The "Wahkaw" is the quarterly publication of the Woodbury County (Iowa) Genealogical Society. If you are interested in a copy with the topics below, please send the date below along with $2.50 (US$) for a single issue, add $1.25 (US$) for postage and handling to: Woodbury County Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 624 Sioux City, IA 51102-0624.

There is also available:

THE WAHKAW Surname Index, 1981-1989 in a single bound volume, 272 pages for $20.00 (US$), add $3.50 (US$) for postage and handling.

THE WAHKAW Surname Index, 1990-1999 in a single bound volume, 150 pages for $17.00 (US$), add $2.50 (US$) for postage and handling.

2             Table of Contents
3             President's message by Janet Jolin---Dealing with loss.
4.             The April--May--June General Meeting program Calendar
5             "Edward II and the Minstrel" from the March 1878 issue of Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly
6-7            What's New at the Sioux City Public Library - New Acquisitions - from Nancy Newman "Testing Her Innocence" from the march 1878 issue of Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly
8             Obituaries of Rosemary G. (Letellier) Socknat, Rose M. (Hadden) Duval, & Dorothy C Ryan
9-15         "Narrative of Urieh Cross in the Revolutionary War" From James C. French Sr.
16-17         Pedigree Chart for James C. French Sr.
18         "Special area at cemetery holds 'forgotten' soldiers" by Paul Struck of the S.C. Journal
19         How Tombstones Started - Old rural cemeteries take work-taken from the S.C. Journal
20         Cemeteries - Dress right for exploring - taken from the May 27, 1984 Minneapolis Tribune.
21         Collector's hobby is past
22         "Youth looks at old art" taken from S.C. Journal
23         "I climbed my Family Tree" - from the Jackson Co. Gen Soc.of Columbus, Mississippi "Crowds Flock to First Cremation" - from Gen. Newsletter of Scott County IA on Sep 1994 Vol 18 #3 issue.
24-25     "Beware of witches' Graveyard" by Dave Bakke of the S.C. Journal
26-27         "Unwanted Tombstones get new Life" - taken from the S. C. Journal "Pollution threatens Historic Cemetery" - taken from the July 2, 1997 S.C. Journal "Epitaph on a Miser" from Low's Almanac of 1794 and taken from the 1847 - Vol 1 issue of the New England Historical & Genealogical Register.
28         "That Old House" by Jerry Nelson and taken from the February issue of Successful Farming
29         "Checklist of items to be Included in Obituaries" - March 17 1996 S.C. Journal
30-31         "Territory Museum enlivens Dakotas" by Loretta Sorenson of the S.C. Journal Feb 2, 1998 "Abbie shares St. Pat's Day History with her Readers" - March 17 1996, S.C. Journal
32         List of 1998 Officers and Committees---Membership form
34         1853 Iowa map with the County of Woodbury as it was originally named: WAHKAW.

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