Harold
Nichols, Phineas H.
Nichols, Wayne C.
Nicholson, Thomas
Nicklas, Edward
Nielson, Emil
Niles, Clarence
Nill, John 
Nimtzowitz, Samuel
Nischwetz, Edwin
Noll, Albert
Noll, Frank A.
Nopoulos, Gus
Norris, Earl
Norton, Hal.
Norton, Ivan
Norton, Kenneth
Nostman, Wm.
Nunn, Charles
Nyeuhuis, W.J.

O’Brien, Jesse
O’Haver, Mark
O’Toole, Edward D.
O’Toole, James P.
O’Toole, Patrick
Oberhaus, Wm.
Oberhouse, Harry P.
Oepping, George
Oepping, Walter
Ogilvie, Paul
Oldson, Charley
Olin, Clifford
Olin, Fred
Olson, Robert
Opelt, Charles S.
Opoka, Joseph
Orr, Francis Homer
Orr, Lenny M.
Ost, Anthony
Otto, Raymond
Overson, Christian 

Pace, Karl H.
Pace, Roy Edward
Painter, Edgar
Painter, John
Pallischeck, A.
Palmer, Harry
Pantel, August Leigh
Pantel, Harold V.
Park, Clyde Franklin
Parks, Clyde
Parks, Geo. Clyde
Parson, Marion F.
Parvin, Clarence A. 
Patzer, William
Paul, Bert
Paul, Frank
Paul, Merle 
Payne, Clarence
Peetz, Charles F.
Perkins, Wiley
Pershing, Fred B.
Peters, Chester
Peters, Earl
Peters, Ernest 
Peters, George
Peters, Richard 
Petersen, Carl
Petersen, Walter
Peterson, Walter
Petros, George
Pfieffer, Carl
Pfieffer, Frank H.
Phelps, Harrison
Phillips, Addison
Phillips, Carl M.
Phillips, Charles
Phillips, Harry
Phillips, Mansil
Phillips, Perry J.
Pice, Koehler U.
Piggott, Charles W.
Piggott, Frank F.
Pilgram, Walter
Pitchforth, Charles H.
Pitchforth, Herbert
Platt, Ray Edward
Plessy, Leonard G.
Plett, Ellery
Pohlmann, Fred O.
Popelar, Frank
Port, Clyde W.
Port, Nevin
Potter, Archie
Powell, Clarence J.
Powell, Ralph E.
Pratt, Lacy
Prectorious, W.P.
Pressler, Edward G.
Protzman, Harold
Puck, Harry Eggert
Puls, Fred A.
Pursell, Earl V. 
Putman, Allen

Quandt, Roy
Quinn, John

Raethz, Walter
Raines, Russell
Randolph, Harry E.
Ratcliffe, Harry J.
Rathburn, frank
Rathburn, Herbert
Rebelsky, Clyde
Reed, John D.
Reese, Harry
Reese, John Henry
Reesink, Ray
Reeves, Harlod V.
Rehbehn, Roy H.
Rehmel, Floyd
Reichert, Herbert
Reichert, Jesher
Reimers, Herbert P.
Reinsch, Bernard P.
Renshaw, Ira L.
Ressler, Clarence
Reuling, James
Reynolds, Bryron
Reynolds, Fred
Reynolds, George A.
Reynolds, Jno. Hall
Reynolds, Leon
Reynolds, Orrin
Rhodes, Charles
Ribak, Charles F.
Ribak, Raymond
Rice, Newton D.
Rich, Earl
Richards, Gordon L.
Richardson, Wayne
Rickets, Peter
Rickhein, Fred
Rider, Leon
Riegal, Fred H.
Rieke, Jesse M.
Rininsland, Anthony
Rininsland, Herbert
Rittenhouse, Herman J.
Ritter, Walter
Roach, Edward A.
Roach, Walter
Robert, James Chas 
Roberts, Clyde
Roberts, George W.
Roberts, Lee
Robertson, Harry
Robinson, Albert
Robinson, Leroy
Robokoff, John
Robshaw, Guy
Rock, John Carl
Rode, George J.
Rogers, Clarence
Rogers, Donald
Rolland, Charles L.
Rolland, George
Rolle, Joseph W.
Romann, Ralph E.
Roth, Frank W.
Rothschild, Glen
Rottman, Jno.
Rought, Paul R.
Rover, James Dallas
Rowland, Elbert M.
Royster, Walter
Rummels, Charles
Rummels, Guy
Rurve, Ferdinand
Ruthenberg, Elmer
Ruthenberg, Walter
Ruthenberg, Wesley
Ryan, Clifford
Ryan, John 
Ryan, Phil. J.
Salisbury, Charles
Sample, Harry
Samuels, Sherwood
Sander, Jacob
Sanders, Glen
Sarver, George
Satterthwaite, M.
Satterthwaite, Paul
Satterthwaite, Perl
Satterthwaite, Robert 
Sayers Walter R.
Schaefer, E.H.
Schaefer, F.J.
Schaefer, Ray
Schaer, Walter
Schafer, Charles H.
Schatte, Robert V.
Schauland, Otto
Schenke, Walter
Schermer, Fred
Schildberg, Lyman R.
Schissler, Edward
Schmaltz, C.F.
Schmelzer, Louis A.
Schmidt, Clauney
Schmitz, Harold
Schmoldt, Will W.
Schneckloth, Chas. J.
Schneider, Frank
Schneider, Harry
Schnettler, A.J.
Schoemaker, Benj.
Schoemaker, Clarence
Schoemaker, Floyd
Scholten, John
Schooley, Carl
Schrader, Ernest
Schreiner, Herndan
Schroeder, Chas. G.
Schroeder, Edw.J.
Schroeder, Ernest W.
Schroeder, Fred
Schuessler, Alfred A.
Schuessler, Otto J.
Schumacher, A.J.
Schwab, Fred
Schwab, Fred L.
Schwab, Jacob
Schwab, Wm.
Schwartz, Elmer
Schwartz, Hugo T.
Schwertzieger, Fred R.
Schwitzer, Ernest
Scott, Albert R.
Scott, Geo.
Scott, Harry R.
Scott, Harry Robt.
Scott, W.A.
Sebling, Harold
Seidler, Lawrence
Sellers, Wm.A.
Sells, Walter F.
Semelroth, Eddie R.
Seright, Warren A.
Sessler, Albert
Sessler, Otto C.E.
Setler, Raymond
Shannon, Frank
Shannon, Harry
Shark, Fred, Jr.
Shaw, Harry
Sheetz, Walter
Shepard, R.
Sherberger, Fred
Shields, Lloyd
Shiflet, Floyd J.
Shook, John
Shores, Wm.A.
Shotwell, Delbert
Shuger, Frank A.
Shuger, John K.
Shutler, Ralph
Sick, Dietrich
Sick, Peter W.
Singleton, Russel
Sinnett, Frank
Skipton, Carl R.
Slattery, Martin
Slattery, Wm.
Sloan, James
Smalley, Allen G.
Smalley, Raoph M.
Smith, Albert
Smith, Frank
Smith, Fred P.
Smith, Hysee
Smith, John E.
Smith, Lee
Smith, Porter
Smith, Vernon E.
Smull, Duard V.
Soll, Henry F.
Songer, Richard L.
Spangler, Jno. D.
Spaulding, S.H.
Springer, Charles
Springer, Henry W.
Springmeier, Geo. H.
Springmeyer, Warren
St. John, James
Stafford, C.R.
Stalkfleet, Edgar
Stalkfleet, Richard
Stammer, Chris
Stapleton, Clarence
Stark, Charles
Stark, Lysle
Stark, Ray
Stark, Walter
Stebbins, Frank
Stebbins, Ivan E.
Steinmeyer Fred
Steinmeyer, Wm.
Stenninger, Ralph
Stephens, Roy
Stevens, Owen
Stevens, Ward
Stiers, J.W.
Stillinger, Glen
Stoker, Roland
Stone, James
Stoneking, Chester
Stoops, Lewis
Stotler, Wm. H.
Streger, Albert F.
Strieter, Fred L.
Strong, Arthur
Strong, H.B.
Strong, Wm. E.
Stroup, F.C.
Stroup, F.H.
Strouse, Debs J.
Strouse, J. Russell
Stucker, Herbert
Stucker, Oliver
Stucker, Olliver
Stucks, Herbert
Stuhr, William
Stutler, R. Waller
Sulzberger, John
Sumann, Harold
Sumann, Ralph 
Sutton, Perry
Swart, Jessie
Swisher, Howard H.
Sywassink, B.J.
Sywassink, Charles
Sywassink, Eugene 
Talbott, Clifford C.
Tappe, John Henry
Teeple, Floyd
Teeple, Stepehn
Temple, Jess Austin
Terry, Harrison
Terry, Oliver S.
Tewksberry, Merrill
Thede, Melroy, G.
Theobold, Herman C.
Thomas, Glen
Thomas, Harry Clark
Thomas, Lester C.
Thomas, Marion
Thompson, Glen
Thompson, Henry W.
Thompson, Leslie
Thompson, Philip
Thorne, Andrew J.
Thrawley, Russel
Thurston, H.W.
Ticktin, Isreal
Ticktin, Jacob
Ticktin, Louis L.
Tiedemann, John
Tiletta, S.
Tiletts, Rosario
Tillie, Robert S.
Tindall, Fred
Tipton, Cleveland T.
Tipton, E.R.
Tipton, Loyd
Titus, Elmer
Titus Joseph C   Pike Twp enl in ND
Tobias, Gustav
Tollefsen, Elmer Clarence enl Spokane WA  
Tomfeidt, Ernest
Tomlin, Edgar
Townsend, George
Townsend, Howard
Townsend, Mack L.
Trader, James F.
Traften, Herbert
Trainer, Hohn E.
Trone, Lloyd Leslie
Trout, Claude
Truitt, Jesse L.
Truman, John W.
Tubbs, Glenn F.
Tubbs, Leland
Tucker, Frank
Tucker, George
Tuerk, Edward H.

Umlandt, George H.
Umlandt, Harry
Umphress, George
Umschied, Ernest M.
Utter, Chester Earl 

Vail, Donald
Vallett, Edward
Vallett, Norwood
Valley, Wallace P.
Van Camp, J.J. Drew
Van Gent, William J.
Van Griethuysen, C.A.
Van Horn, Ernest R.
Van Tryfle, Jake
Van Tryfle, Joe
Van Tryfle, Matt
Van Yssedk, William 
Van Zandt, Ralph J. 
Vanatta, Harry
8Vance, Francis
Vance, Howard
Verdow, Paul
Vetter, Carl Emil
Vetter, Ed. W.
Vetter, George J. 
Vogel, Oscar
Vonderheid, Geo.

Wacker, Arthur J.
Wagner, Earl
Wagner, John I.
Walgren, Roy L.
Walker, Fred E.
Walker, Hames Wm.
Wall, Harry P.
Wallace, Robert E.
Walters, Albert
Walters, Fred E.
Walters, Henry G.
Walters, Hugh R.
Walters, Reuben W.
Walters, William
Walton, Charles
Ward, A.V.
Ward, Everett
Waters, Edgar Thomas
Watson, Sherman B.
Weatherly, Frank
Webb, Robert
Weber John
Weber, Charles F.
Webere, Wm. Henry
Weierhauser, Paul
Weierhauser, Walter
Weiman, Adolph A.
Weingart, William
Weiss, Albert John
Weist, Arthur L.
Weistby, Jason A.
Welch, Joseph
Welch, Robert
Welch, Thomas M.
Wellons, Chester
Wenak, Earl
West, James Richar
Westphadt, Carl
Westphadt, Lloyd
Westrate, Edwin
Wetzel, Carl H.
Wetzel, Frank
Wetzel, Frank A.
Wetzel, William F.
Weynamd, Frank G.
White, Harold Scott
White, Harry O.
Whitmer, Aubrey
Whitmer, Donald
Whitmeyer, Frank
Whitten, Jess
Whtton, Ernest
Wickey, Ralph K.
Wicks, Carl
Wiess, Albert
Wiggens, Henry
Wilder, George Morris
Wilder, Harvey A.
Wilkens, Peter
Wilkerson, Oakley
Wilkerson, Ray C.
Wilkerson, Wm.
Will, Allen G.
Will, Earl B.
Williams, Lester
Williams, Lewis
Williamson, Claud
Wills, Arthur
Wills, Frederick David
Wills, I.
Wilmering, Fred L.
Wilmering, Norbert
Wilson, David
Wilson, Glen
Wilson, Henry
Wilson, James E.
Wilson, John
Wilson, Wilber
Wiltrout, Clarence
Wilvert, William H.
Wimder, William S.
Winkler, Frank
Wirtz, Barney A.
Wirtz, Raymond
Witte, Herman
Witte, Paul
Witteman, John 
Witteman, Leo
Wittenbrink, Julius
Wittich, Harold H.
Wittich, Ralph
Wolfe, Clarke
Wolfe, Wade P.
Wollett, Fred
Wollett, Howard
Wood, Isaac E.
Woodhouse, Earl
Wookey, Albert
Worthman, John 
Wright, Charles L.
Wright, Earl J.
Wright, Harold D.
Wright, Kenneth P.
Wright, Myril David
Wright, Vernon, C.
Wuestenfeld, Wm. 

Yark, Louis F.
Yordt, Harry
Young, George 

Zahrlie, William
Zeahringer, George
Zeigler, Cleo Roy
Zeigler, Edward
Zeigler, Elmer
Zeug, Henry 
Zeug, Herman
Zeug, Lloyd
Zeug, Willliam M.

Known Deaths of Muscatine Men During World War I
Name Service Branch and Rank Residence Next of Kin
Date, Location 
and Cause of Death
Boitscha, Edward James US Navy Reserve
Seaman 2nd Class
West Liberty IA Mrs. Hannah Hesser
01 Nov 1918
U.S.S. Leonidas
Danz, William Fred US Navy
Fireman, 2nd Class
1249 Halstead St.
Emma R. Danz
13 Oct 1918
Tollefsen, Elmer Clarence US Navy Reserve
Seaman 2nd Class
Muscatine IA Emma Tollefsen
21 May 1918
Naval Hospital,
Puget Sound WA
acute intestinal obstruction

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