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Name Index to 1885 Illustrated Atlas
of Pottawattamie County, Iowa

Compiled in 1995 by Sharon Snipes and Bob Anderson
Copyright 1995 Pottawattamie County Genealogical Society

NOTES: This index was prepared by examining each section in each township using a magnifying glass to decipher the name of each land owner. In many instances the name was considerably reduced (or abbreviated) to fit within a very small space. The typestyle used by the original publisher looked like an "E" at first glance but was an "F" on further examination. We apologize for any discrepancies and would appreciate your reporting errors and/or omissions to us at the above address. We made no assumptions and suggest that you don't either. Is "J. Able" on page 41 the same person as "Jos. Able" on page 41? It's possible, but there is no way to be certain from the information available here. Also, many of these people owned more than one piece of land in a township, but we have listed their name only once for each page on which we found them. Therefore, be sure to look over the entire township for other property owned by the same person.