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Friends of Page Co., IA. Genealogy & Family History
John Todd DUNCAN, 1808-1885, age 78yrs
Friends of Page Co.

(s/o Thomas DUNCAN & Dorcas TODD of Pennsylvania)
b. 04 Mar 1807, Conemaugh Twp., Indiana Co., Pennsylvania; 
d. 15 Sep 1885, at the age of 78 years, Page Co., IA. 
Buried: Maple Hill Cemetery, (See No Marker)
He married twice, first at a25y on __ Feb. 1832,  Indiana Co., PA. to [REF:#11] to 
18 year old Miss LETTIE REID/REED;
b. c1814, in Allegheny Co., Penn.; 
d. 20 Feb. 1867, age 58 years, Indiana Co., Pennsylvania.
Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me) in Indiana Co., PA.
They had 8 Children born to this 1st Union: [REF:#11]
At the age of 62y on 14 Sep 1869, at the Clarinda United Presbyterian 
Church, Clarinda, IA. he married 2nd to the 45 year old "Widow" 
She was the 1st daughter of JOHN & MARY (ALLEN) ALEXANDER,
b. __ ___. 1824, Philadelphia, PA;
d. 27 Feb. 1879, at the age of 55 years; Clarinda, IA.
She is Buried in the Mapel Hill Cemetery, Amity Twp., Page Co., IA;
Where a Headstone marks her grave. [Row 6, Lot 3]
She married twice, first 10 Oct. 1850 to Robert M. DUNCAN, 3Ch.
They had Three Children born to this first Union.
  FIRST MARRIAGE: *1832 PA. Miss Lettie RIED, 8Ch.
 Son/Dau  Click on Name for More Inf.  b.-d.  Married/Info.  Ch.
 1. Dau:  Letitia DUNCAN,  PA. c1832-1850 a??yrs ??.  dec'd bfr 1850 Census, Not Traced!  
 2. Son:  Henry DUNCAN,  PA. c1832-1850 a??yrs ??.  dec'd bfr 1850 Census, Not Traced!  
 3. Son:  James DUNCAN,  PA. c1832-1850 a??yrs ??.  dec'd bfr 1850 Census, Not Traced!  
 4. Dau:  Dorcus DUNCAN,  PA. c1832-1850 a??yrs ??.  dec'd bfr 1850 Census, Not Traced!  
 5. Dau:  Martha DUNCAN,  PA. c1832-1850 a??yrs ??.  dec'd bfr 1850 Census, m. Mr. HART?  
 6. Dau:  Isa"Bell" DUNCAN,  PA. *1833-1915 a82yrs IA.  m. 1st Andrew W. BRATTON,   0Ch.
 "  "  "  m. *1889 Ira R. FREEMAN,   0Ch.
 7. Dau:  Mary/Mariah DUNCAN,  PA. *1842-19?? a??yrs ??.  m. Mr. McLANE,   ?h.
 8. Son:  John Ried DUNCAN,  PA. c1844-19?? a??yrs ??.  Not Traced!  
  SECOND MARRIAGE: *1869 IA. Mrs. Mary A. (Alexander) DUNCAN, 0Ch.
 1. Step-Dau:  Jane DUNCAN,  IA. *1858-1914 a56yrs IA.  m. *1879 Alexander PINKERTON;   0Ch.
 2. Step-Son:  John Wiley DUNCAN,  IA. *1859-1947 a88yrs IA.  m. *1882 Anna Robertson BERRY;   5Ch.
 3. Step-Son:  Robt. "Alex" DUNCAN,  IA. *1862-1943 a83yrs IA.  m. *1885 Rachel PINKERTYN;   8Ch.
  Known Grandchildren/1st Cousins! 
  Chronological Order of Events
 John Todd DUNCAN
 Item  Date  Age  Description (Click on Underline for Source)  Living in Co.
 Born  1807    home of Parents in   Conemaugh Twp.,  Indiana Co., PA.
 Census  1810   3yrs  home of Parents and 7 Siblings in   Conemaugh Twp.  Indiana Co., PA.
 Census  1820  13yrs  home of "Widow" Mother and 6 Siblings in   Conemaugh Twp.  Indiana Co., PA.
 Census  1830  23yrs  home of "Widow" Mother & 2 Siblings in   Conemaugh Twp.  Indiana Co., PA.
 1st Mar.  1832  25yrs  home of Bride Miss Lettie RIED, age 18yrs   Conemaugh Twp.  Indiana Co., PA.
 Census  1840  33yrs  with 1st Wife & 2 Ch. & Wid Mother & Brother  Armstrong Twp.  Indiana Co., PA.
 Census  1850  43yrs  with 1st Wife & 3 Ch.   Young Twp.; Occup. "Mason" Value $400  Indiana Co., PA.
 Census  1860  53yrs  with 1st Wife & 3 Ch.   Young Twp.; Occup. "Mason" Value $500/$200  Indiana Co., PA.
 CWar  1863  56yrs  in June Enlisted in 62nd PA. Inf., Company "H"   Indiana Co., PA.
 Death  1867  60yrs  in Feb 1st Wife Lettie (RIED), age 58yrs   Young Twp.;  Indiana Co., PA.
 Moved  1867  60yrs  2 months later in Apr he moves to Page Co.    Page Co., IA.
 2nd Mar.  1869  62yrs  the Widow Mrs. Mary A. (Alexander) DUNCAN, age 45yrs   Clarinda  Page Co., IA.
 Census  1870  63yrs   w/ 2nd Wife & 3 Step-Ch  Clarinda, Nodaway Twp., "Stone Mason" Value $1,200/$160  Page Co., IA.
Marriage Mr. DUNCAN & Miss RIED
Mr. John T. DUNCAN, age 25yrs Son of Thomas (dec'd) & Dorcus (Todd) DUNCAN and
Miss Lettie RIED, age 18yrs Daughter of M/M RIED Parents were married in Conemaugh, Indiana Co., PA. on __ Feb 1832. [REF:#11] [Need M-Bk. #, Page #]
Civil War - June 27, 1863
John T. DUNCAN, a56y volunteered for service in "H" Company, 62nd Pennsylvania Volunteers. [REF:#11]
  The 62nd Pennsylvania Volunteers
Company D: "Finlay Cadets" (Armstrong Country, PA.)
Company D was recruited by Captain William C. Beck in Armstrong County. It is likely that he used Camp Orr, which had been established on the Fairground near Kittanning, to muster the company before it traveled to Pittsburgh to join the rest of the regiment. After arriving in the Washington, D.C. area for drilling, several members of Company D had an encounter with an important stranger.
The name of the Company was the Finlay Cadets. I am pretty sure of the spelling, but I have seen it spelled "Finley" as well. Speculating from a few facts, but no real evidence, I think it is possible that the unit was named for John B. Finlay. Finlay was a prominent lawyer and bank director in Armstrong County before and after the war, so he easily could have been the patron who originally funded and outfitted the company, especially if it grew out of a Home Guard unit. Many such military organizations were named for their benefactors. The other most common source for a comany's name was a geographic area, but I can find no township or village in Armstrong County named Finlay or Finley. An unlikely source, and only if the spellings of the company's name were slightly incorrect, was to the State of Pennsylvania's third governor William Findlay, who served from 1817 to 1820, and who died in 1846. That is really a stretch, and I can find no particular connection of Governor Findlay to Armstrong County for which the good citizens might which to honor him.
  Cemetery Location Unknown (to me) Indiana Co., PA.

(Need Photo of Headstone)
Lettie (Ried) DUNCAN, age 58yrs
Feb 20, 1867
   Two months later in Apr he moves to Page Co., IA.
Click on Thumbnail for larger Map!   Move to Page Co., Iowa April 1867
John T. DUNCAN, a60y moved to Page Co., IA. in Apr. 1867, and settled on 90 acres on Section 14, P.O. College Springs, IA. The Rev. SAMUEL ANDERSON of Indiana County, Penn. had a call to the United Presbyterian Church in Amity Township, (College Springs), Page County, Iowa. So in the fall (April) of 1867, the Rev. ANDERSON and 40 members of his congregation packed up their belongings and came to wilds of Page County, Iowa. [REF:#11]
Marriage Mr. DUNCAN & Mrs. DUNCAN
Mr. John T. DUNCAN, age 62yrs Son of Thomas & Dorcus (Todd) DUNCAN (dec'd) of Indiana Co., PA. and
Mrs. Mary Ann (ALEXANDER) DUNCAN, age 45yrs Daughter of John & Mary (Allen) ALEXANDER (dec'd) were married at the College Springs, United Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. ANDERSON, Page Co., Iowa on 14th Sep 1869.
State of Iowa     }
                           } SS.
County of Page }

W. W. RNFSELL, Clerk of the Circuit Court within and for said County and State hereby certify that JOHN T. DUNCAN and MARY A. DUNCAN of said County duly joined in marriage as husband and wife on the 14th day of September A.D. 1869 according to the laws of said State as shown by the records of said Court in my office. In witness whereof I have hereto set my hand and affixed the seal of said Court at Clarinda, Iowa this 14th. day of January A.D. 1870.
     W. W. Rnfsell, Clerk Circuit Court
Mrs. MARY ANN (ALEXANDER) DUNCAN DUNCAN prepared a "hand written" Last Will and Testament in Feb. 1879; Recorded County Clerk, 2nd. Feb. 1894; and was "Read and Filed" on the 26 March 1879 and Monday to 2nd. June 1879.
Click on Thumbnail for REF# History of Indiana County, PA. - 1880
by Celoron; pub. Newark, Ohio: J.A. Caldwell, 1880, 548 pgs. (LH11364, HeritageQuest images 6/2007;
Our subject is a son of Thomas Duncan and Dorcas Todd, both native born, who came from eastern Pennsylvania to this county about 1800, and settled on the farm in Young township now [1880] owned by Dr. Murray. Their children were:
1. Letitia, d.;
2. Martha, d., m. to Samuel Hart, d.;
3. James, our subject, b. in 1798, m. to Elizabeth Matthews, now deceased, and settled on present homestead in 1829;
4. Isabel, d., m. to Daniel Rhea, d.;
5. Henry, d.;
6. John, m. first to Miss Reed, d., second to Miss Duncan, d.;
7. Mary, d., m. to Mr. McLane, d.; and
8. Dorcas, d.
The children of our subject were:
     3.1 John M., b. in 1825, m. to Elizabeth Coleman, b. in 1829;
     3.2 Dorcas, d., m. to William McCurdy.
John M. remains on the homestead with our subject, his father, and his children are:
3.1.1 Jas Matthews, now a theological student at Allegheny U.P. Seminary, and graduate of Monmouth College;
3.1.2 Mary E.;
3.1.3 Mattie J.;
3.1.4 Robert C., d.;
3.1.5 Tirzah E.;
3.1.6 E. Alma;
3.1.7 D. Edith;
3.1.8 A. Josephine, d.;
3.1.9 John E.;
3.1.10 E. Jessie;
3.1.11 M. Alice;
3.1.12 Archy Wallace.
Our subject is now eighty-two years old, and retains his faculties well. His son John M. is an elder in Conemaugh U.P. church. The homestead of our subject was settled by John Matthews, pioneer, and included the Oliver farm, J. and M. Matthews farm and three Ewing farms.
Click on Thumbnail for REF# History of Page County, Iowa. - 1880
By Iowa Historical Company, Des Moines
John T. DUNCAN, on Page 623
DUNCAN, JOHN, farmer and stone-mason, Section 14, 90 acres of land, P. 0. College Springs; born in Indiana county, Pennsylvania, March 4, 1807, In April, 1867, he came to Page county with his family.
Volunteered June 27,1863, in Company H, Sixty-Second Pennsylvania Volunteers. Was one of the company which captured the famous Morgan, at Liverpool, Ohio.
He was married to Miss Lottie Reid, of Allegheny county, Pennsylvania, in February, 1832, by whom he had eight children, of whom only two are living:
Belle DUNCAN and
His 1st wife died February 20, 1867. He married second Miss Mary A. DUNCAN, of Clarinda, September 14, 1869; this wife died on February 27, 1879.
For fifty-three years of his life Mr. DUNCAN has been a member of the U.P. Church. His intergrity has never been questioned, and his genial qualities are worthy of all imitation.

Possible Record Problem!
In [REF:#11] Listed he married 2nd to "Miss Mary Ann DUNCAN?" She was Mrs. Mary Ann (ALEXANDER) DUNCAN! "Widow" of Robert M. DUNCAN, my Gr-Grandfather ..prs
JOHN T. DUNCAN death: It can be assumed that JOHN T. DUNCAN lived with his step-son's JOHN WILEY DUNCAN (until Johns marriage in 1882) and ROBERT ALEXANDER DUNCAN, until his death six years after MARY ANN ALEXANDER DUNCAN DUNCAN. JOHN T. DUNCAN died in 1885 at the age of 78 years old. JOHN T. DUNCAN is also reported as being buried in "Maple Hill" Cemetery, College Springs, Page Co., Iowa. [REF:#14] (No head stone found to date, 1986 by this writer prs) In [REF:#11] says he was buried in Pennsylvania. 6. Belle L. DUNCAN; (AFN:1ZG9-87J) (d/o John T. & Lettie (REED) DUNCAN [REF:#001] b. 20 May 1833, Indiana Co., Pa d. 18 Dec 1915, a82y Indianola, Warren Co., Ia Buried: Indianola, Warren Co., Ia At a 56y she married 2nd on 24 Apr 1889, in Warren Co., Ia 55 year old Ira Randolph FREEMAN (AFN:1ZG6-XM2) (s/o Wilson FREEMAN (AFN:1ZG8-D9H) & Martha MCDOWELL (AFN:1ZG8-DBP) b. 04 Jul 1834, Crawford Co., Pa d. 24 Jun 1914, a80y in Indianola, Warren Co., Ia Buried: Indianola, Warren Co., Ia No Issue! Miss Belle DUNCAN, a29y moved to Page Co., IA. in Apr. 1867, with her Widowed father John T. DUNCAN and settled on 90 acres on Section 14, P.O. College Springs, IA. [REF:#11] 1870 Census, M-593, Reel 414, Page 509, FVisit:1343/1343 Washington Twp., P.O. College Springs, IA. Andrew BRATTON, a37y b. 1833 OH. Farmer $4,000/$2,500 Wife: Mary, a36y b. 1834 OH. Keeping House Thomas GRAY, a25y b. 1845 IL. Farmer Bell DUNCAN, a32y b. 1838 PA. "Milliner"
United Presbyterian Congregation of Amity, Page Co., IA.
Dated: Jan. 13, 1874

The Moderator presented a libel preferred against Mr. Andrew W. BRATTON, [a41y] and is as follows:
"Libel preferred against Mr. Andrew W. BRATTON by order of the Session of the United Presbyterian Congregation of Amity, Page Co., IA. whereas, taking the name of God in vain in the use of profane language, and unfaithfullness to Marriage Vows, are heinous sins, and scandals contrary to the Word of God. (See Ex 20:7, Eph. 5:25, and 1 Col. 3:19) and to the profession of this Church (Shorter catechism Ques. 53-56, V, confession of Faith Chap. 24) and injurious to the religion of Christ, and ought to be censured. Yet true it is that you Mr. Andrew W. BRATTON, are supposed to be guilty of the matters of scandal above specified."
     Firstley: In so far as you Andrew W. BRATTON have been known at different times to make use of language which did profame the name of God!
     Secondley: You have been guilty of Unfaithfullness to marriage vows; in so far as 1st. You have neglected to manifest that Affection, Sympathy & Respect for your wife (Mrs. Mary BRATTON) which a husband is bound to maifest toward his wife, and have maifested that affection and respect for another woman (Miss Belle DUNCAN), which was due your wife, by repeatedly consulting with and making a confidant of that other one instead of your wife.
     Thirdley: In so far as you have repeatedly thrown yourself in company with Miss Belle DUNCAN under such circumstance as to lead to supicion of an undue intimacy with her.
The above charges being found relevant, and proved against you, you ought to be proceeded against by the cinsure of the Lord's house, according to the nature of your said offenses and scandal.
Quit-Claim Deed
Filed for Record: May 05, 1888

Know all Men by these Presents: That I Belle (DUNCAN) BRATTON, [a50y] heirs of Mary A. DUNCAN and John T. DUNCAN of the town of Euron, County of Hamilton, and State of Nebraska.
For the Consideration of One Dollar hereby QUIT-CLAIM to
John W. DUNCAN, of the County of Page, and State of Iowa the following described Real Estate, situated in the County of Page and State of Iowa, to-wit;
The SE 1/4, SW 1/4 and SW 1/4, SE 1/4 of Section 14
also the S 1/2, SW 1/4, SW 1/4, SW 1/4 of Section 13
in Township 67 North Range of Range 37 west of the 5th P.M.
In Witness Whereof, we have set our hand this 6th day of April, 1888
In the Presence of:
D.P. WILCOX (Notary Public)
Source & Reference Notes for John T. DUNCAN [REF:#001] LDS - Ancestral File File 48176480 By LAURANE NASH 23 HILL CR. RED DEER AB CANADA T4N 6G3 John DUNCAN (AFN:1ZG9-DNW) b. c1808 , Of Indiana Co., Pa Married: Bef 1833 , Of Indiana Co., Pa Miss Lettie REED (AFN:1ZG9-DP4) b. c1810 , Of Indiana Co., Pa Children 1. Dau: Belle L. Bratton, *1833-1915 a82y m. *1889 Ira R. FREEMAN, ?Ch. [REF:#002] Duncan research files of Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson ( The Genealogy Bug Last revised July 1, 2000 HomePage See PED: Pedigrie Benj. Lee DUNKIN

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