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Patrons of the Iowa State Historical Atlas 1875 Who Were Born in Ireland 

Polk County


Residence Business Nativity Came
To Iowa
Des Moines Twp
Riddle, Wm. Des Moines Horseshoeing Ireland 1859
Wogan, James Des Moines Bookkeeping Ireland 1850
Douglas Twp        
Nash, Michael Section 3 Farmer Limerick 1856
O'Brien, James Section 15 Farmer Tipperary 1857
Scott, Timothy Section 14 Farmer Clare 1855
Delaware Twp        
Cassilly, P.B. Section 13 Farmer Armagh 1864
Washington Twp        
Cunningham, Patrick Section 16 Farmer Tipperary 1870
Quinn, Daniel Section 10 Farmer Tipperary 1857
Franklin Twp        
Maloney, Daniel Section 8 Farmer & Stock Feeder Tipperary 1856
Walnut Twp        
Flynn, Martin Section 28 Farmer & R.R. Contr. Ireland 1863

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