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George Landgraf

(Source: “As Time Goes By”, Odebolt, Iowa 1877-1977, 
printed by The Odebolt Chronicle May, 1977)

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George Landgraf, born 1860 near Princeton, Illinois came to Odebolt, Iowa in 1881.  In 1886 he married Elizabeth Kaiser, born 1868 at Gelhusen, Germany, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Kaiser.  In 1903 George Landgraf died.  In 1915 Mrs. Landgraf married Joseph Dinges, Sr.

Children born to Mr. and Mrs. George Landgraf were William, married Emily Hausman; Josephine (Mrs. Henry Berkenmeier); Albert married Pearl Dinges; Katherine (Mrs. John Bauer); Emma (Mrs. Charles Auchstetter); Amelia (Mrs. Walter Duffy); and John married Dorothy Goreham.

Mr. and Mrs. William Landgraf are parents of Dorothy; Vivian; Raymond; Eileen; Kenneth; LaDonna; and William Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Berkenmeier are parents of Elizabeth, William and Joseph.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Landgraf are parents of Dorothy; Kathleen; Mildred; Barbara; George; Jane; Helen; Lois; and Marilyn.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Auchstetter are parents of Helen, Amelia and Bonita.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Duffy are parents of Patricia; Joan; Phyllis; Betty; Walter, Jr.; and Richard.
Mr. and Mrs. John Landgraf are parents of Marian; Eleanor; Jean; and Lucille.

[Some information on more recent generations removed]


John M. Larson

(Source: “As Time Goes By”, Odebolt, Iowa 1877-1977, 
printed by The Odebolt Chronicle May, 1977)

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John Larson, born in 1860 in Ostergatland [Ostergotland], Sweden, son of Lars and Christiana (Danielson) Anderson.  He came to Odebolt in 1882.

In 1886 he married Mary Johnston, born 1867 in Upsala [Uppsala], Sweden, daughter of John and Carrie Johnston, who came to Kiron, Iowa with her parents in 1871, passing through Chicago at the time of the great fire.

When John Larson was a boy of fifteen in Sweden he hired out to a neighbor farmer to work the entire season for the equivalent of twenty dollars.  He also received his board and room, and his employer furnished him with leather gloves and a long, leather apron, the badge of the Swedish farm laborer.  Farming in Sweden at that time was quite primitive.  John earned his fifty cents a week by plowing with a span of oxen guided by a rope line tied to the right ear of the right ox and to the left ear of the left ox.  Much urging by word and throwing of stones and clods were necessary to keep the oxen moving.

After a few years of farm work in Sweden, Mr. Larson was ready to come to America where, he had heard, greater opportunities existed for a boy who was not afraid of work.  The objective was attained and John came to Odebolt vicinity in 1882.

For the first three years he worked on farms southeast of Odebolt.  For about one year he sold groceries, notions, etc. between Odebolt and Kiron traveling by horse and wagon.  It was during this year that the romance between himself and Mary Johnston of Kiron developed.

In 1886, after his marriage, he started working as a clerk for George Jenkins and later for C.J. Chinburg, merchants in Odebolt.

In 1893 Mr. Larson and John Erickson purchased the Ed. Lester store.  In 1918 Mr. Larson went into business for himself and operated the Larson Store until he retired in 1945.

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Larson were parents of Mabel (Mrs. E.T. Johnson); Oscar, married Jestina Schindel; David, married Gertrude Johnston; Elna (Mrs. Reuben Lindskoog); Alveda (Mrs. Herbert Tunberg); Bernard (Barney) married Esther Smith; Edward, married Ethel Winquist; Ruth (Mrs. Eldon Linman); Wallace, married Ferne Waggoner; and Willard, married Mildred Cronin.

Charles Leonard

(Source: “As Time Goes By”, Odebolt, Iowa 1877-1977, 
printed by The Odebolt Chronicle May, 1977)

Charles (Gustafson) Leonard, born in 1871 in Vasteruk [Vastervik], Sweden, came to this country when thirteen years old.  Made his home for a short time with an uncle, Emil Leonard, in Chicago.  About 1884 he came to Iowa and made his home with the P.A. Lindskoog family.  He worked as a farm hand for Frank Field, where he met Emma Bengston, born 1869 in Smaland, Sweden.  Charles and Emma were married and they farmed south of Odebolt fifty-three years.  Retired to Odebolt in 1945.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Leonard were parents of Bernard, married Ida Moleen-Mildred Lundell; Delphine (Mrs. Julius Johnson); Gladys (Mrs. Elinar Swanson-Mrs. Clifford Petschauer); Raymond married Mildred Cady; Howard married Jane Marvin.

[Notes from Odebolt History Pages message board
Emma was born Jan 9, 1869 in Kalmar län, Sweden.  Her name was Emma Charlotta Bengtsdotter in Sweden and changed to Benson in this country. Charles was born April 11, 1871 in Skaraborg län (parish may have been Saleby). His name in Sweden was probably Karl Johan Gustafsson (changed to Leonard when he came to this country) -  post by Helene Leaf.]



August Link

(Source: “As Time Goes By”, Odebolt, Iowa 1877-1977, 
printed by The Odebolt Chronicle May, 1977)

August Link, born July 13, 1844 in Thieringen, Germany and died March 11, 1924 in Odebolt.  He married Anna Maria Merz, born March 4, 1846 in Germany and died August 7, 1915 in Odebolt.

August and his wife Anna were parents of six children, four of whom died in infancy in Germany.  In February 1893 they and their two children, Emma, aged sixteen and Eugene, aged eleven, came to Odebolt, United States, from Thieringen, Wurtenberg, Germany, the Black Forest area.

Mr. Link worked as farm laborer on Wheeler Ranch where many of German nationality were employed.  The son Eugene also worked on Wheeler ranch when old enough and continued to work there after Wheeler sold to W.P. Adams.

Emma Link was born December 26, 1877 and at the age of sixteen, began working at the new Hansman Hotel (now Dinges Hotel) [1977].  She and Elizabeth Stueckrath were the first cooks there.  The Hansman children taught Emma to speak English and also to read and write English in evenings after school.  Emma later worked for Mrs. W.A. Helsell until her marriage in 1901 to Charles Axel Krusenstjerna, who had immigrated to Odebolt from Eda Norra, Sweden in 1882, where he was born in 1862.  Charles A. died in 1907 leaving his wife and three small sons, Oscar, Charles, and Alvin.  Oscar died at six years of age.  The mother raised her sons by boarding and rooming teachers and single employees about town. (more under Krusenstjerna history).

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