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6 The 2001 St. Gemme-Beauvais Family Reunion - June 15-16-17, 2001

7-14 information on Village West Resort site of the 2001 St.Gemme-Beauvais Family Reunion.

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18-19 "A Relic of Old Louisiana". - article dated May 26, 1901 from the St. Louis Daily Globe-Democrat contributed by John Renault Falkenrath

20 The Ancestry of: Louis Beauvais of Mesa, Arizona, as given to subscriber: Thomas Huber. for this publication.

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European Trip and Plans for the June 15-16-17.2001 St.Gemme-Beauvais Reunion.

Our family just arrived back from a weekend at Village West Resort, site of the 2001 St.Gemme-Beauvais Family Reunion. We have started reading books about touring selected European countries. What to do, what you shouldn't do, what is polite in various cultures and what is very impolite. You would be surprised as to some of the things that we've read about. Don't give anyone the "OK' sign or you might find yourself with a black-eye. Hands on the dining table at all times, no elbows, and make darned sure that you don't place your hands underneath the table, or else *%#&@#**. I'm supposed to be on vacation, not worrying every second about proper Etiquette.

Besides making plans for our June 2000 trip to Europe, we have contacted the resort, toured meeting facilities, and making lists of things that have to be done for the big event of 2001. After we get back from this summer's trip, we will be coordinating information with my brother, Kevin J. Beauvais, and my sister, Katherine Beauvais-Curry. Together, we will be sending everyone surveys about what choices they may have concerning accommodations at the June 2001 Family Reunion. EXAMPLE: Those who are RCI-Timeshare owners may Exchange to Village West.