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DUNCAN & Related Families - Refernce & Source Notes.

 REF: 1.
 ARMORIAL bearings: (L. O., 1809)
 REF: 3.  APPRISEMENT - 1853; Guernsey County, Ohio;
 REF: 4.
  Adam DUNCAN, Will & Testament
Will Book B page 366 & 367; Guernsey County, Ohio; Prepared May 16th 1852; Recorded June 25th 1852;
copyed at Probate Office, Guernsey Co., OH. by GGGDau M. Lucille (Wilson) Sarrett.
 (2nd d/o Ermal L. WILSON & Mother: Vera B. DUNCAN) of Page Co., IA.
 (1Gd/o Alex. DUNCAN & Rachel PINKERTON, of Page Co., IA.
 (2Gd/o Robert M. DUNCAN & Mary Ann ALEXANDER, of Guernsey Co., OH. to Page Co., IA.
 (3Gd/o Adam, DUNCAN & Jennet MILLIGAN of Washington Co., PA. to Guernsey Co., OH.
 REF: 5.
Historical Views & Maps of Guernsey Co., OH. - 1982
A new book, compiled in 1982 by Click on Redball for More Info.<--- The Guernsey Co. Genealogical Society
[Chapter 5 of the Click on Redball for More Info.<--- Ohio Genealogical Society]
     a. 1855, Map of Guernsey Co., OH., by William DORR & Co., by Office of the Clerk of U.S. Court, Pg 14
     b. 1870, Atlas of Guernsey Co., OH., Surveys by D.J. LAKE, Civil Eng., Pg37 (Pub. by C.O. TITUS)
     c. 1899, Map of Guernsey Co., OH., by E.H., Caylor, Columbus, OH., Pg79
     d. 1930, Map of Guernsey Co., OH., by Harry A. Green, County Engineer, Pg82
     e. 1970, Map of Guernsey Co., OH., by Sam Patton, County Engineer, Pg83
 REF: 6.
 Phyllis (Dunn) Fulk; Living at: 1321 Riverview Dr., Horshoe Bend, AR 72512;
Various letter's to this writer, 1985 to 1987. [See File cabnet]
 REF: 7.
 Pioneer Cemeteries of Guernsey Co., Ohio - 1963
Compiled by E. Margaret CONNER & Nola R. GOODPASTER, Self Published Cambridge, OH.
National Genealogical Society Library, Washington, D.C.
 REF: 7.b  Guernsey Co., Ohio - Atlas 1902;
 Woooster O. Atlas Pub. Co.
 REF: 7.c  Londonderry Township Cemeteries And Other Historical Data
 Guernsey Co., OH. by Alice Morton
 Second Edition, Reprint by The Guernsey Co. Genealogy Society, Permission Granted by Author
 REF: 8.
Click on Thumbnail for REF#
By CHARLES A. HANNA. - 1975 - Reference - 636 pages
Reprint of the Jul 1st, 1900 ed. printed privately, New York.
Incorporating Hanna's smaller work, Ohio Valley Genealogies, along with lists of first landowners, early marriages (to 1841), will records (to 1861), and burial records, this book is the premier reference work on the Ohio Valley. Concerned chiefly with a record of names and events, it bears reference to upwards of 50,000 pioneers, most of them Pennsylvanians and Revolutionary War bounty holders who ventured into this region of eastern Ohio. So far as it goes, the book is a factual recitation of the names of all those found in the records and annals of the late 18th and early 19th centuries.
 See: Google Books on-Line
 REF: 9.   Robert M. DUNCAN, Civil War packet at:
  NARS, Wash. DC; Adjutant General's Office; Washington D.C.;
      July 28th 1863; Letter from Adjutant General's Office, Signed by SAMUAL LUCK,
 REF: 10.   Stories of Robert M. DUNCAN, in Civil War
SOURCE:; Phyllis (Dunn) Fulk, letter to this writer, April 17, 1987 [See file cabnet]
 REF: 11.
Click on Thumbnail for REF#
  History of Page County - 1880; Iowa State Historical Society; Des Monies, Iowa.;
History of Page County, Pg321
  Early Settlement & Settlers, Pg355

     See: Page 360, Daniel DUNCAN;
     See: Page 360, John DUNCAN; Daniel & John Wayne DUNCAN settled East of Braddyville in 1845
     See: Page 387, John DUNCAN; John Wayne DUNCAN, was one of 1st County Commissioners
  War History of Page County, Pg494
See: Page 511, R.W. DUNCAN;
See: Page 519, Alexander DUNCAN;
See: Page 519, John W. DUNCAN;
See: Page 564, Mrs. Mary A. (Alexander) DUNCAN, DUNCAN, original member United Prespyterian Ch., of Clarinda.
See: Page 565, ______? DUNCAN;

See: Page 623, John DUNCAN, (s/o Thomas & Dorcas (Todd) DUNCAN
See: Page 623, Lettie (Ried) DUNCAN; (1st Wife of John T. DUNCAN
See: Page 623, Mary A. (Alexander) DUNCAN; (2nd Wife of John T. DUNCAN
See: Page 623, Bell DUNCAN; (1st d/o John T. & 1) Lettie (Ried)
See: Page 623, John R. DUNCAN; (1st Only s/o John T. & 1) Lettie (Ried)

See: Page 631, Daniel DUNCAN;
See: Page 631, Ade E. DUNCAN;
See: Page 631, Charles DUNCAN;
See: Page 631, John T. DUNCAN;
See: Page 631, Margaret DUNCAN;
See: Page 631, Nancy DUNCAN;
See: Page 631, Omar DUNCAN;
See: Page 631, Orie E. DUNCAN;
See: Page 631, Washington DUNCAN;
See: Page 631, Wilburn P. DUNCAN;
See: Page 631, William A. DUNCAN;
 REF: 12.
Click on Thumbnail for REF#
Biographical History of Page County - 1890;
By W.L. Kershaw, 1st Published 1890, by S.J. Clarke Co.
Page: 753
DUNCAN, Agnes,
DUNCAN, Walter,
Page: 834
DUNCAN, Adam, W.,
DUNCAN, Andrew,
DUNCAN, Elizabeth,
DUNCAN, Jennie,
DUNCAN, John W., <--Bio. Sketch Subject!
DUNCAN, Robert Alex.,
DUNCAN, Robert Milligan,
Page: 835
DUNCAN, Agnes J.,
DUNCAN, George W.,
DUNCAN, John T.,
DUNCAN, John W.,
DUNCAN, Robert L.,
 REF: 13.  SOURCE: Phyllis (Dunn) Fulk; letter to this writer, April 17, 1987
 REF: 14.  SOURCE; Phyllis (Dunn) Fulk; letter to this writer, Oct. 22, 1985
 REF: 15.  HISTORY OF HARRISON COUNTY, OHIO - 1890: Commemorative Biographical Records of Harrison Co., Ohio; J.H. BEERS & Co.; Page 565-6.
 REF: 16.  History of Page County Iowa - 1880; By Iowa Historical Society; Des Moines, Iowa; Page 689
 REF: 17.  Jean (Lindley) Ludington; 3200 Del Rey Blvd. Las Cruces, NM 88001; Researcher and Descendent of Aunt MABEL (DUNCAN) LINDLEY
 REF: 18.  HISTORY and BIOGRAPHY; of Allegheny County, PA. 1889, Vo;. I and II.
 REF: 19.  Duncan research files of Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson (
"the Genealogy Bug" Dated: July 1, 2000; Last revised August 24, 2007
 Her Homepage:
 Mary, has done a tremendous job of collecting, census, taxs, wills, biographicals, estates, marriages, etc. records with all her "Source" (Bk No., Page No., etc.) and posting these "Sources" on her web pages for everyone to use. Mary, we Thank you!! ..Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
 REF: 20.  John Duncan Family of KY. History
Date: 26 May 1997; 21:47:20 EDT
From: (Wayland Duncan)
To: (Paul R. Sarrett Jr.)
My grandfather was Orie Emett Duncan.
Great grandfather was Daniel Duncan (of Page Co., Iowa)
Gr-Gr-grandfather was John Duncan (who married an Elizabeth Wayne in Bourbon Co., Ky) who moved from Kentucky to Callaway Co., Missouri and later to a farm (Section 13) in Page Co., Iowa.
Wayland & Barbara Duncan; 4313 Amethyst Ave., Las Vegas, Nv. 89108
Entries: 5,970 Updated: 2006-08-17 18:13:04 UTC (Thu)
Contact: Nina Miller
ID: I3062 Thomas Roger DUNCAN ARW, of Scotland (c1745-1830 age 85yrs
 REF: 21.   Betty (Karr) Cordial, (
Researcher of" DUNCAN, KARR, McKEOWN, TIDRICK Families of Guernsey Co., Ohio.
Genforum: Regional: U.S. States: Ohio: Guernsey County Message #347
Re: Adam W. DUNCAN, 1802-1852
      See: 1st E-Mail: Date: Jan 09, 2002 of McKeown Family
      See: 2nd E-Mail: Date: Jan 10, 2002 of McKeown Family
      See: 3rd E-Mail: Date: Feb 11, 2006 of McKeown Family
      See: 4th E-Mail: Date: Oct 14, 2007 of McKeown Family

      See: 1st E-Mail: Date: Jan 09, 2002 of DUNCAN Family
      See: 2nd E-Mail: Date: Oct 10, 2006 of DUNCAN Family
      See: 3rd E-Mail: Date: Dec 21, 2008 of DUNCAN/KARR/MILLIGAN Family
      See: 4th E-Mail: Date: Dec 28, 2008 of Duncan/KARR/MILLIGAN Family
 REF: 22.   1. LDS-IGI Individual Record FamilySearch™ International Genealogical Index v5.0 North America
Adam Duncan
Birth: 1802, PA.; d. Before 1900
Burial: Londonderry,Guernsay, , , Ohio
Marriages: 30 OCT 1823 , Pennsylvania Miss Jennet or Jane MILLIGAN

Record Problems #1.
     1.1. Has Adam, death bfr 1900? he d. bfr 25 Jun 1852 W&T..prs
     1.2. Has Marriage Place in Pennsylvania, should be Wayne Twp, Jefferson Co., OH...prs

2. FamilySearch™ International Genealogical Index v5.0 North America
Family Group Record: ADAM DUNCAN, b. 1802, PA. m. c1823, PA. MRS. JENNET DUNCAN, b. 1806, OH.; Children
1. Dau: GENNET DUNCAN b. 22 AUG 1824, Ohio
2. Dau: ISABELLE DUNCAN b. 20 MAY 1826, Ohio
3. Unk: Unavailable
4. Son: ROBERT M. DUNCAN b. 27 SEP 1829, Ohio
5. Dau: ELIZA JANE DUNCAN b. 19 JAN 1832, Ohio
6. Unk: Unavailable
7. Son: THOMAS DUNCAN b. 10 APR 1838, Ohio
8. Dau: MARY DUNCAN b. 26 SEP 1839, Ohio
9. Son: ADAM W. DUNCAN b. 31 JUL 1843, Ohio
10. Son: WILEY A. DUNCAN b. 1844, Ohio
Source Information: Batch Number: F836761 Sheet: 005 Source Call No.: 1395541 Type: Film
Record Problems #2.
     2.1 Has Adam m. "Mrs." Jennet DUNCAN, had she been m. before?
     2.2 List 10 Children? they have Adam W. & Wiley A., this is the same person..prs
     2.3 They are missing Son's Andrew & John, (Could be "Ubavailable"),...prs
 REF: 23.  Rustin BAKER
E-Mail Dated: Wed, Dec 22, 2010 At: 12:17am PSTime
Hello Paul, I am Claude Ruston Baker from the Andrew DUNCAN clan. I have Knowlege of the family and Spend time in Pitlochory Scotland and Edinbugh to Study our Family.
Jane (Wylie) DUNCAN is Buried in Clark Cemetary in Coshocton County on the Holmes County Border!
Here stone reads - "Jane Wylie DUNCAN wife of Andrew Born 1780 Died in 1853."
I live in Clark, Grew up in Killbuck where my Great Grandfather was the doctor!
John Henry DUNCAN
Son of William DUNCAN
GrandSon of John DUNCAN
Gr-GrandSon of Andrew DUNCAN
Gr-Gr-GrandSon of John DUNCAN
Kindest, Ruston Baker
 REF: 24.  

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Mrs. Vera B. (Duncan) WILSON, 1896-1988, age92yrs - Click on Thumbnail for larger Photo! These records are part of the "Genealogy Computer Package" *** PC-PROFILE *** Volume - II. DUNCAN & Related Families© Compiled and self Published in Oct. 14, 1993 by Paul R. Sarrett, Jr. with the assistance of my late mother Mrs. M. Lucille (WILSON) SARRETT. (1917-1987, age age 70yrs) & My Grandmother:   Click on RedBall for More Info. on this Source <---Mrs. Vera B. (DUNCAN) WILSON (1896-1988, age 92yrs) The "Work-Books" were compiled by listing the various families, born, married, died, and a history of that family branch. In 1996 I started "Up-Loading" this material on the now called Friends of Page Co., site...prs
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