The "Wahkaw" is the quarterly publication of the Woodbury County (Iowa) Genealogical Society. If you are interested in a copy with the topics below, please send date below along with $2.50 (US$) for a single issue, add $1.25 (US$) for postage and handling to: Woodbury County Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 624 Sioux City, IA 51102-0624.

There is also available:

THE WAHKAW Surname Index, 1981-1989 in a single bound volume, 272 pages for $20.00 (US$), add $3.50 (US$) for postage and handling.

THE WAHKAW Surname Index, 1990-1999 in a single bound volume, 150 pages for $17.00 (US$), add $2.50 (US$) for postage and handling.






3                 Index of Dakota County, NE, Marriages 1858-1860

3                 Dakota County, NE, Newspapers on Microfilm

4                 Excerpts from the North Nebraska Eagle

6                 Excerpts from the Dakota City Mail

8                 The Beginnings of Crystal Lake

9                 Naturalization Records, Dakota County, NE

15                 Thomas Ashford, Northeast Nebraska Businessman

16                 Golen Jubilee of St. Patrick's, jackson, NE

19                 Daniel Duggan 1822-1886 (Obituary)

21                 Five Generation Ancestor Chart, Jerry Duggan

22                 History of Blyberg, Nebraska

23                 Homer, NE, 1868-1915 - Homer As It Was and Is

25                 Sioux Cityans Living in "Frisco During the 'Quake

26                 The Beginning of Homer, Nebraska

26                 The Beginning of Hubbard, Nebraska

27                 Abandoned Cemeteries of Dakota County, NE Emerson-Old German Cemetery; Woods Cemetery; Roost Cemetery; Danish Cemetery; Sand Ridge Cemetery; Hoyt Cemetery, Boals Cemetery

28                 St Cornelius Cemetery

30                 Pioneers and Old Settlers of Dakota County, from the North Nebraska Eagle, 19 Aug 1886

32                 Old Settler's Picnic 1897 (List of Deceased)

32                 Old Settler's Picnic 1902 (List of Deceased)

34                 Old Settler's Picnic 1903 (List of Deceased)

37                 Old Settler's Picnic 1904 (List of Deceased)

38                 Old Settler's Picnic 1905 (List of Deceased)

39                 Old Settler's Picnic 1906 (List of Deceased)

40                 Old Settler's Picnic 1907 (List of Deceased)

41                 Old Settler's Picnic 1908 (List of Deceased)

42                 History of the first 27 years of the Dakota County Old Settler's Association

43                 Ferdinand Arno Schweizer 1902-1984, Nebraska Educator

44                 Dakota County, NE, Courthouse Offices & Hours

45                 Woodbury County Gen Soc Membership Addendum

46                 Queries

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