Patrons of the Iowa State Historical Atlas 1875 Who Were Born in Ireland 

Jones County


Residence Business Nativity Came
To Iowa
Fairview Twp        
Green, J.A. Section 6 Quarymn & Stone Dlr Ireland 1867
Holt, E.C. Anamosa Builder Ireland 1857
Holt, J. Anamosa Mason Ireland 1858
Maher, P. Anamosa Clergyman Ireland 1870
Castle Grove Twp        
O'Dowd, Peter Section 4 Priest Cavan 1872
Fairview Twp        
Stevenson, John Section 7 Farmer Donegal 1837
Scotch Grove Twp        
Fagan, Thomas Section 13 Farmer Ireland 1856
Wyoming Twp        
Kirkpatrick, James Onslow Retired Ireland 1853
Cass Twp        
Flaherty, Francis Section 8 Farmer Ireland 1858
Hale Twp        
Kirkpatrick, Moore Section 35 Farmer Ireland 1867
Jackson Twp        
Corcoran, M.D. Section 29 Farmer Ireland 1856
Washington Twp        
Rouche, Rev L Section 28 Priest Limerick 1872

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