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4                 Base Station Hospital, May 1943

7                 Celestial Navigation, September 1943

9                 SCAB Promotions, May 1943

9                 Dancing Classes with Clara Luther, 1944

10                 Sergeant Bluff U.S.O.

11                 Tag-Along Girls

13                 "Sound Off", Orpheum theatre, 2 Aug 1943

14                 "Music to Live By"

16                 Sioux City Air Base Marriages published in the Pages of "The Bombardier" and "The Flying Sioux" June 1943-May 1945

24                 The "Brown Bomber" Visits Sioux City Air Base, Picture and Front Page of "The Bombardier",

23                 October 1943

26                 Betty Grable, Favorite Pin-Up Girl of the Armed Forces

27                 "Life of WAC Is No Bed of Roses"

30                 Base Map, Sioux City Army Air Base, 7 Mar 1945, with List of buildings by Number and the sections housed in those buildings

34                 Evelyn Linkswiler, "Bombardier Pin-Up"

35                 Air Base Sub-Depot is Manned by Civilian Workers

37                 Five Generation Chart of Muriel Winterringer Meyer, A "Military Miss" of Sioux City

39                 "Thunderbirds" and 185th Tactical Fighter Group (Iowa Air National Guard) Open House 23-24 September 1989 "Remember the Slogan - Loose Lips Cost Lives!



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