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Archibald McCallum

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Archibald McCallum, Sr., his second wife Elizabeth Campbell
and their son, Daniel, taken at the Frey studio in Odebolt c. 1895.

Information submitted by Willie McCallum in Scotland.  Email web master for contact information.

Archibald McCallum was born 17 April 1830 in Toradale, Kildalton, Islay, Argyll, son of Duncan McCallum and Margaret McMillan.  On 22 December 1857 he married Mary McAlister at Glencreggan, Kintyre.  She was born in Killean, daughter of John McAlister and Isabella Colville.

Over next 12 years Archibald and Mary had 4 children; John, Duncan, Archie and Isabella.

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   JOHN MC CALLUM - Gender: Male Birth: 07 NOV 1858 Campbeltown, Argyll, Scotland
   DUNCAN MCCALLUM - Gender: Male Birth: 14 MAR 1860 Campbeltown, Argyll, Scotland
   ARCHIBALD MCCALLUM - Gender: Male Birth: 19 FEB 1865 Saddell And Skipness, Argyll, Scotland
   ISABELLA MCCALLUM - Gender: Female Birth: 16 FEB 1867 Saddell And Skipness, Argyll, Scotland]

The family farmed in Kintyre (various locations, mainly Campbeltown area) from 1857-1886.  In March 1884, sons John and Duncan moved to Illinois.  By 1885 John had moved to Wheeler Twp. Iowa to live with his mother's sister Margaret McAlister and her husband Edward McQuistan.  Duncan remained in Illinois.

In 1886 Archibald senior, wife Mary and the remaining 2 children moved from Scotland to the Odebolt, Iowa area.

In 1887 John married Marion Sarah McQuistan, daughter of Edward McQuistan and Margaret McAlister ( his cousin).

In March 1888, Archie's wife Mary and daughter Isabel [Isabella] died ( I believe from Diphtheria-unconfirmed.  A grave marker in Odebolt cemetery lists daughter Isabel and it is believed her mother is also buried there.)

In 1888 Archibald senior returned to Campbeltown, where on Oct.9, he married Elizabeth Campbell and returned to Odebolt.

About 1888 Duncan, son of Archilbald Sr., also returned to Scotland from Illinois.  He had lost his mother, sister and first born child between 1885 and 1888.  Duncan returned to Islay where he worked as a maltman in a distillery, as did his son, (my grandfather, Willie).  They eventually moved to Glasgow in 1910.  Duncan died as a result of an accident in 1934.

In Spring of 1889 John and wife Marion moved from Odebolt to Bloomfield Nebraska.  John and Marion had 5 Children Isabel, Agnes, John, Edna and Leroy. (I currently correspond with one of Agnes's daughters in Nebraska.)

In March 1890 Archibald senior and Elizabeth had a son Daniel, born in Odebolt.  In Dec. 1898, Archibald, Sr. purchased some land near son John in Bloomfield, Nebraska.

In Apr. 1900 Archibald, Sr. died at his home in Bloomfield and his remains were taken to Odebolt Cemetery to be laid beside his first wife Mary and daughter Isabella ( believe he his beside Mary - unconfirmed).  Sometime in the following year Elizabeth returned to Campbeltown with young Daniel and stayed there until her death. (I correspond with Daniel's son Ian. who is 85 years.)

Archie junior also farmed in Odebolt for 3 years before moving to Bloomfield, Nebraska.  Archie junior and John McCallum were members of the Odebolt Presbyterian Church.

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