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The Odebolt Chronicle "Progress Edition", October 29, 1953


Odebolt Bakery Has Fine Pastries - H. S. Flogstad

Mattes Operates Furniture Store and Modern Inn - Frank Mattes

Krusenstjerna Has Hardware Store- Arthur (Art) Krusenstjerna

Cut-Rate Market Was First Here For Self-Service - Eldon Wallace

Ad - Mattes Furniture Co., - Frank Mattes

Walt's Radio, TV Places Many Sets During the Years - Walter Lundblad

Ad - Wardrip Furniture Co.

Ad - Wardrip Appliance Co.

Cracker Jack Company - Harry C. Sommers, manager

Charley Nelson Has Operated Store In Odebolt 38 Years - Charles Nelson

Ad - Eastlawn Nursing Home

Ad - D& E Café

Ad - Kalins (Grocery)

Gift Shop Has Novelties, Jewelry - E.P. Potteiger

Photo - Mrs. Paul Wagner, The Chronicle

Kalin (Grocery) Offers Fine Service To Area - Nate Skalovsky

Wardrip Stocks Fine Furniture - Clyde Wardrip

Wardrip Appliance Is Largest Store in Area - Earl McFarland, Clyde Wardrip

Erick Johnson Is Jeweler Here

Keller's Barber in Modern Shop - Harvey Gee Keller; Harvey Keller, Jr.

Helen's Beauty Shop Sets Style Pace - Helen Schoenherr (Mrs. P. A. Konrady)

Larsons Has Full Stock - Wallace Larson & Harry Sellman

Ad - Odebolt Bakery

Ad- W. G. Horstman, Contractor

Ad - The Princess Theater - W. G. Horstman

Ad - Iversen Transfer

Ad - Skylight Studios

Ad - Helen's Beauty Shop

Ad - The Brower Coffee Shop; The Brower Hotel; Greyhound Bus Depot

Peterson's is Large Store - LeRoy Lundblad; (former owner: A. R. Peterson)

Eastlawn Home For Aged Persons - Mrs. W. E. Hart (Minnie)

Ad - Wayne Milling Company

Ad - Langle Dairy

Ad - Rexall Drugs - Loyd Watts and Richard Watts

Odebolt History Recalls Vets (veterinarians)

O.W. Larson Began Agency in 1935 - Insurance

First Dentst Has Long Practice - Dr. W. N. Oursler, Dr. K. Bryant, Dr. E. L. White, Dr. C. P. Beyer, Dr. LeRoy McCulla, Dr. F. W. Worth

Doctors Here Before Town

(Photos and biographies)

Ted Metier - attorney at law

Don G. Mullan - attorney at law

George W. Dresselhuis - attorney at law

Dr. Irwin Taylor - veterinary medicine

Dr. P.E. Treman - veterinary medicine

Dr. Charles Page - veterinary medicine

Dr. James McAllister, M.D.

Dr. John Hubiak - doctor of medicine

Dr. Robert R. Landry - Osteopathy

Dr. W. M. Schoeberl - Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Floyd Worth - Dental Surgery

Dr. E. L. White - Dental Surgery

W. A. Helsell Was Prominent in Early Law History

Selby Insurance Firm Well Known - John H. Selby, H. C. Swanson, Richard C. Swanson

Agency Has Long History (Duffy and Einspahr Insurance) - Walter Duffy, Dale Einspahr

List Early Insurance Agencies (also Real Estate)

Selby Agency Accounts Up - Harry C. Swanson and son, Richard Swanson

Leo Beck Maintains Real Estate Agency - Leo P. Beck

Ad - Selby Insurance Agency

Ad - Duffy & Einspahr (Insurance, Real Estate)

Grassland is Big User of Antibiotics - Grassland Livestock Co., L. R. Simon

Blacksmith Shop Offers Services - Louis DeBoth

Elevator is in Business 34 Years - Odebolt Cooperative Elevator - Kenneth Ahrenholtz, Mgr.

Photo - Odebolt Inventor (Don Currie invention)

Designs New 4-Row Planter - Don Currie

Ad - The Leonard Hatchery

Building Aids Hatchery in Research - Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence A. Gras

Wayne Operator of Mill Since 1929 - Howard Wayne

Mill Mixes, Grinds Daily for Patrons - Johnson Produce and Mill - Maurice and Leona Johnson

Ad - Johnson's Produce

Early Grain, Feed Dealers in Area - list

Ad - Deibert's Produce - Elwood and Ruby Deibert

Popcorn Is Big Crop

Industries Now Have Disappeared

McCorkindale has Hog Station - J. Don McCorkindale

Ad - Grassland Company

Gronemeyer in Business for 30 Years - P. J. Gronemeyer

Nelson Operates Hog Station - Nelson Livestock - L. R. (Red) Nelson, manager;

Livery Barns Once had Full Use

Odebolt Hatchery has Seasonal Production of 150,000 Quality Baby Chicks - Mr. & Mrs. Casper Schmieding
(also ad)

Ad - The Cracker Jack Co., photo Harry Sommers, Mgr.

Ad - Odebolt Coop Elevator Co.

Rex Garage is Oldest Car Dealer Here - F. W. Rex Chevrolet Garage

Sales, Service of John Deere by Krusenstjerna - Alvin Krusenstjerna

Wardrip Implement has Allis-Chalmers, Kelly-Ryan Sales - Ray Wardrip

Friday Motors Has New Showroom (Chrysler-Plymouth) - Marvin Friday

Coburn's Offers Variety of Items to Area Shoppers - Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Coburn, Coburn 5-cent to one dollarstore

Area Served by Tractor, Auto Dealers; Three Car, Three Implement Businesses Established for Community Service

Body Shop can Rebuild Automobile - The Odebolt Body Shop - R. L. Downing

Ad - Wardrip Implement

Iversen Transfer Operates 6 Trucks in Wide Area - Harry Iversen

Langle Dairy has Five Trucks - Mr. & Mrs. Grant Langle

"Curley" Lange has Barber Shop - Elmer Lange

Ad - Rex Chevrolet Co.

Ad - Boerner and Roth (International Harvester)

Boerner and Roth Supply Farmer with International-Harvester - Vern Boerner and Vern Roth

Mandernach Motors Dealer for Ford Cars, Trucks - Earl J. Mandernach

Lundblad Operates Trucking Business - Lloyd Lundblad

Ad - Mandernach Motor Co.

Odebolt Locker and Market Offers Double Service - Ray Searls

West's Skelly Offers Service - Skelly Service Station - Mr. & Mrs. Ralph West (formerly Friday Skelly Station)

Years of Business Experience Part of Cammack's (Hardware) Store - Mr. & Mrs. H. Z. Cammack (formerly Swanson hardware store)

Ad - Krusenstjerna Implement

Don Currie is Inventor for Farmers - Currie Implement Company (also Ad)

Reynold's D-X has 19 Years of Service - E. E. Reynolds

Ad - Friday Motors Co.

Expand Size of Phone Company; Now serving 950 Members with 144 Miles of Lines in Arthur, Odebolt - Sac
County Mutual Telephone Company

F.W. Libby Dray Began in 1900 - Asa Libby, partner with F. W. Libby

Ad - Lou's Blacksmith Shop

Ad - H. M. Lindstrom - Painter

Larson and Purdy Operate Plumbing, Heating Business - Jess Purdy, Mr.___ Larson, Joe Ziegmann, A. B.Barclay, Ray Druivenga

Recreation Found at Sonksen Billiard Hall - Chris Sonksen

Ad - Green Bay Lumber Company

Green Bay Lumber Chain Began Here in 1874 - James A. Kanne, Mgr.

Kelly Electric in Business Here
     George (Kelly) Smith, electrician, established his business here in 1950. Prior to that time he had been with the Lake View Electric Distributing system. He is an experienced electrician. The nature of his business is the electrical wiring of farms and city homes, commercial wiring of all kinds and the installing of lightning rods. He handles some appliances.
     Mr. Smith is a graduate of the Odebolt high school with the class of 1942. He spent four years in the Navy in the Pacific area. His wife is the former Betty Cram of Lake View. They have three children.

Great Plains Serves Area - Great Plains Supply Company - (formerly Bowman Lumber) - Harry C. Carlson, Mgr; assisted by Charles Hokanson and Everett Wunschell

     The old building located on the corner of Third and Main streets on the northeast corner was razed during the summer of this year. [1953] It was owned by Maurice Johnson. This building once housed the first school in the Odebolt area. For many years, too, the rear part was a livery.
     The most recent businesses in the building were Clarissa's Hamburger Shop and Kelly Electric and Hobby shop.

Noyd Oil and Heating Specializes in Furnace Work - Almer Noyd

Noyd Oil Installed Heat - Almer Noyd and Albert Fisher

Ad - Noyd Oil Company; Noyd Oil & Heating Company

H and M Electric has Both Sales; Wiring Service - Henry Hausman and Francis McCorkindale

W. Horstman Headed Crew on Interior; Also Owns and Operates the Princess Theater; Plans Screen Change - W. G. Horstman, Mrs. Horstman

William J. Buhman manufactured cigars in Odebolt in 1881

Sac County Electric Serves Three of County's Towns

Korneisel Tailors, Cleaners Serves Odebolt 45 Years - R. Korneisel; son Edward Korneisel.

Clothing Shop Has Large Stock - The Clothes Shop - Charles Krusenstjerna

Ruth's Fashion Shoppe Brings Modern Trends - Mrs. Adolph Kipp

Skylight Studios New to Odebolt - (formerly known as Dahlstrom Studios) - Loren Baber

Odebolt State Bank Serves Large Area with Facilities Business Volume Increases Each Year Since Bank Began in 1934 - Ralph H. Griffin

Hotel Serves Big Need in Odebolt Area; Fine Dinners Served in Addition to Hotel, Bus Depot Facilities - Brower Hotel - Mr. and Mrs. John Brower

Dahlstrom Retires after 46 Years (Dahlstrom Photography Studio) - A. W. Dahlstrom

Ad - Ruth's Fashion Shoppe

Ad - The Odebolt Chamber of Commerce - Directors: W. G. Horstman, Marvin Friday, Clyde Wardrip, James Kanne; Richard Swanson, President; James L. Hodges, Secretary

Watts Drugs Carry Large, Needed Stock; Modern Business has Pharmacy, Gifts, Fountain and Other Sundries - Loyd H. and Katherine Watts; Richard Watts

Ad - Sac County Mutual Telephone Company

Ad - Sac County Electric

Ad - Korneisel Cleaners

Ad - The Modern Inn

Glass Tap in New Building - Mr. & Mrs. Eugene McGonigle

Drivers Find Trudeau Has Full Service; Odebolt Community also Takes Advantage of New Station Here - Larry J. Trudeau, (Trudeau's Standard Service at junction of highways 4 and 175)

D and E Café is Popular Place - Mr. and Mrs. Robert McGonigle (established by Donald and Gene McGonigle)

Ad - Walt's Radio & TV

Ad - Odebolt State Bank

Photo - Brower Hotel with bus

Ad - Peterson's Store

Ad - Erick B. Johnson, jeweler

Ad - Great Plains Supply Co.

Ad - Larson's Store

Ad - Reynold's D. X. Service Station

Ad - Cammack Hardware

Ad - Larson & Purdy Plumbing and Heating Service - Lennox Furnaces

Ad - Odebolt Locker and Market

Ad- Coburn's 5-cent to $1.00 Store

Ad - Trudeau's Standard Service

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