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  September 11, 2004 -  First United Methodist Church- 19th & Nebraska


President- Pat Hammerstrom called the meeting to order at 1:40 p.m.

   Minutes for August were read, corrections made ( Jody’s name was misspelled, Recording was left out of Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary was left out, and Connie doing 1996-2004 Obit)  motion made to except the minutes.



Treasurer - Loren Dake- reported a bill for Ribbons at Woodbury County Fair was $60.00 and $50.00 for rent, two bills were presented, one for the printing of the Fall Wahkaw  $120.06 and one for copies for the Pioneer forms and web sites and ancestral forms for the fair and printing of the cemeteries and postage for $27.06,  Members approved the bills.


Corresponding Report -Phyllis McMillan- Report on Greg Brown, has moved to Cedar Rapids, we wish him well- Eileen Flannery has suffered another heart attack, she is home now and is doing well- we are signed up for the 3rd Annual History Day in Sioux City, Saturday, 2 October 2004, being held at WIT 9:30-4:00 P.M.. IGS will be celebrating their 40th year, to help celebrate they are asking for recipes for an IGS cookbook. The book  “500 Brickwall Solution to Genealogy Problems” will be  donated to the Library.


FGS- Tom Johnston- No Report



Library Report -Bonnie Dammann- No Report

    Looking for a member of the Gosney Family, have a book they may be interested in


Membership- Patricia Bennett- today 20 present, 12 guests,   as of today we have 76 members, one new member Jean Turner


Program Report- Connie Swearingen- Genealogy class will be Interviewing Skills & Sources by Phyllis and Connie, Program will be a video by George Fox- And the Quakers

  November- Genealogy class- Local Resources by Nancy Neuman & Earl Belt, program: Pot Luck

  December- Genealogy class- Organization, Analysis & Citation- Tom & Pat

   Program- Members to bring Christmas cookies- tell about their Christmas tree

     Wahkaw assemble


Query Report- Phyllis McMillan-

Learn from yesterday, Live for today, Hope for tomorrow - By Albert Einstein

 Subscription for Ancestory plus at the Sioux City Library is now until July 2005- Also Library is now wireless-

  Ethel Zachry researching Lucas Shelton

  Kay Holmstad researching Iverson, Anderson, Shannon, Parrot and Peterson


Old Business- need volunteers for the Sioux City Journal obit for 1994-June &  July


New Business- Election- Patricia Hammerstrom- President

                                          Tom Beauvais- Vice President

                                          Recording Secretary- Connie Swearingen

                                          Treasure- Loren Dake

                                          Corresponding Secretary- Phyllis McMillan

       Election committee- Clifford Monk, Lani Petit, Loren Dake


Announcements- Phyllis McMillan- visit IGS at www.iowagenealogy.org for their many events coming up

  Registration forms for English Lords & Ladies

  Registration forms for John Coletta on immigration records at Omaha conference coming up

  Reminder of the NW Iowa Gen Society Meeting at LeMars 18 September 2004 at 1:30 @ LeMars Public Library


                                                            Adjourned- 2:05 P.M.

                                                 Recording Secretary-Connie Swearingen




Woodbury County Genealogy Society

Board Meeting

11 September 2004


President-  Patricia Hammerstrom- called to order at 2:30

   Audit- need to reschedule and have audit done by Chet within the next 30 days


Wahkaw- Tom’s contract comes up in December and need new Wahkaw editor-

   For stories for the Wahkaw should contact out –of- Towner’s for their stories, also have members write on there summer trips concerning family searches.


History Days- take class schedules, brochure, 1880 census, some genealogy forms and Pioneer/Early Settlers form- Connie & Phyllis will be there all day, Pat will come for part of the day-


Brochures- Phyllis would like a change, would like to change the logal to our logal that’s on the shirts, need to change computer class to genealogy class, need to change web site address, add pioneer/early settler’s info.


Non-Profit –haven’t heard from anyone- Phyllis will type up a letter and have ready for next meeting,


Bought another Woodbury County History Book, from a library in Nebraska- will resale and put money in the treasure. Have sold one now will have two for sell


                     Meeting adjourned 3:00

                  Recording Secretary- Connie Swearingen


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