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2             Table of Contents
3             President's message by Janet Jolin.
4             General Meeting Program Calendar for October-November-December.
5             Obituary of John M. Anderson -- The First Buying Places of Sioux City by Tom Beauvais.
6-9         New Genealogy Books at the Sioux City Public Library.
10-11     The Computer Genies of NW Iowa are sponsoring: "Discovering Your Heritage" presented by Everton's Genealogical Helper
12-13     Mary Ann Haafke's Civil War ancestor: WILLIAM A WELCH Company A, 9th Regiment, New York Volunteer Heavy Artillery.
14-15     Sheridan's Report to U.S. Grant about the Cedar Creek skirmish.
16-17     Cedar Creek Battle Map.
18-19     Sheridan's Ride at Cedar Creek.
20           Beverly Woolsey's Civil War Ancestor: John W. Eastman Company D, 23rd Iowa Infantry.
21           Pedigree Chart of Beverly Woolsey with #14: John W Eastman.
22           Winterringer's who served in the Civil War.
23           Flat from Civil War passes through Generations of Family -"Un-materialized Bonds."
24-25     Mina Bard's Civil War ancestor: Dr. Leander Z. Williamson Physician of Bartlett's Regiment and the 14th Mississippi Artillery Battalion. 26 Letter to Dr. Lea Williamson from Jefferson Davis, President of the
27           Dr. Lea Williamson's appointment as Asst. Surgeon in the Confederate Army  April 4, 1863.
28           Memoirs of Mississippi -- The Biographical & Historical notes on Dr. Lea Williamson.
29           Pedigree Chart of Mina L. (Williamson) Bard.
30-31     "Brinkman records family's Civil War Letters." by Carrie Rodovich of the Mid-Iowa Daily News, Ames IA.
32-33     The Death of General William Tecumseh Sherman researched by Earl Woodard.
34-35     History in an Old Letter - Story of the Autopsy of President Lincoln's Body from Sioux City Journal of April 1, 1903.
36           Ages of the North's "Civil War Enlistee's."
37           "Historian's uncover parts of Clara Barton's office" the Sioux City Journal - Nov 28, 1997.
38             Iowa Genealogical Society - Annual Meeting on October 2nd and 3rd in Marshalltown.
39             List of 1998 Officers and Committees--- Membership form. 
40-41       THE NEW SALES PAGE
BACK PAGE General Robert E. Lee, Commander of the Armies of the Confederacy

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