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Iowa Books & Periodicals

State or Country Title Additional Information
Alabama Alabama Baptist Historian Church/Religion
Alabama Chattahoochee Tracings (1982-1984) Societies
Alaska Alaska by Bern Keating
Arizona Family Connections Quarterly
Arizona Phoenix, Valley of the Sun History
Arizona Surname Project Genealogy
California Bulletin - Southern California Genealogical Society Newsletter 1980-1981 20 issues
California California Heritage
California Diablo Descendants Newsletter - #29-55
California Index to Biographies in 19th Century California County Histories
California Marin County Genealogical Society Newsletter & Quarterly 1979-1980 (6 issues)
California Miscellaneous from Long Beach, Sacramento, Santa Clara, etc (files)
California Pacific Historical Review 1976-1978 (10 issues)
California Personal Name Index to 1856 City Directories (1856)
California Questing Heirs Long Beach - 23 volumes
California San Diego Genealogical Society 1980-1982 17 newsletters
California Spinazze's Index to the Argonauts of California
California Searcher, The 1973-1982 quarterly - 28 issues
Connecticut Black Roots in Southeastern Connecticut 1650-1900
Connecticut Connecticut Nutmegger (24 volumes) 1977-1983
Connecticut Connecticut Nutmegger Volumes 10-15
Connecticut Connecticut Researchers Handbook
Connecticut Early Connecticut Marriages: Ancient Church Records Prior to 1800
Delaware Ship Passenger Lists: Pennsylvania and Delaware 1641-1825
Vermont Biographical Sketches Windsor County
District of Columbia Black History, Guide to Civilian Records
District of Columbia Indian Microfilm at National Archives in Southwest Region
District of Columbia National Archives - Guide to Genealogical Records
District of Columbia National Archives Publications with Index
District of Columbia National Genealogical Society (newsletters) 1979-1981
District of Columbia National Genealogical Society (quarterlies) 1976-1980
District of Columbia Prologue (Journal of the National Archives) 1972-1983
District of Columbia Washington from Banneker to Douglas
Florida Buried Treasurers (Florida Genealogical & Historical Society) 1979-1981
Georgia Abstracts of Georgia Colonial Conveyance, Book C-1 1750-1761
Georgia Abstracts of Georgia Colonial Conveyance, Book J 1755-1762
Georgia Family Tree, The 1994-1996 (Newsletters)
Georgia Prisoners Who Died at Andersonville Prison U.S. Civil War
Georgia Seven State Cen Repts for Co. in Georgia 1838-1845
Georgia 1800 Federal Census of Lincoln County, Georgia
Georgia 1850 Federal Census of Gilmore County, Georgia
Hawaii Journal of Asian Studies 1975-1977
Idaho Genealogical Reference Builders
Illinois 1840 Federal Census (DuPage County) 1840
Illinois 1850 Federal Census (DuPage County) 1850
Illinois 1850 Federal Census (Grundy County) 1850
Illinois 1850 Federal Census of Henderson County, Illinois 1850
Illinois 1850 Federal Census (Marshall County) 1850
Illinois 1850 Federal Census (Mason County) 1850
Illinois 1850 Mortality Census (Sangamon County) 1850
Illinois Birth and Death Records (St. Clair County) 1856-1870
Illinois Catholic Church in Chicago 1673-1871
Illinois Counties of Inc. Municipalities of Illinois 1977
Illinois Counties of Illinois 1977
Illinois DuPage County Genealogical Society (Newsletters) 1981-1982
Illinois Early Federal Land Sales (Sangamon County)
Illinois Fellowship of Brethren Genealogists (Newsletter) 1982-1985
Illinois French, Indian and George Clar in Illinois Country
Illinois Fulton County Historical & Genealogical Society Newsletters 1983-1985
Illinois Fulton County Illinois Heritage
Illinois Great Britain and the Illinois Country 1763-1774
Illinois Greene County
Illinois Guide to Public Vital Statistics in Illinois
Illinois History of Macon County, Illinois 1976
Illinois History of McDonough County, Illinois (2 volumes) 1976
Illinois Illinois Libraries 1973-1979
Illinois Illinois Magazine (4 issues)
Illinois Index to the 1850 Fed Cen-Chicago 1850
Illinois Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society 1963
Illinois Lombard Suburban Genealogical Society (11 issues) 1979-1981
Illinois Mennonite Heritage (5 issues) 1979-1980
Illinois Oak Hill Cemetery, Clear Lake Township, Cemetery Inscriptions (Sangamon County)
Illinois Obituaries from Central Illinois 1848-1880
Illinois Old Family Records
Illinois Patriot Souvenir Edition (Carrollton, Illinois) 1986
Illinois Pioneers and Old Settlers (Greene County)
Illinois Publications of the State of Illinois 1975
Illinois Schuyler-Brown Historical & Genealogical Society Newsletter 1980-1982
Illinois South Suburban Genealogical & Historical Society (16 issues) 1980-1982
Illinois St. Clair County Genealogical Society (49 newsletters) 1978-1982
Illinois St. Clair County Genealogical Society (5 quarterlies) 1978-1982
Illinois Woodford County, Illinois History 1968
Indiana Allen County Lines
Indiana Early Land Records & Court Indexes (Knox County) 1783-1815
Indiana Early Marriage Records 1828-1847 (Hancock County) 1828-1847
Indiana Genealogical Informer (5 issues) 1981
Indiana Genealogy (84 volumes) 1975-1986
Indiana History Bulletin (Indiana Historical Bureau) (63 volumes) 1975-1981
Indiana History of Indiana from its Exploration to 1850 Early to 1850
Indiana History of Indiana Historical Society 1830-1980
Indiana Hoosier Journal of Ancestry 1978
Indiana Indiana Historical Society Annual Report 1974-1979
Indiana Indiana Historical Society Newsletters (27 issues) 1978-1980
Indiana Indiana Historical Society Lectures 1976-1977
Indiana Indiana and the Old Northwest
Indiana Indiana Source Book
Indiana Portraits & Painters of the Governors of Indiana 1800-1978
Indiana Revolutionary War Soldiers Buried in Lawrence County, Indiana
Indiana Sweet Memories of "Old Indianie"
State or Country Title Additional Information
State or Country Title Additional Information
State or Country Title Additional Information
State or Country Title Additional Information
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