Patrons of the Iowa State Historical Atlas 1875 Who Were Born in Ireland 

Clinton County


Residence Business Nativity Came
To Iowa
Bloomfield Twp
McCloy, Wm. Section 12 Farmer Ireland 1855
O'Merra, John Section 25 Farmer Ireland 1853
Berlin Twp
Buckley, Andrew Section 16 Farmer Ireland 1852
Hughes, Richard Section 3 Farmer Ireland 1854
Elk River Twp
McCord, John Section 28 Farmer Ireland 1872
Liberty Twp
Murphy, J.C. Toronto Priest Ireland 1872
Clinton Twp
Dunn, Adam Section 14 Farmer Ireland 1842
Hampshire Twp
Horner, Robt. Section 6 Farmer Ireland 1864

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