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Scott County Queries

Anne Duchess Posted 01/01/98

Looking for info on the Claus LORENZEN family line; immigrated from Germany around 1880, married Laura ARP of LeClair,IA; believe they had a large family. Any info will be appreciated

Dave Hagist Posted 01/01/98

Looking for information concerning Laura Belle GRAY, Charles A. GRAY and Amos B. GRAY. All born between 1858 and 1862 in either Marion or Warren County, IA. The were the children of Amos Hixon Gray. The children were sent to the Soldiers Orphnage in Davenport in about 1872 following the death of their mother. Any information would be helpful.

Robb Kopp Posted 01/01/98

Seeking data on Mathilda Rohse, born Davenport, IA - September 16, 1894, Seeking Parents Names.

Herbert S. Norris Posted 01/08/98

My wife and I would like to get to know and communicate with her twin half sisters Delores and Mary Harbeck, or their descendants, if any. My wife, Lois Elnora HARBECK is the Granddaughter of - Henry HARBECK Jr., born July 1871 in Iowa and died Sep 20 1939 in Davenport, Iowa -, and his wife Minnie B. RUSSELL. Lois is the daughter of Henry and Minnie's son, Henry John HARBECK born Dec 15, 1899 in Davenport, Iowa and died in 1942 at Davenport, Iowa. Her mother is Dorothy Helen PURCELL. Lois' name is spelled HARBECH on her birth record due to sloppy penmanship on the original document recording her birth. Lois was born on May 6, 1939 in Davenport, Iowa. Lois has no idea as to who the twins mother is, but thinks she may have passed away in the early 1940's. If anyone is interested there is an old photograph of the Delores and Mary on my son-in-law and daughters home page. Check it out!

Helge Steinar Marø Posted 01/08/98

Research for relatives after Karsten Henrik Hansen, born May 22. 1855 in Leka  parish, Nord-Trondelag, Norway. He emigrated to USA 1876/77, and stay in Scott County Iowa, 1878, and at 1903 he have wife and sons, but names and livingplace are unknown.

>Please wrote to Helge Maroe, N7672 Rora, Norway.

Marlene and Dennis Burkheimer Posted 01/08/98

Samuel & Mary Teas Moore Ireland > Scott Co. IA 1849, Children Mary, John, Margaret, Alex and Samuel. dau Mary Moore @1811-1845, widow of John McFate, remarried to Wm  Stewart, Ire>PA>Scott Co. Children: James McFate, Sam McFate, David Stewart, Mary Stewart, Alexander Stewart.

Jim Wenker Posted 01/10/1998

We are researching our genealogy. A great-uncle by the name of Herman Wenker lived in Davenport, IA. He died there in the early 1940's. We have no other info. If you can find out anything about him, we would greatly appreciate it.

Jim Wenker
3600 Brookhaven Dr
Amelia, OH 45102

John Ennis Golden Posted 01/10/1998

I am searching for information on James Ennis who migrated to winfield township, Scott county in 1850 Wife Elizabeth Crawford--Children Margaret Cooper/Ann Glynn--James/Edward/John/Charles--Any living relitives that may have any information regarding senior James origin in Longford Cty,Ireland. I am also seeking information on Margaret O"hern who was married to the younger James Ennis she married James in 1860 she had a brother Michael and sister Mary who both married Kelleys

Barb Posted 01/10/98

I am seeking information about JAMES M. BOWLING, who settled in Scott Co. 1835. Would like to know if he is Father or Grandfather of CATHERINE ELDORA BOWLING,(DORA). She married EDWARD C. ROOT. Dora d:Aug 2,1909 at Mt Pleasant, Iowa and was b:Aug. 5, 1909. I would appreciate any information on BOWLING family.

Fran Posted 01/21/98

Three daughters of Jesse and Rachel (WHITE) EBLIN reportedly served in military hospital at Davenport, Iowa during Civil War. Cynthia EBLIN (married Henry WHITE 1870 St. Clair Co. MO); Mary R. EBLIN (married Emanuel REAM 1863 Knoxville, IA); and Sarah Margaret EBLIN (married James H. READING 1861 St. Clair Co. MO). James H. READING served Civil War in Co. G, 18th Iowa Inf. Do not know why these people all went to Davenport, IA from St. Clair Co. MO; any information appreciated.

William P. Mounts Posted 01/21/98

Looking for connections to JOSEPH MOUNTS, OR A J. MOUNTS, early settler in Buffalo or Blue Grass, in Scott County, Iowa. He could be a brother to ASA MOUNTS, and wife, ELIZABETH, who came to IOWA from ILLINOIS, TAZEWELL COUNTY, about 1844. They had one son, JOHN, who was born in ILLINOIS, they later had four girls ,LAURA 1848, LUCINDA 1851, ANN 1853, HARRIET 1855. The family is next seen in Montgomery County, Missouri census of 1860. According to records of Blue Grass, Iowa, JOSEPH MOUNTS had ten children, the first being a girl. Any help in my query will be welcomed.

Cathy Stoppel Posted 01/21/98

I'm searching for an A. MCCLURE of Davenport who visited brother Azariah David MCCLURE of Republic Kansas in June 1894. The article stated the brothers had not seen each other for about fourteen years. The MCCLURES were born in Huntingdon Co. PA. I believe parents to be James and Keziah MCCLURE. Thanks for any help you may give me and I'm happy to share the information that I have on the MCCLURE family.

Ron Westberg Posted 01/23/98

My Grandfather,Authur George Westberg was born October 10,1891 in Davenport Iowa. He was oldest son of Swedish Imigrants. His father Samual Paul Westberg from Northern Sweden,(from a logging family)His mother Marie (Johansson)or(Johnston) Westberg from Southern Sweden.

Gene Edward Crossett, Jr Posted 02/08/98

temporary Crossett genealogy site at

Requesting information, please, on following:

Edward Savage CROSSETT
b. 4 Feb 1828; Plattsburgh, Clinton, New York
m. 1 Oct 1873; Pittsfield, Otsego, New York, to Harmony Eliza Clark
d. 13 Dec 1910; Davenport, Scott, Iowa

need: death information (location of court records, obituary, date and place of burial) Edward Savage was one of three founders of Crossett, Arkansas, celebrating their centennial in 1999.

Edward Clark "Ned" CROSSETT, son of Edward Savage CROSSETT
b. 7 Aug 1882; Davenport, Scott, Iowa
m. 2 Jan 1909
need: birth information (location of court records) and any other information

Elizabeth Ashley CROSSETT, daughter of Edward Clark CROSSETT
b. 10 Jan 1910; Davenport, Scott, Iowa
need: birth information (location of court records) and possible marriage information (spouse's name, date, place, location of court records)

Ruth Rankin CROSSETT, daughter of Edward Clark CROSSETT
b. 26 May 1912; Davenport, Scott, Iowa
need: birth information (location of court records) and possible
marriage information (spouse's name, date, place, location of court

Carolyn Clark CROSSETT, daughter of Edward Clark CROSSETT
b. 16 FEB 1916; Davenport, Scott, Iowa
need: birth information (location of court records) and possible marriage information (spouse's name, date, place, location of court records)

Margaret LaCugna Posted 02/08/98

Justina Peterson was born in Allens Grove, Scott County 5/16/1857 and married John Russell Mowry and she died 5/14/1899 in Maxwell, Polk County. I am seeking information about her parents and other ancestors.

John Russell Mowry was born in Lyons, Iowa October 30, 1853, son of Junia Smith...I have his family all the way back to Rhode Island 1600 and would like to work through the Justina Peterson line. He died Aug 4, 1881 but I do not know where.

These are my maternal great grandparents and would appreciate a referral if you can!

Leslie Granat Posted 02/08/98

HUNT, Dr. Will F.

Seeking information on the family of Dr. Will F. Hunt, who resided at 745 Henry Street, Davenport, IA in May of 1907, when he contacted the Department of Pensions about the military history of a mutual ancestor, Peter Hunt.

Perry Franklin AlberryPosted 02/15/98

I am particularly interested in the rare name ALBERRY

1. James Alberry, born 1760 in Virginia; died 1830-1852 in Scott County, Iowa. He was the son of 2. Thomas Alberry and 3. Widow Hawkins. He married (1) Mary Polly Pitzer 1795 in Maryland. He married (2) Anna Peters 1806 in Allegany Co. MD. She was the daughter of Henry Peters and Sarah Furman.

Children of James Alberry and Mary Pitzer are:

i. Thomas Alberry, born December 14, 1794; died March 01, 1867; married Elizabeth Rhodes September 26, 1816 in Licking County, Ohio.
ii. Richard Alberry, born 1796 in Maryland; died in Washington County, Ohio.
iii. Anthony Alberry, born 1797 in Allegancy County, Maryland; died Bef. 1860 in McLean County, Illinois; married Rebeca Jones February 20, 1820 in Licking County, Ohio.
iv. Francis Allberry, born 1799.

Any ALBERRY or variations in spelling considered,

Perry Franklin Alberry
Po Box 1234
duarte, Ca 91001

Pat Brown Posted 02/15/98

I am looking for decendants of JACOB G. HOUSEMAN (HUISMAN) born in Winterswijk, Holland in on March 21, 1821 to GEERTRUID HUISMAN, an unwed mother. He immigrated to the United States sometime between 1850-1870 or thereabouts. He was married in the old country and has a son HENDRIKUS JACOBUS. Then married when he came to this country to ?. In 1874 he married a ELIZABETH NAKKEN. The ? wife I have been told was a sister to ELIZABETH NAKKEN. The second wife had sons Jake, I think a George and maybe a daughter. The last wife, ELIZABETH NAKKEN was my great grandmother. They had nine children who all but the last two were born in Holland, Michigan. I am told that some of the family, the ones of the GEORGE HOUSEMAN stayed in Davenport. If you have any information on this family please contact me.

Mona Bruce Posted 03/05/98

Minnie Belle Rook was born in Princeton on June 13,1876. She married Sylvania Blair Geesey in Davenport April 1895. Their son, Michael Geesey was born in LeClaire on April 25, 1896. Minnie died in Princeton on Jan 6, 1955 and is buried there.

Tammy Dolan Posted 03/05/98

I am looking for information on a brother and sister who were given to the Annie Whitmier Home (spelling?) in Davenport, to be place for adoption. The year was somewhere in the mid to late 1940s. The siblings names at the time were Thelma Louise Todd, who would be approximately 54-55 years of age now and a younger brother Johnny Todd. Their parents were Anna and Henry Todd. I believe at the time the Todds were living in Vinton Iowa. The brother and sister may have been born in Vinton or Iowa City. Another brother Richard, was also given for adoption but has been reunited with the family.

Any information would be helpful, including information on obtaining records from the Annie Whitmier Home, if that is even the correct name.

Lee Dueck Posted 03/05/98

SCHERER/DESENDORF- Searching for information on Emma Almeda Scherer b. Jan 16, 1862 in Scott Co. near Davenport. She married Frederic Dewitt Desendorf in Washington Co. KS June 6, 1880 Her parents were Frederic Riley Scherer b. 1822 in ?? d. Sept 11, 1889 in Waterville, KS married Lily ??, b. June 29, 1829 Fayette Co. NC and d. Mar 12 1897 in Waterville, KS Any information on Emma family would be helpful, are there any siblings, where was her her father born, mother's maiden name etc

Name not given Posted 03/05/98

I am researching Joachim Noring ( or perhaps Joachim Nohring ). He is my great-great grandfather. He arrived from Prussia in Davenport, IA on or about November 3, 1864. He was born on 11-05-1824 and died 04-07-1884. In the states he was married to Margaret Houke, Catherine Hucke, and a Catherine Ball Gall. One of his sons was named Edmund Noring who married a Hattie Bowser. Most of my imediate family settled in central Iowa, in Dallas, Story, and Polk counties. Any info would be appreciated. Thank You.

Valerie Posted 03/05/98

Charles Forrest Longwell was b 1898 in IL to Thomas and Etta May (INGRAM) LONGWELL. After his parents divorced in 1900, He and his father moved to Moline IL abt 1915, and married Isabella "Belle" BARNETT from Scotland. They had a dau Dorothy (CHESTNUT) LONGWELL.

Charles Forrest m: Fannie Annie Matilda CARSTENS b 1903 of Buffalo IA, in 1919. In 1920 they had a son.

In Dec. 1923, Charles wore something to work at the quarry that he was proud of...a long sleeve shirt he had just been given as a gift. During the greasing of the hopper, his sleeve caught the cogs, and he was crushed in the rock crushing machine. He died the following morning, leaving a young widow and an 18 month old son.

His father, Thomas, in Moline, worked at John Deere and ran a restaurant called "WORKING MANS HOME" during 1920-35ish.

I would like to correspond with anyone who knew the LONGWELLs' of Davenport or Moline. I would also like to have more information about the "Linwood Rock Quarry of the 1920's" or the restaurant "Working Mans Home' in Moline in the 1930-40's.

Debbie Blankenship Posted 03/05/98

I am searching for information on MESKILS in Scott Co. In the 1900 Census it lists a WILLIAM MESKIL in Davenport Twp. Scott Co, IA age 7 St. Vincent Home and he is listed as a pupil. This family eventually moved to Bond Co. Illinois. I am also searching for information on Williams parents Michael Meskil who was in Creston Twp. Union Co, IA on the 1900 Census, but it lists a boarder not his wife. Michaels mothers name was CATHERINE SISCKLE OR SICKLE and is not listed on the census with Michael. Trying to find out if she had died and thats why the son was sent to St. Vincent Home. Any information on either surname would be greatly appreciated.

Becky Schultz Posted 03/05/98

ROBISON pioneer settlers of Scott Co.

3 ROBISON brothers sons of James H ROBISON Sr.of NC and Elizabeth PARKS of PAsettled in Scott Co in the period 1836-1837. They immigrated from   Warren Co, OH to Parke Co, IN to IA they are:

1. Joseph Parks ROBISON (~1798-1862) married Mary
He went on to Storey Co, IA where he eventually died

2. James H ROBISON Jr. 1805-1883 married Geuvicy (Eliza) GOODWIN died in Buffalo Twp, Scott CO

Children of James H:

Elizabeth G b. 1837
Margaret J
James HP b 1845
Charity M b. aft 1850

3. John Harvey ROBISON (1806-1852) married Mary E died in Buffalo Twp, Scott Co

Children of John Harvey:

Joseph P b IA
Mary Elizabeth (GOERING) b 1838, married 1855 in Blue Grass TWp
Eliza J (BRUS) b. 1840 Buffalo Twp, married 1861 Scott Co, died 1931  in Blue Grass Twp.

I am looking for information on James Sr. and would be happy to share info with other ROBISON/ROBINSON researchers

Question: is this family related to John ROBINSON killed in Scott Co about 1838 with his widow listed in Long Grove as bringing in some Scottish immigrants ?

Donald L. Hendrix Posted 03/05/98

Seeking information and contact with other researchers following descendants of Daniel CONRAD, b. PA 1822, m. Nancy HARPSTER 1840 and moved to Scott co., IA 1844, where they lived for 14 years, eventually moving to Clinton co., IA. Daniel was a M. E. minister and successful farmer, the couple had eight children

Kirk Hall Posted 03/05/98

Hi, I am Kirk Hall and am seeking info on the following families enumerated consecutively in the 1840 census of Scott County - W.B. Warren, Eli Fish, David Miller, Benjamin Buck and Jonathan Hall. Spouses and childrens names would be most helpful, I am most interested in the Hall and Fish families, but anything will help as I think they all may have came there together and at least some of the families are related by marriage. Anything at all would be helpful. Thanks!

Don Shoop Posted 03/05/98

I am attempting to trace my grandmothers family, using information from family memory only. Grandmother Rosanna Shindle was born in Davenport Iowa to George and Sarah Shindle on 17 April 1875. She married a John Shoop in the late 1800's and they lived in Atchison and McPherson, Kansas. My father, Virgil Luther Shoop was born in Bloomington, Nebraska on 20 Aug 1896. I have the family history from his birth to date, but know nothing prior. Are birth records of Rosanna Shindle available? Is there any record of George and Sarah Shindle in Scott county? Was John Shoop from Iowa? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Charles Goudiss Posted 03/20/98

I am looking for information about my mother, LaVerta McCormick, who was born March 6, 1904 to Ralph McCormick and Minnie Bendle McCormick.

Joan E. Doeckel-Lehan Posted 03/20/98

Seeking information on Gustav Schnitger who came to Scott Co. in 1853 Seeking information on Rev. Heinrich G. Balcke who came to Scott Co 1859 he had for known children Johanna, John, Anna, and Emma Balcke who Married Dietrich Busch of East Davenport.

Seeking additional information on their cousin, Miss Hermine Orth who was an accomplished singer. She also grew up and was raised in Davenport.

Joan E. Doeckel-Lehan Posted 03/20/98

Seeking information on Rev. Heinrich Balcke who was a Methodist minister in Scott Co. He is buried in Oakdale Cemetery with his wives Johanna and a Marie ? . Seeking the maiden surname of Johanna Balcke and her daughter Emma Balcke Busch ( Dietrich Busch of East Davenport). They are of German-birth. Seeking info on a cousin by the name of Hermine Orth or Hilda Orth. She lived in Davenport and was an accomplished singer. Willing to share any info on this family lineage.

George W. Treadwell Posted 03/20/98

My great grandfather, Peter Rath, was married in Davenport in 1879 and his first child was born there in 1880. He owned/managed(?) the Five Mile House in Eldridge, Iowa. Was Eldridge a part of Scott County in 1880? I couldn't find him in the 1880 US census of Scott County. I'd appreciate an answer from someone who knows the boundaries.

Becky Sue Ednresak Posted 03/20/98

Any information on Crystal Ann Endresak(Bock) or anyone with the last name of Endresak, Endreshak, or Endres. Married Frank Endresak in the early 1970's or late 1960's.

Joan E. Doeckel-Lehan Posted 03/20/98


Gustav August Schnitger born May 23, 1823 in Westphalia, Germany. Lived in Davenport, Iowa from 1853 thru 1878. Was a businessman in the city, Scott County Sheriff; a Major in the Civil War, and then became a US Marshall in the NW territory of Wyoming. Friend of President Theodore Roosevelt. His niece was Mathilda H. Schnitger DOECKEL of Rock Island.

His brother was Heinrich Louis Schinitger, a businessman in Rock Island. His date of death Jan. 11, 1902. He is buried next to his two wives and a son in Oakdale Cemetery, Davenport, Iowa.

Rose Brammer Posted 03/20/98

I,m looking Bruce Quick that Died in Davenport, Ia Nov of 1957. If anyone can look up this information for me and get a copy of the obit out of the paper please let me know.

M.K.Feeney Posted 03/20/98

OFFERMAN/NN: GGGrandmother Dorothy Haase Offermann, wife of John Offermann. Looking for names and dates of news articles about "Offermanns Island" so named from about 1860-1880. Later named Suburban Island, then Credit Island. Thank you.

Phil Clark Posted 04/06/98

Seeking any information about Mrs. Herbert MURRAY, nee LEFFEL, and/or  her brother Paul LEFFEL. They are listed as living in Davenport from a 1920 obituary from Michigan City, Indiana. Will be glad to provide ancestor information.

Robin Hollyfeld Posted 04/06/98

Subject: Rosella Fritz Conklin

Husband Guy Conklin children Avo, Edna, Irwin, Orlin, Uraldean, Walter.
Avo Mae Conklin 1894?
Uraldean Benjamin Conklin 1/21/1904
I have hit a brick wall I can not find any info on the parent I just need enough info so I can go on Like on the Birth cert. they sometime state where the mother was born. Any help would be great.....

Walt Warnick Posted 04/06/98


Maude Camelia "Cammie" Major (b. 11/21/1866 at Barton, MD). At the time of the 1880 census she was living with her parents in Forreston Township, Ogle County, Illinois. She married David Brajonied (spelling uncertain). She was living at Princeton, Scott County, Iowa, in 1898 when her mother Mary gave an affidavit. Mary had just returned to Washington state from a visit with Maude, but Mary reported that the climate didn't agree with her. Any info about Brajonied family?

Dennis O'Connor Posted 04/06/98

I am looking for any information on the origins of the O'Connor family of Winfield Township prior to Owen O'Connor. Owen O'Connor married Margaret Feeney.

Esther Atkinson-Turmelle Posted 04/06/98

I am looking for information on the family line of my great-great grandfather. His name is James Alexander Atkinson. He was born in Ohio on August 1, 1839. He spent some years in Davenport as a young man. He married Sophia Severn of Toronto, Canada on September 7, 1869. Their children were Laura, Edith, Charles Severn, Anne Lois, and Ralph James. James is buried in Oakdale Cemetery along with his daughter Laura Atkinson Thomas, Charles B. Atkinson, Susan S. Bowman Atkinson (probably James's parents), Elizabeth  Atkinson Miller, George Atkinson, and Mary R. Atkinson (probably some of James's siblings). At this point I don't know where to go for information. I traveled to Davenport four years ago to search for information, but I wasn't able to find much of anything. I really need to know how all these Atkinsons fit together in terms of lineage. I have all these names, but they aren't  really doing me any good until I know the lines.  If you have access to any records that might help, please send me a post. If you need further information, please get in touch with me. I can furnish more birthdates and names if you need.

Ken Posted 04/06/98

I am looking for my gggrandmother Amanda Muth believe born c1872 in Davenport, any help greatly appreciated.

Darin Council Posted 04/06/98

Looking for information on Fullmers from Princeton, IA, circa early/mid 1800's

JoAnn Bogard Posted 04/06/98

Looking for information on Baltasar KUNKEL, who lived in Davenport in 1905. Looking for any information available on this surname. Brothers and sisters of Baltasar moved on to Marshall County, Iowa and he stayed in Davenport.

Bobbi Piersol Cathey Posted 04/06/98

PIERSOL, I am looking for information on any PIERSOL. Thanks for your Scott County page, I am interested in JOHN PIERSOL, Camanche, on your 1838 Dead and non resident page. THOMAS B. PIERSOL, Civil War, 13th Iowa Infantry, Company E and SAMUEL PIERSOL, Civil War, 2nd Iowa Infantry, Company C. I would appreciate any death notices, marriages, births, any information you would share.

Sandi Burgess Posted 04/25/98

Seeking names of parents and siblings for these two sisters both born and married in Scott Co. Hattie GETTINGS or GITTINGS (b. 1855; married to Herman Lanz 1870) and Emma GETTINGS or GITTINGS (b. 1862; married to Jacob Haugh 1879).

Anita Weaver Posted 04/25/98

I am looking for information about Lewis BLUDORN who married in Scott County Iowa in the late 1800's.

Cheryl Biernacki Posted 04/25/98

I am looking for information on JOSEPH EUGENE GILLOOLEY born in Davenport, Iowa on December 13, 1863 and MARY MOTIER the woman he married in 1891.  They were married in Chicago. I am not sure where she was from. These are my great-grandparents and I am trying to trace the lineage as far back as I can. This is a project for my son's second grade class. They are tracing their ancestors pilgrimage to America. Any information you can provide will be deeply appreciated. Thank you.

Sharon B. Posted 04/25/98

Looking for info on the GEORGES and BADGEROS in Buffalo, Scott Co. area 1850-60s relatives in Mo Came during the war to have the children in Iowa???? Anyone???

Angela Steinhoff Posted 04/25/98

I am searching for information on MAIRET and IRELAND

My mother in law is:
daughter of:

IRENE IRELAND, daughter of
any information is greatly appreciated

Bob Conrad Posted 04/25/98

My grandparents lived in Davenport in the l930's...Harry and Grace Conrad. Grace died in l939 or l940 and is buried in Davenport. Harry then moved back to Polo, Ill. and married his childhood sweetheart. I presume he is buried in Polo but I'm not sure. Harry and Grace had three sons: Ray (my Dad), Gale and Clair. Harry moved to Iowa from Illinois. He was born in Illinois. Harry's father was Samuel Conrad. He was a farmer in Penn. Both of his parents were born in Penn. but I'm stuck at this point. Harry was born @ 1875. He had a brother who was two years older named Charles. Their mothers name was Elisa and she was born about 1856.

Vicki Breeze Posted 04/25/98

I am looking for the family of John A. GRIER born Feb. 20, 1855 near Blue Grass, Scott Co., Iowa.

LaShawn Smith Posted 04/25/98

I am looking for anyone who may know anything about the Surmane VanEst (Vannest). I would love to get in touch with relatives.. I have been told they are from Scott County Iowa... I have traced them all over the United States though..

If the surname sounds familiar to you, and the first names James, Tipton, Peter, or Albert ring a bell, please contact me... I guess you could say I am desperate to find relatives...

Joyce Jenn Roper Posted 04/25/98

Iam looking for the surname Jenn. The 1900 to 1927 census and city director has a listing for a Jenn. I believe this family lived in Riverside, Iowa before moving to Scott Co. Any information would be helpful.

Viki Lovell Posted 04/25/98


Looking for any information pertaining to GEORGE JURGENSEN b. 1886 Keel, Denmark d. 7 Nov. 1938 Chicago, Illinois, and his wife ANNA NEUMANN b. 5 Aug 1885 Germany d. 26 Jan 1967 Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois. Anna came to America with her parents when she was sixteen. Anna's parents lived in the Davenport area and they had fourteen children. Any information regarding my great-grandparents, their parents or their siblings would be greatly appreciated. Thank-you.

John Weis Posted 04/25/98

I have found a marriage in Waterloo NY in 1870 that states Rev. Hale Townsend of Davenport Iowa married Harriet Lane 9/1/1870. I think I know who Hale Townsend is except he was probably born in NY. Have been unable to find any reference to him in the Scott Co. histories I have seen. Does anyone know when he was there or shat he was doing there?

Cindy Yates Posted 04/25/98

Looking for any information on my gggrandparents who are on the 1870 census of Scott County, Joseph Galloway and Nancy Jours(could be Jones)Galloway. They were in Cass County by 1873 when Joseph died. Joseph was 27 when he died but have no dates or place of birth. Nancy was born in 1850 in Morganville,Ohio.

Tressie Hughes Posted 06/06/98

I am looking for Johann Eilmann in the years between 1865 & 1875. I know that he came from Germany and I belive he landed in NY and than came to Scott county. He was made a citizen in Scott county in 1874. I belive his naturalization record number to be E 455.

Pete Bickel Posted 06/06/98

Interested in finding out any information on family of Carl BICKEL (ca1789-1877; emigrated to U.S. from the Black Forest, Baden, Germany in 1851, and to Scott Co. by 1853; buried in Glendale Cemetery near Le Claire), son, Charles August BICKEL (1833-1912; emigrated to U.S. from Baden in 1847; supposedly m. to Rebecca GOLDSMITH in 1856 in Le Claire; moved to Exeter, NE in 1879), daugh., Josephine(BICKEL)GABLE (1824-1909; emigrated from Baden to Scott Co. by ca1851-1853; d. in Scott Co.), and C.A.'s son, Louis W. BICKEL (1860-1946; supposedly born in Le Claire, grew up around Davenport, moved with family to Nebraska ca1879).

Can find no probates, marriage or naturalization records, and only Carl and Josephine are definitely in 1860 U.S. Census in Iowa. All information on Iowa background so far is from obituaries. Especially interested in finding out BICKEL occupations in Iowa.

Betty Donahoe Posted 06/06/98

My father was Albert (Rondo) Stewart,b Jan.31,1919 in Davenport,IA, d Oct. 17, 1979 in Omaha,NE. (He never used his middle name,even in his service records). He was the son of John & Gladys (Outsen) Stewart. I am looking for info on John & Gladys. They had 8 children, then she died in 1936 & John married a 2nd time to Lenora Bills & they had 8 children! True, busy man!! I have no other info on John & Gladys Stewart, except that they later moved & lived around Savanna, Ill., but John is buried in Clinton,IA, I think. My father would of been the 6th child born to that union. I have been told that we could never get a birth cert. as the court house records were destroyed by a fire. (?)

If you have any info on John Stewart or his wife, Gladys Outsen, I would be in 7th heaven for sure. I have no other info except for what I just gave to you & the rest of the family doesn't know either.

Dana Scott Posted 06/06/98

Please need help with research on the BOOK family. John BOOK was born in  Germany 10-3-1839...came to USA early age and spent most of early years  in Iowa. Joined the Union 1861 to 1865. Spent adult life in Indiana. Would like to find siblings and parents. Married Wilehmina Mattis. Thanks for any help. Name is reported to have been BOCH/Bock and chg'd to BOOK.  Do not know when or why. Had a son John BOOK that married an Effie Belle Atkins...this appears to be his 2nd marriage and hers too.

Laureen Johnson Posted 06/06/98

Warner Gould married twice once to hopefully Mary Moore. Had a daughter named Olive Gould. Around Schuyler Co., IL. But, Warner married twice. And he moved upstate. His descendents from his second wife live in Davenport, IA., Scott Co. CAN YOU SEND ME BOTH WARNER GOULD'S. I AM NOT SURE EXACTLY WHERE HE WENT ALL I KNOW IS I CAN'T FIND A WARNER GOULD ANYWHERE.

Rita Nelson Posted 06/06/98

My husband descends from George Washington Nelson, who was born 1837 in Clark County, Indiana. George married Eliza L. Tanner July 3, 1856 in Rock Island, Illinois. George and Eliza's children were Harvey E. Nelson born 1861, Ella A. born 1866; Clarra B. born 1888, in Cordova, Rock Island Co., IL..

George's son Harvey married Elizabeth Gannon, April 29,1885 at St. Marguerite Church, in Davenport, Scott Co.,Iowa. Do you know how can I find St. Marguerite Church records???

I am looking for the parents of George Washington Nelson.  I did find a Harvey Nelson who married Susan Redman 18 Jan 1835 in Floyd County,IN, but can not find any thing to confirm that Harvey and Susan are George's parents.

Do you have any information on these families?? Any suggestions regarding where I should look next??

K.C. West Posted 06/06/98

Seeking information on CHRISTIAN SCHESSER family who immigrated in 1845 from Switzerland to Hickory Grove Twp., Scott, Iowa.

A. Gomez Posted 06/06/98

Researching descendants (and ancestry) of Scott Co. pioneer Andrew Wilson CAMPBELL (1802-1853), who is listed as arriving in Scott Co. before 1836. He married Lucy FOSTER (1802-?) and had at least six other children who remained, with his widow, in Scott Co., probably near Blue Grass. Some of the children's names include

Jonathan Foster CAMPBELL (1822 - )+Catherine Dorcas METTEER
Elizabeth Campbell (1824 - )
Mary C. Campbell (1825 - 1874) +Ross McCLOUD (1819 - 1868)
George R. Campbell (1827 - )+Sophia CALDWELL (1837 - 1860)
Andrew Campbell (1829 - )+Martha MOORE
Lucy Campbell (1832 - )
Daniel Campbell (1834 - )+Rosina Van EVRA
John Woodburn Campbell (1841 - )
Culver Campbell (1843 - ) +Maggie SKILES
Lena Campbell (1846 - ) +Charles STRYKER