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The "Wahkaw" is the quarterly publication of the Woodbury County (Iowa) Genealogical Society. If you are interested in a copy with the topics below, please send the date below along with $2.50 (US$) for a single issue, add $1.25 (US$) for postage and handling to:

Woodbury County Genealogical Society

P.O. Box 624

Sioux City, IA 51102-0624


The Wahkaw

 Volume #XX NO. 2

 Summer 2001




 Page Subject

 2 Table of Contents


 3 "A Letter from the President" by Loren Dake


 4 Obituaries


 5-6-7-8-9 "Clans and Septs of Scotland" contributed by Bob Force


 10-11 New Genealogical Books in the Sioux City Public  Library


 12 Divisions of the Lakota Indians of South Dakota  and  their origins


 13 Indian Cessions, South Dakota, 1851-1898


 14-15 Native Americans-from the Black Hills Nuggets-Vol  13  February 1998


 16-17-18 "The Story of Sioux City's First Settlers" by Angela  Parsley  of The Sioux City Journal - August 11, 1997


 19 Miscellaneous


 20-21 The Class of 1910 - Sloan High School Graduation Obituary of Martha Jett- material contributed  by  Lorraine Raabe


 22-28 Jan. thru Feb 10, 1881 Sioux City Tribune clippings


 29 "Your Name" by Edgar Albert Guest (1881-1959)


 30 Cemetery Sales Page


 31 Sales Page - Officers of the Woodbury County Genealogical Society


 32 1836 Map of Iowa - Notice that Iowa only has 2 counties,  Dubuque County (Julien Township) & Demoine  County (  Flint Hill Township)



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