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From "The History of Woodbury County, IA"

Complied by the Woodbury County Genealogical Society

Copyright  (c) 1984

ISBN 0-88107-018-1

Pages 69-70


"The Hornick story was prepared by local residents"

"These early residents gave no name to their settlement - perhaps they had no desire to become a town until the Milwaukee railroad was built, cutting the little group of houses into two parts - those south of the tracks near the store and the larger number north of the tracks.


The railroad officials and Mr. E.W. Skinner, owner of the Skinner ranch east of town, thought there should be a name given to the settlement and decided on the name of Hornick after John Hornick who owned land adjoining the town. Hornick became officially known in 1887, the year the railroad was completed."

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