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PAGE                 SUBJECT

3                         Chronology of Sioux City IA Public Schools 1857 to Present

4                         Chronology of Private / Parochial Schools in Sioux City IA 1880 to present

6                         Students Names Sioux City Public Schools Year ending 12 Jun 1891 (Highest Grade in Each School)

6                         Armstrong School 8th grade

6                          Bancroft School 6th grade

6                         Bryant School 3rd grade

6                         Cooper School 6th grade

7                         Dwight School 3rd grade

7                         Everett School 5th grade

7                         Franklin School 4th grade

7                         Hawthorne School 5th grade

7                         Springdale School 4th grade

7                         Hopkins School 7th grade

7                         Hunt School 7th grade

7                         Irving School 8th grade

7                         Riverside School 2nd grade

8                         Peabody School 3rd grade

8                         Longfellow School 4th grade

8                         Mann School 3rd grade

8                         Riverside School 3rd grade

8                         Webster School 8th grade

8                         Worcester School 8th grade

9                         Lynn School 3rd, 4th, & 5th grades

9 & 11                 Sioux City Register, Deaths & Marriages August-December 1860

10-11                   Graduates of Sioux City High School 1875-1893

11 & 16                 Abstracts of Wills, Woodbury County, IA, Will Book A 1856-1885

12                         Students Names, Different years

12                         Brunsville #2, Plymouth Co IA

12                         Amherst #1, Cherokee Co IA

12                         Center #5, Cherokee Co IA

13                         Sioux Valley #33, Union Co SD

13                     Brule #24, Union Co SD

14                     Canova Twp, Minor Co, SD

15                     Voters Names, District #4, Dakota Co NE

16                     Martha Washington Chapter DAR Records (Captain William Coit, SR)

17                     School Census Reports Dakota Co NE

18                     St Paul's Lutheran School

19                     Census Microfilm & County History Holdings in Siouxland Area Libraries

21                     Queries

22                     Advertising

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