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FALL 1999
2                 Table of Contents.
3                 A letter from the President: Thomas R. Johnston.
4                 Terms about Women.
5                 Obituary from Dallas, TX contributed by Ms. Margaret Jagmin 
                    New Genealogical Books at the Sioux City Public Library.
6-7             "Long-awaited Reunion" by Jared Bodammer April 16, 1998 Sioux City Journal.
8                 *Phone call reunites father, daughters after 33 years" March 27, 1998 - SC Journal.
9-10            "Getting ready for the sale" by Judi Hazlett - June 9, 1999 Sioux City Journal.
11                 "Note in jar ends decades of wondering" by Jeff Grant.
12-13         "REUNION - Sioux City woman finally meets son after 61 years" by Jeff Martin- November 25, 1994- Sioux City
14-15         "Mom meets daughter after 46 years" by Irma Foulks Sioux City Journal.
16-17         "Seriously Folks" by roger Holtzmann - of the South Dakota Magazine. The Ingemann Church Located west of
18-19         "Tombstone carvings have a story to tell" June 1, 1999 Sioux City Journal.
20-21         Czechoslovak Genealogical Society Int'l Conference Oct. 13-16, Lincoln, Nebraska.
22             "A Conference for the Nation's Genealogists" in St. Louis, MO hosted by the Federation of Genealogical Societies.
23             The Oct. 7, 8, 9 Annual Conference of the Iowa Genealogical Society.
24             Lewis & Clark "Rest and Repair".
25             "Park Ranger puts Lewis & Clark trek on Map of western Iowa" by Larry Mahre- Sioux City Journal.
26-27         "Great-grandson of Floyd successor to attend re-enactment" by Michele Linck- Sioux City Journal.
28-29         "Patrick Gass" - portrait and grave markers.
30             Heritage Days this weekend in Elk Point.
31             South Dakota - State Archives of Historical society attracting record numbers of researchers.
32             "A Touch of glass Counts" by Sam Levenson - May 7, 1997 Sioux City Journal Answers to Quiz on Women -10
                     Commandments of Courthouse Research.
34-39             Assorted Sioux City Tribune news of 1881
40                 "Sitting Bull's Account of the Custer Massacre" - Sept 1881Sioux City Tribune
41                 "Ghost Dance shirt returned to tribes" - August 1, 1999 Sioux City Journal.
42                 CEMETERY SALES PAGE
43                 List of 1999 Officers and Committees Sales page for Naturalization Records.


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